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What Is Corporate Housing?

By Landing | Feb 24, 2020
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Corporate housing is common among many professions. Travel nurses, film crews, and construction managers are all likely to experience this type of temporary housing. Job trainers, contractors, or executives launching a new project are also familiar with corporate living situations. It’s also a temporary solution for people who are relocating for the job and are looking for permanent housing in a new city. But what is corporate housing exactly and what does it entail? 

Corporate housing is defined as a fully furnished, temporary living situation that’s regularly referred to as extended stay hotels or furnished apartments. All of the furniture is ready and all the utilities are on and functioning. You just pack your suitcase and set a move-in date. Although it’s not quite that simple, learning how to relocate for a job doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. 

By understanding the types of corporate housing to choose from, who’s responsible for relocation costs, and the benefits of corporate living, it will help you determine if you should consider a job relocation or make you feel more comfortable if you’ve already signed on for a transfer. Moving is a big step, whether temporary or permanent, but change can be a good thing. 

Types of corporate housing

Extended stay hotels

Even if you’ve never relocated for a job before, you’re likely familiar with extended stay hotels. These are establishments that have monthly suite rates versus charging on a nightly basis for a guestroom. They are set up specifically for business travelers and other guests who need accommodations and amenities for a longer stay. These may include appliances, such as a refrigerator and microwave and furniture like a desk and loveseat.

All utilities, housecleaning, and amenities such as WiFi and cable are included in the rate. There are also typically concierge services, which include transportation, event planning, and dedicated attention to other personal matters that might be necessary during a temporary stay. 

An extended stay hotel may be the preferable route if there are several people from the same company working on a temporary project together or relocating for a job at the same time.  While they’d have individual rooms, there would be convenient areas for collaboration onsite, if necessary. However, extended stay hotels can tend to feel impersonal and less like a home. 

Furnished short-term or long-term rentals

As an alternative, fully furnished apartments are another popular type of corporate housing. This move-in ready option is ideal for many because it creates a sense of home that extended stay hotels lack, even if for the short-term. Having more space and necessities like bedroom and living room furniture, appliances, and utilities set up takes the strain off the person moving in. It also makes it easier when the person has to move on to the next job and location. No need to worry about transporting large items or dealing with utility contracts, it’s all taken care of. 

Another advantage of this type of corporate living situation is everything is curated for an individual’s comfort. Rather than having to research neighborhoods and connect with multiple landlords or property owners to schedule showings, everything is handled in one place.

Landing furnished apartments offer a re-invented way of living. Better than a hotel, and offering more than your average furnished apartment, Landing rentals truly offer all that you need to feel comfortable. Corporate housing doesn’t have to feel like a temporary stay- it can feel like home. As a Landing member, you still can enjoy the luxuries of hotel amenities with access to concierge services around-the-clock to take care of everything from scheduling a cleaning to requesting repairs. Whatever you have noted on your relocation checklist, Landing can help you cross off each item one by one and make your temporary move easier than ever.

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Corporate living costs: Who is responsible?

When a company sets up corporate housing, the full cost is typically covered. However, it’s based on the policy regarding the job situation and length of stay. For example, if a job trainer requires temporary corporate housing for a pre-established time, rental costs are likely covered. On the other hand, if a person is relocating from another city for a permanent position, a company may only pay for partial housing costs or up to a certain amount. 

When you’re researching and negotiating a relocation package amount, make sure you’re clear on what the company provides, including the amount and type of expenses that are covered. Also, clarify if the living costs are paid in advance or require reimbursement for working with an assigned third party. If there’s reimbursement, make sure to track all of your expenses accurately and keep copies of all receipts pertaining to your furnished housing stay. This will minimize misaligned expectations and frustrations in the future. 

