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Where to Stay in Austin for Business

By Landing | Aug 12, 2020
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So, you’re coming to Austin for business? Congratulations! Long or short term, new moves and places are always exciting. Austin, a place known for its hustle and bustle and thriving culture is certainly a great place to either live or visit. If you have never been to Texas and are wondering where to start, there are many things to think about before selecting your next landing spot. If you’re looking for ideas on where to stay in Austin, consider the following options.

Apartment living in Austin

Landing is making it easier than ever to move about the country for your leisure and business needs. Redefining apartment living, this group offers a network of apartments and homes across the country so that residents can move freely without a lot of hassle. The perfect way to explore the country while attending to business, this is a great place to start if considering a longer-term rental. Best of all? They have apartments ready for move-in day in Austin right now.

When considering the overall type of apartment you want to live in, consider location, community, and whether or not you need a place that’s pet friendly. Doing your research ahead will help make the process of relocation easier and less stressful. For those making longer moves from a long-distance who can’t check out the place ahead of time, ask to see floor plans or a virtual tour of the property you’re considering renting.

Asking questions ahead of time will make the move more successful. Amenities, proximity to your job, and the social life in the neighborhood are things you’ll want to know going in. For example, an apartment building being pet friendly doesn’t mean it will have room for your pup to play in. Asking about dog parks and public land options will come in handy ahead.

Consider, too, transportation. If you’re moving with a vehicle, this won’t be as important as it will be if you plan to rely on public transportation. While Austin has plenty of public transportation options, asking about bus stops and cab services in relation to your potential apartment will help with planning.

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Airbnb options

Maybe the business you need to do is only short term. Or perhaps you want to check out the city before you commit. You still have affordable options if you’re willing to get creative. If you aren’t comfortable renting an apartment sight unseen, you could consider traveling to Austin ahead of time to get a better lay of the land. With plenty of Airbnb options out there, you could find yourself in a tiny home or short term small space rental while you explore longer-term options.

Taking advantage of Airbnb options is a great way to explore all Austin has to offer ahead of time. It might even help you decide on the permanent apartment living situation for you as you go about your new job or business.

Many people enjoy Airbnb accommodations over hotel stays because they offer a more local touch in a new place. Staying in an Airbnb could mean you are living among the locals instead of with other tourists or business travelers in hotel rooms. If this is the case for you, take the time to talk to them about the best apartments in Austin. Local people will know where their friends and family live and what they like about it. While you’re at it, ask your business associates too.

Hotel rentals

If staying in a hotel is more comfortable for you, do your research ahead. When trying to conduct business, you’ll want to be sure you have good wi-fi access and a room that comes with a desk. Doing your homework ahead can ensure accommodations that could include access to printers and other items you won’t want to drag along for short periods of time or travel.

Austin, Texas, has no shortage of hotels to choose from. In fact, Austin’s hotel market is the strongest in the state. Whether you’re searching for cheap and easy or want the five-star treatment, there’s a hotel with your name on it in this vibrant city.

If hotel living is best for you, don’t be afraid to ask questions at the desk. Whether you plan to secure an apartment on your trip or just want to know about things to see and do during your visit, hotel staff will be a great resource. Ask about places to eat, where the locals hang out on weekends, and transportation options too. Hotel staff will be more than happy to give you tips and tricks for navigating their city. Listening and trying new things could lead to both cost-saving and a more successful experience. And who knows? Maybe Austin will one day be your permanent stomping grounds, too.

Things to see and do

Not every second of your life has to be about business. You’ll have days off, too. And there’s a lot to do in this busy city. If you’re looking for things to do in Austin, you won’t have trouble finding them any more than you will a hotel or apartment. Known for outdoor music and festivals, Austin is becoming more and more popular with younger generations. Businesses there are booming with new energy and the city has begun to draw in crowds seeking adventure.

If you hope to combine work with play, Austin could be the perfect city for you. From zip lining to spending days strolling through historic museums, there’ll be plenty to do when you’re not busy working.

When considering where to stay in Austin, Texas, think about how long you’ll be there, the time of year you’ll be visiting, and what there will be to do so you can pack accordingly. While your business won’t wait for you, you’ll still have plenty of time and opportunity to do some sightseeing, too. Think about asking colleagues to explore the city with you. A night on the town or just strolling downtown alone will help you quickly get better acquainted with all that Austin has to offer. Happy travels to you!


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