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Relocation Housing Guide: Your Next Move, Simplified

By Landing | Mar 30, 2020
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The panic has begun to set in: you just found out you’ve got to relocate due to work or school. Or perhaps you need a short-term lease based on upcoming changes in the year ahead – you’re climbing the corporate ladder for your dream job, which may require a new address in a different city. No matter what your career-related scenario, relocating for a job can be a real challenge for thousands of professionals across the country. Some common concerns around job relocation may include:

  • Moving for work on short notice
  • Finding housing quickly due to frequent job relocations
  • Requiring a short-term lease
  • Avoiding stressful paperwork and commitments
  • Buying furnishings and essentials for your new place
  • Moving expenses and the hassle of hiring a moving company
  • Discovering an apartment that aligns with your lifestyle

Once upon a time, before we somehow managed to live without our cellphones, PCs and the internet, relocating for our career – or any reason, for that matter – was done the old-fashioned way: pounding the pavement; asking friends and family for a reputable real estate agent; scouring the local newspapers for the perfect apartment. Moving alone is already difficult, but moving abruptly because your employer needs you in another city by next week? That’s a tall order, even by today’s standards. However, it’s not impossible: as our technological landscape continues to evolve and business-savvy entrepreneurs have heeded the call for this niche realty market, relocating for work is now becoming a much more streamlined process. All thanks to furnished apartments.

What to look for in your new home

The first order of business should always be, where you plan to live. With these apartment-hunting specs in mind, finding housing will be easier.


Think about where your job is in proximity to your living arrangements for ease of commute (and more quality time for yourself). If you’re searching for a furnished apartment in Washington D.C., for example, a neighborhood like Georgetown might be a good option for you. After all, a work-life balance is essential not only to your career but your overall well-being – especially if you happen to be employed in a position that demands frequent relocating. For example, if you work on-site in a corporate setting, choose apartments that are as close to your employer’s office as possible. If you’re employed in a profession where you are working off-site (e.g., a visiting RN), opt for centrally-located city apartments that are close to stores, shopping and other necessities – after a long day on the job, you’ll be glad your grocery store is just around the corner. 


Look for apartments that are as accessible to public transportation as possible, or if you drive, corporate housing options that offer parking facilities. Finding apartment listings that are loaded with amenities – especially ones that are fully-furnished or move-in ready – will make transitioning into your new home much easier. Think about it: the time and energy it takes to pack, unpack, set up your apartment, and find furniture! 

Bonus points: Find an upscale apartment that features a laundry machine/dryer in the unit, a dishwasher, and a maintenance staff or superintendent who will be on-call for cleaning and repair services. The more on-site conveniences, the fewer headaches and expenses for you!


While it may be a detail that the average renter doesn’t even consider in their housing decision, finding a short-term/flexible lease is crucial for professionals who relocate frequently because of their job. Although there are many short-term housing options, the key is finding feasible living quarters that allow the individual to move at a moment’s notice. 

  • What you’ll want to avoid: Lengthy background and credit checks, endless phone calls with realtors and utility companies, and restrictive leases.
  • What you need: An apartment with an easy approval process and month-to-month leasing – and as little paperwork as possible. If you can find a furnished home with utilities included, even better!


Moving to a new place means making your new accommodations and lifestyle as similar as possible. Choosing all-inclusive apartments that feature comfortable furnishings, elegant décor, and thoughtful attention to detail can make a big move much more bearable. For anyone whose career requires constant travel and/or relocation, luxe amenities can really make your new living situation feel just like home – even if it’s only for a couple of months. 

  • Keep in mind: Whenever possible, opt for corporate apartment complexes and furnished housing situations that are quiet and appropriate for hard-working professionals such as yourself – free from loud music, noisy neighbors, partying or any other distractions that might jeopardize a good night’s sleep. 

Temporary housing for job relocation

Although acquiring a furnished apartment may seem like a fairly simple task, it often turns into a full-time job for many temporary housing seekers. While finding an all-inclusive home is the ultimate goal for people looking to move suddenly – particularly for working professionals whose jobs require frequent relocation – it can become an evasive search just as quickly. 

