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This large Texas city is known for being incredibly diverse and very family-friendly, with a booming economy to boot. Houston attracts sports fans, Tex-Mex aficionados, museum buffs, live music lovers, rodeo fans, families, college students, and young professionals from a variety of industries.

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The Armand Bayou Nature Center is one of the best hikes in Houston, Texas.

Where to Find the Best Hiking in Houston

By Emilia Benton

Thinking about moving to Houston, Texas? If you’ve been hesitant to move to one of the largest urban settings in the country for fear of being stuck indoors for most…

A bridge in Hermann Park in Houston, Texas, which offers many outdoor activities.

A Local’s Guide to the 14 Best Outdoor Activities in Houston

By Emilia Benton

If you’re new to Houston, Texas, you may be surprised to learn that it’s possible to be incredibly active and devote yourself to exploring the outdoors, even in the largely…

A woman walking her dog on the Buffalo Bayou trails in Houston, Texas

The 10 Pros and Cons of Living in Houston

By Bri Hand

When living in Houston, Texas, it doesn’t take long for the local optimism and laid-back attitude to rub off on you. The booming metropolis is the fifth-largest in the country…

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  • The Johnson Space Center
  • Incredible food scene
  • Distillery tours
  • Arts and recreation
  • Great job market
  • Tons of sports to watch!
Statue of General Sam Houston in Hermann Park in Houston, Texas.