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Renting in Denver: Furnished or Unfurnished?

By Landing | May 13, 2020
Skyline view of Denver, CO

If you’re planning a move to the beautiful mountain-top city of Denver, Colorado, you certainly aren’t the only one. In fact, Denver has seen a population increase of approximately 1.34% annually for the past few years. In addition, Denver, CO is frequently called one of the best cities to live in the United States, even winning the number one spot on the U.S. News & World report list of the best places to live in America in recent years – of course, keeping in line with its high-profile number two spot earned in 2019.

Denver’s exciting growth within the last number of years isn’t an accident – in fact, it’s by design. There are plenty of reasons for why Denver has become such a hotspot for people looking to move across the country, not the least of which is the city’s booming job market. Denver offers abundant opportunities for those in the tech and finance industries, as well as the legal industry and even social sciences. Of course, CO also legalized cannabis years ago, and this continues to create more jobs.

Naturally, you’ll have gorgeous mountain views, along with plenty of variety as far as food and culture goes. Denver, and the state of Colorado has no shortage of sports teams for enthusiasts, and there’s even a huge craft beer scene for those interested.

Whether you’re planning a short-term stay or a longer one, you’ll need a good place to stay. Buying a home in Denver can get pricey, but rent is generally considered affordable. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make for your relocation is whether you want a furnished Denver apartment or an unfurnished one.

Here are some of your best options for rental homes.

Corporate housing

Also called temporary housing, these are short term rentals generally used by business travelers. Whether they’re on a business trip in Aurora, Boulder, Broomfield, Colorado Springs, Englewood, Fort Collins, Lakewood, or downtown Denver, a corporate traveler should have no problem finding a corporate housing provider that suits their needs.

Fortunately for business travelers, the professional corporate housing industry offers fully furnished apartments with all utilities included. These short term rentals are typically paid for by an employer, making them a fantastic alternative to cheap apartments or hotels for eligible travelers.

Corporate rentals like Landing typically offer amenities similar to hotels and provide a high level of customer service. With choices in most popular neighborhoods, you can start enjoying your new home right away for the extent of your stay.


If you’re looking for a place to stay in the long-term future, or would just prefer some extra square footage and an extra room or two, then the median rent for apartments in Denver comes to about $1,342 for two-bedroom apartments. If you’re staying on your own, you can find one-bedroom apartment options for around $1,060. Rent prices are generally decreasing faster in the Mile High City compared to the rest of CO.

Of course, most apartments come unfurnished. If you’re looking for furnished apartments in Denver with month to month lease options, then you can expect your rent to increase. Furnished short-term rentals in Denver can be a great choice if you’d like some more exclusive amenities like a washer and dryer combo in your unit or stainless steel appliances. If these aren’t must-haves for you, then an unfurnished apartment that you can customize yourself is often better for long-term stays, especially if you’re trying to save money.

Regardless of your choice, your apartment should come with basics like air conditioning and amenities like a fitness center or lounge. Shop around for upper floor apartments with balconies or ones near attractions or a city park/playground if you have kids. You may even be able to find great deals through Airbnb.

Vacation rentals

Vacation housing options like resort condos, lofts, or houses are great short-term options for those just looking for a place to sleep and leave their suitcase while they explore downtown Denver and other attractions. These generally come fully furnished and may even have luxury items like a fireplace and stainless steel appliances.

The state of Colorado offers people from all walks of life a variety of fun and recreational activities – and that’s one of its major draws. From skiing in the Rocky Mountains, to the bike trails of Cheesman Park, there’s always fun for the whole family. And while the city of Denver might be typically considered a colder city, this is nothing but a misconception! In fact, Denver and the surrounding cities experience all four seasons and offer fun activities all year round.  

Furnished rentals are generally the way to go for visitors, but if you’re looking to become a long-term resident, it may be worthwhile to choose an unfurnished apartment that you can customize yourself.


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