Reinventing Renting

At Landing we provide our members the most streamlined end-to-end platform for apartment living so they can realize more freedom and opportunities in life.


In 2016, Landing founder Bill Smith — also founder of Shipt, which helped revolutionize same-day delivery — decided to move from his home in Alabama to the heart of San Francisco. If you’ve ever moved cross-country — or even across the city — you know what happened next:

Challenge. After challenge. After challenge.

That experience is what inspired his idea to streamline the rental process.



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Landing Leadership Principles


Leaders are authentic. They exhibit candor and provide straightforward communication. They are humble about their strengths and successes, and vulnerable about shortcomings and failures. They both provide and seek out direct, unfiltered feedback.

Hands on

Leaders audit and simplify. They have a hands-on approach to problem-solving and care about the details. Leaders do not over generalize and they work with facts.

Dream team

Leaders always seek to grow talent density. They are not afraid to hire someone who is smarter and better than themselves. They continuously raise the standards for talent and leadership, developing the skills to accurately spot talent within their organization and promote development.


Leaders continuously seek out ways to save money and conserve resources. They do more with less and find ways to streamline, reduce costs, and automate. They know the answer is not always more people or budget.

Think big

Leaders are creative problem-solvers. They make big bets, seeking to constantly disrupt themselves. Leaders set a bold vision that inspires a team and delivers a big impact with breakthrough results.

Execute relentlessly

Relentless execution means thriving in an environment where analysis, decisions and execution happen at hyper warp speed. They are not held back by red tape or overthinking, because time wasted equals lost opportunity.

We ♥ customers

Leaders put the customer first. Always. They prioritize initiatives that deliver the most value and the biggest improvements in the customer experience.

Radical long-term thinking

Leaders have a radically long-term mindset. They take ownership of their work and create scalable systems and processes. They make decisions based on what is best in the long term, not just the next quarter.

Enjoy the journey

Leaders enjoy work and the people we work with. They also enjoy and respect time away from work.

Our Offices

Image of the city of San Francisco where Landing has an office.

San Francisco

180 Montgomery Street
Suite 2000
San Francisco, CA 94105

Image of Birmingham Alabama where Landing has an office.


17 20th Street North
Suite 100
Birmingham, AL 35203