As far as costs needed to set up utilities, pay for parking, or any other amenities of the housing situation, these types of items are all included in the contract or membership. Fully furnished corporate housing may have a fitness center, sauna, among other facilities and perks available to temporary residents as well. When using Landing network services, people also don’t have to worry about the costs of breaking a lease or putting down multiple deposits or application fees. 

It’s easy to hop from city to city and space to space with only a three-day notice required, thanks to our flexible leasing at Landing. This is helpful for both employees and employers who are unsure of the exact date of when a project may end. Flexibility and adaptability are important now more than ever as companies grow nationally and more employees become remote. So whether you’re looking for fully furnished apartments in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York, Landing has you covered.

Benefits of corporate living

Convenience, comfort, and no commitment are some of the benefits of corporate living, whether that be in the form of furnished apartments, homes, or even a hotel room. The convenience of having everything you need ready and waiting for you takes away the stress of moving from one area to another and unpacking. You don’t have to experience the hassles of waiting for your bed to be delivered or scheduling an appointment with the cable company. These housing solutions allow you to dive headfirst into your new job without worrying about when your essentials will arrive.

But if you want the comfort of a home, living in a fully furnished apartment means you don’t have to live out of a suitcase and eat out for every meal. These housing units include a refrigerator, stove, and all the tools you need to cook and store food. You also have your own washer and dryer, living room space, television, and other comforts of home, in addition to cleaning services and extra amenities readily available. 

Finally, the lack of commitment required to stay in some temporary corporate housing means you have a place that adapts to your lifestyle. Whether you’ve just relocated for a job and plan on eventually buying a house or if you’re constantly on-the-go based on where you’re needed throughout the country, you can pack up and leave within a few days without having to schedule movers, cancel utilities, clean, or worry about breaking a lease agreement. Having such a convenient place to stay on short notice cuts the hassle, so you can solely focus on the reason you made the move in the first place.

Serviced apartments and homes provide more flexibility for your work situation and allow you the freedom to explore new opportunities. Corporate housing accommodations are as temporary as you want them to be, which makes it ideal for those who need to live somewhere that’s convenient and comfortable without the hassle.

Preparing for the transition to corporate housing

If you’ve never experienced corporate housing before and are unsure of how much to take with you, the key is less is more. Since it comes with all the furniture, amenities, and essentials you’ll need, all that’s left to pack is your clothes and select personal items from home. You don’t even need to bring your own bath or bed linens. Changing from a permanent residence to corporate housing gives you a chance to purge your home of items you no longer use or need. 

When preparing for a move, take an inventory of what you want to donate, sell, or take to storage. The rest either goes in the trash or makes the trip with you. By eliminating the need for kitchen appliances, bedroom, and living room furniture, electronics, and other decor that are already part of a fully furnished corporate living situation, you may realize how little you have left that needs to be moved. Although it may feel like a big adjustment, it also limits the amount of stuff you’ve accrued over the years, which do not serve a purpose.

Confirm what’s included in your new space and what you’ll need to ship in advance if anything. Many times people require little more than a few suitcases to start their life in a new city. It all depends on your specific job relocation situation and how temporary the stay is intended to be. Plan accordingly in advance for things you need to do before the move to make the transition feel more seamless and to keep you less stressed.

Welcome home!

Even though it has “corporate” in the name, this type of housing can be just as warm and welcoming as any other home, especially with Landing. Moving into a modern, luxury apartment where everything has been carefully selected and curated can be a dream come true for anyone who wants to enjoy their space versus figuring out how to spruce it up. Regardless of if you’re staying for a few weeks or a few months, it’s important that wherever you’re relocated has a feeling of comfort and security. 

Get to know your neighborhood. Take advantage of the amenities. And revel in the fact that you have everything you need in place and waiting for you as you prepare for your move. Relocating for a job for the first time comes with several emotions, but once you realize how simplified the process of moving into furnished rentals is, it starts to alleviate the pressure and allows you to enjoy this next chapter of your life. Browse our furnished apartments for rent to find your new home!


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