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What to Bring to a Denver Corporate Apartment

By Landing | Aug 12, 2020
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Relocating to temporary housing for a short time is exciting but can also be a hassle. Whether it’s in downtown Denver, Greenwood Village or Colorado Springs, moving from executive homes to two bedroom apartments can be difficult to accomplish. From moving and storage costs, to stocking up on household essentials, what you need to bring to a corporate apartment is different from a vacation rental.

With vacation rentals, you know you’re going to be staying for a short time. With business travelers who are staying for longer durations, it can be difficult to gauge just what you’d might want to bring with you. Remember, your corporate apartment will become your new home away from home for the time being, and it’s important to stock it with everything you need to live, work, and of course – play. 

The basics

More than likely, utilities and amenities like stainless steel appliances will be included by your corporate housing provider for your relocation. From there, you can start with the basics, like things that can be carried in your suitcase. Shampoos, toothpaste, and other items should be packed before your relocation begins. If it can fit in your suitcase, it could be a basic essential.

Kitchen equipment

While stainless steel appliances will be provided in your Denver apartment, whether in a neighborhood like Glendale or as far north as Louisville, CO, you still need kitchen equipment. Your coffee maker, toaster, plates, glasses, and silverware need to be taken with you to your new apartment in Denver. If you like to cook, you could invest in a microwave if needed. Don’t forget to add a few pots and pans to your list, so that you can cook in your rental home. 

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Bathroom essentials

The rental could come with washer and dryer combos, but amenities such as towels, washcloths, rugs, and toilet paper won’t be included. While furnishing the apartment is done by the professional corporate housing company through which you acquire your rental, the bathroom essentials are up to you..

Bedroom essentials

The furnishings in your rental will always include bedroom furniture, but you need to bring your own bedroom essentials. Items such as sheets, blankets, or a duvet, since the temperatures in Greenwood Village, Speer, Longmont, the Rocky Mountains, and other areas of Denver, CO can get chilly during the winter months, should be brought along with you. Talk to the relocation professionals about the weather before you make the move from warmer areas like Las Vegas, Nevada or other parts of Denver, CO.


While things like stainless steel appliances, washers, dryers, and utilities might be included in your apartment, your electronics won’t be. As a corporate traveler staying in corporate housing, you’ll need to bring your own electronics. Make a note to pack your laptop, phone, and all relevant device connectors, adapters, and chargers. If you have a portable hard drive or a four-way power box, bring those too. 

Outdoor essentials

Business travelers spend a lot of time working, but you need to get outdoors when possible. Downtown Denver has a lot to offer, as does Fort Collins, Broomfield, and Lakewood. Whether you’re visiting the Denver Tech Center, Denver Art Museum, or checking out the history of the gold rush in a mining town, you should certainly give yourself some time to explore. Places like City Park or Cheesman Park offer wonderful outdoors spaces, perfect for relaxing in the sun before hitting the trails. Pack coats, jackets, and even snow boots, because it can certainly get quite cold in Denver during the winter months. It can’t hurt to pack a camera as well, so that you have wonderful photos of the area when your time in Denver’s corporate apartments is through.

These are just a few of the essentials you should bring to your corporate apartment when you’re in CO on business. While the rentals may be smaller than you’re used to, if you come prepared, you’ll be fine and have a good time while you’re there.


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