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The Benefits of Renting Month-to-Month in Denver

By Landing | Sep 20, 2020
Apartment complex in Denver, Colorado, offering month-to-month leases

Though fixed-term leases are still incredibly popular, the idea of setting yourself up in a short-term rental is slowly but surely picking up steam. For many, short-term options look more like month-to-month, and  they are often referred to as temporary housing. While different Colorado cities such as Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins offer these options, finding month-to-month apartments in Denver can be tricky. However, short-term rentals have a number of benefits that you should consider next time you get ready to sign a lease.

Flexible rental terms

Oftentimes, a short-term rental comes with more flexible rental terms and a negotiable average rent. If you’re struggling to find short-term rentals in Denver within your price range, you may want to consider a month-to-month lease. If you’re using any housing helpers or an apartment list, make sure you select your preferred average rent and that you’re interested in temporary housing. This can help you find one-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments, and larger units within your price range.

If you’re not using an apartment list or housing helpers, you can contact the property owner or landlord directly to learn about their rentals and lease options. For business travelers, contacting the property owner is often a smart idea, even if you’re working with real estate agents or a real estate company. This type of collaboration will give you the chance to get more detailed information about your short-term rental hosts, plus some insight into the potential monthly rent you can expect to pay. Plus, by establishing a personal relationship, you make it easier to negotiate the average rent even further.

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Neighborhood exploration

If you want to see everything Denver has to offer, a month-to-month lease can help you out. Whether you’re in a studio apartment, 1-bedroom apartment, or 3-bedroom apartment, a short-term lease lets you explore popular neighborhoods at your discretion. From Arvada to Broomfield, Cherry Creek, Wash Park, Congress Park, and Greenwood Village, Denver is full of exciting, vibrant neighborhoods. If you want to be near Cheesman Park and can afford a higher rent, you can consider Capitol Hill. If you’re more interested in listings near the suburbs, Englewood is an excellent bet. If you want to be in the heart of downtown Denver, you should consider a primary residence or rental property in LoDo.

Whether you’re using an apartment finder, corporate housing provider, or housing helpers, searching “month-to-month apartments Denver, CO.” makes it easier to explore the city.

Amenities matter

Across the US, many amenities come at a premium. The same goes for the County of Denver. With a month-to-month arrangement, it’s often easier to find a rental property that ticks all the right boxes. Condos, multi-bedroom apartments, and other listings are experiencing increased rent prices right now, so it’s important to find a new home that works for you and within your budget . You could ask your corporate housing provider or apartment finder to only look at a new home with specific features to get started. Some of these features could  include stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, granite countertops, and more.

While some of these may be hard to come by in the Mile High City, many renters in corporate apartments find short-term rentals to be more accommodating. You can also determine whether you want to be near trails or certain landmarks like Speer Boulevard or Greenwood Village. It’s a little easier to get what you want.

No commitments

If you want the next month to be your last month, that’s fine. If you’ve enjoyed the past year in one of many condos, you can stay. As long as you have an arrangement with the short-term rental owner, almost anything goes. Plus, you’re less likely to be subject to warnings or fines that you might find in a fixed-term lease. It’s easier for renters in the County of Denver to stay protected.

Whether you’re looking in LoDo, Englewood, or Aurora for your next primary residence, there are plenty of month-to-month renting options in Denver, CO. Between working with national corporate housing helpers and a real estate company, you’re bound to find the right fit for your next primary residence.


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