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Let go of renting restrictions

Stay for a month, or live with us for years. You can transfer homes throughout the Landing network with just 2 weeks notice.

Feel at home anywhere

Each home comes with everything you need to quickly settle in. Come home to a space that leaves no detail overlooked.

Fast, easy, all online

Our easy online booking process means you can have your next home in minutes, without nightmarish paperwork.

Flexibility for

Get out and see the world without the hassle of traditional housing. With flexible, fully-furnished apartments, you can live on your own terms and feel at home wherever you go.

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Introducing Landing Standby

Live on Standby
for just $1495/mo.

Get access to available furnished homes across the country.When your home gets booked — or you want to try something new — simply pick a new home in the app.

Your next
home is waiting

With over 375 cities to choose from, your happy place can be a lot of places.

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Manage your reservation, book cleanings, and communicate directly with the Landing Support team.

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