For anyone employed within a specialty field – such as a traveling nurse, a flight attendant, a consultant, a customer service agent, an international aid worker, or any number of specialized industries where relocating is second-nature – finding flexible living arrangements is essential to one’s career. Due to the demands of these jobs and other similar positions, landing the perfect temporary apartment allows a seamless transition into a new location, enabling individuals to focus on their career rather than furnishing an apartment. Here are a few examples of specialty jobs that require relocation – and why obtaining adequate housing is so crucial to each of these careers:

Traveling nurse housing

For many traveling nurses, housing can either make or break a new assignment. The main reason? The traveling nurse disliked their living situation. That’s why it is so important to find an apartment that’s a good fit – even if you like the new city you’ve relocated to, if you’re unhappy when you walk into your new digs, your morale will suffer (and in turn, it could even affect your performance at work). For traveling nurses who receive stipend pay, choosing your own housing may be the best option, allowing you to select a living arrangement that works for you & the demands of your career.

Corporate housing 

For business travelers who often find themselves on work trips across the country, finding appropriate lodging options used to mean an expensive stay at a hotel (either on the company dime or their own). However, with the advent of corporate housing, also referred to as temporary housing, business professionals can now rent fully-furnished housing on a short-term basis. And with most employers offering some sort of relocation package that you can negotiate to cover moving expenses, finding furnished housing is easy. The convenience? Other than some groceries and your clothing, these move-in ready apartments or condos have everything needed to start your new life, wherever your job may take you.

Intern housing

For students pursuing an internship, it can be one of the most exciting times of one’s education. However, for interns finding themselves in an unfamiliar city from where they normally live or go to school, locating suitable housing can potentially pose a challenge. Fortunately, housing for interns has become increasingly accessible across the US, as property owners in many major cities offer short-term furnished rooms or apartments for rent. There are many benefits for temporary intern housing: for one, it provides you with the ability to find a move-in ready living space, giving you more time to focus on your studies. Furnished housing options for interns also provide a great deal of convenience, since you won’t have to worry about finding a new bed or other basic necessities – it’s ready to go, so you can dive into your coursework, find friends, and acclimate to campus life in the big city.

Ready to find a temporary home? Discover your perfect all-inclusive apartment today!

Relocate for a job easily with Landing 

As we’ve explored, relocating for work has been a bit difficult at times to navigate – until now. Take a breath; Landing has you covered. With thousands of fully-furnished luxury apartments in major cities across the US, we take the stress out of last-minute moves.

Looking for furnished apartments in Fort Lauderdale to relocate for a job in less than a week? No problem – whether you’re a traveling nurse or a businessperson that requires recurrent relocation due to your demanding career, we recognize the challenges that come with relocating. That’s why we’ve streamlined the entire process, taking the guesswork out of relocation for busy working professionals like you. Landing offers world-class temporary living rentals that feel so much like home, you won’t want to leave at the end of your assignment. And with the ability to transfer to another Landing with only 3 days’ notice, you’re about to discover a whole new way of relocating for work!

And forget about lengthy paperwork. Our easy approval process offers the ultimate relocation assistance by allowing you to lease instantly! Our goal is simple: to meet (and exceed) each of those needs seamlessly, so you can focus on what’s really important: your professional and personal life.

Streamlined relocation for busy professionals 

Transitioning to your new home is a breeze with Landing: that’s because we’ve thought of everything. No need to buy furniture for your new home. From elegant furnishings to warm and inviting interiors, our beautifully-curated apartments provide you with a luxurious home environment, right down to the smallest details.

What’s included:

  • Luxury furnishings
  • Bed & cozy linens
  • Plush towels
  • Deluxe toiletries
  • High-speed internet
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Cutlery & dinnerware
  • Designer décor
  • Smart TV
  • Extra outlets

Seamless relocation and stress-free living with: 

  • Instant Leasing: With our simple approval process, you can have your dream apartment in seconds – no more aggravating paperwork, lengthy background checks or other time-consuming forms to fill out.
  • Easy Move-in: Your luxury apartment is move-in ready; just bring yourself and your suitcase! 
  • 24/7 Support: Our 24-hour concierge services allow you to schedule repairs & cleanings with ease through our mobile app.
  • Convenient Landing App: Enjoy the ease of our streamlined mobile app and manage your apartment bills, maintenance schedule and more, wherever you go.
  • Exclusive Member Benefits: From furnished apartments in Nashville, TN to rentals in Los Angeles, CA, you can access Landing homes across the US; live without long-term leases, deposits, or furniture shopping. With no applications or fees required to transfer, you have the freedom to move to another Landing with only 3 days’ notice or cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice.

Job relocation on the horizon? Make moving for work easy and find a furnished apartment now!


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