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Denver Apartments: Subleasing vs. Short-Term Rentals

By Landing | Oct 17, 2020
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You’ve likely heard of subletting and short-term rentals, even if you’re not entirely aware of what they are and what they can offer you. In reality, neither word comes with a clear definition or a clear sense of what you get out of it. 

While most people know you can rent either condos, townhouses, short term housing, or two to three-bedroom apartments, few business travelers are clear on what the differences are between the two or the pros and cons that come with each. Whether you’re looking for a rental property in Lakewood, Wash Park, Colorado Springs, or corporate housing in Boulder, you need to know the pros and cons of subletting and short term rentals. 

What is subleasing?

A sublet is sometimes called a sublease and can be found in Englewood, Greenwood Village, Broomfield, and other areas of CO. A sublet is where someone rents out their condos, two to three-bedroom apartments, or even vacation rentals while their name is still on the lease. Talk to a corporate housing provider in Denver to see if these options are available to you. 

Pros of subleasing

There are a few pros and cons of subletting that you might want to consider before choosing a rental in downtown Denver, Aurora, or a neighborhood in Cheesman Park.

Avoid breaking a lease early: If you’re in Denver on business, you might not be staying in town for more than a few months, especially considering many business travelers are often always on the go! With a sublease, you wouldn’t have to worry about breaking a lease too early — meaning you can decide to leave whenever you want! 

Cons of subleasing

It doesn’t feel like home: In many cases, subletting might not be the best option for you because after all, it  just doesn’t feel like home. These types of units typically have the personal touch of the stated owner, and they tend to  feel a bit lived-in. Staying somewhere short term can make it difficult to settle in and it doesn’t always give you the opportunity to create a homey ambiance.

What is a short-term rental?

Short term rentals are temporary housing options that usually have leases from three to six months. You can talk to housing helpers in Englewood, and other areas of Denver to get an apartment list of which temporary housing option is best for you. Even an Airbnb might be available for short term rental

Pros of short-term rentals

Just as there are pros and cons to subletting, there are also pros and cons to short term rentals as well. Whether you’re looking for two, three-bedroom apartments, or a corporate apartment near the Denver Tech Center, you need to know the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. The national corporate housing association can help you get into the apartment community of your choosing once a decision has been made.

You have added flexibility: Whether you’re looking for a vacation rental or you’re one of the many business travelers flying to the Mile High City , having the added flexibility of a shorter lease is always a plus.

Amenities: Many of these temporary housing units come with amenities such as a private balcony, stainless steel appliances, access to trails, and places like the Denver Zoo and Denver Art Museum, one of the best art museums in Denver

Many of these condos or apartments come with amenities and utilities included, so travelers don’t even have to furnish their own places. If you don’t want to go through a real estate company to find your temporary housing option, then you can use an apartment finder instead. You should be able to find an apartment list that puts you close to Downtown Denver, Congress Park, the city park, and even the Denver Museum of Nature if you choose.

Cons of short-term rentals

You could end up paying more — Many property owners charge more rent when it comes to temporary housing because travelers aren’t there to stay for the long term. So you could end up paying more, especially if you have to keep renewing your lease.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of subletting vs. short term rentals. Remember you’re the tenant, so the choice of condos and other housing options in the Denver, CO area is up to you.


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