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Corporate Housing Companies: 5 Top Choices for 2024

By Landing | Apr 16, 2024
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Whether you’re a digital nomad or corporate jet-setter, here are five corporate housing companies to consider and tips to choose the right one.

It’s easier than ever for corporate jet-setters and digital nomads to live anywhere. And as remote work gains popularity, more corporate housing companies promise a home away from home to ditch the 12-month lease.

Sorting through all the corporate rental housing options isn’t as easy as booking a flight — especially when every platform only has luxurious vacation rentals or outdated single rooms. The best corporate apartments combine the best of two worlds, offering the perks of a vacation rental and the functionality of a long-term home, like attentive property managers, a fully stocked kitchen, and spacious accommodations.

Whether traveling for a week or relocating for a year, here’s what to look for when considering a corporate rental — plus, the pros and cons of the most popular corporate housing companies. 

What’s Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing refers to fully furnished housing for temporary use. And you don’t need to be a “corporate” professional to get a key. This kind of housing is great for people who have to temporarily relocate for any reason, whether that’s visiting family, working remotely, or living a nomadic lifestyle. Everything from furniture to cutlery is already there — you just have to move in. 

The term “corporate housing” can be confusing because some people also refer to it as: 

  • Short-term rentals
  • Corporate rentals
  • Temporary furnished rentals
  • Extended-stay apartments
  • Serviced apartments
  • Furnished apartments
  • Corporate furnished apartments
  • Temporary apartments
  • Short-term stays
  • Executive suites

The point is that corporate rentals have everything you need for a comfortable stay. They should include:

  • Complete furnishings for living and dining
  • Essential housewares, like cookware, laundry baskets, and appliances 
  • Amenities, like high-speed internet, on-site parking, and pet-friendly policies
  • Utilities and cable 

Why Choose Corporate Housing? 

Unlike a short-term hotel stay, corporate apartment rentals are typically available for 30 days or more, which means they have your long-term comfort in mind. You can focus on work without sacrificing your lifestyle — whether that means staying active in the neighborhood or having a cozy couch for Netflix nights. 

Here are some other benefits of choosing corporate housing: 

1. Cost Savings

Corporate housing can be more cost-effective than an extended hotel or vacation rental stay, especially for months-long trips. With an all-inclusive pricing model that typically covers multi-month bills like utilities, internet, and amenities, you don’t have to worry about unexpected variable costs that shorter stays carry, like laundry or daily Wi-Fi fees. 

2. Flexible Leases

Temporary rental platforms like Airbnb sometimes limit agreements to a month, making securing the same apartment for multi-month stays challenging. It’s sometimes possible to renew as you go, but fluctuating prices and other uncertainties can make the process inefficient and stressful. 

Corporate housing specializes in long-term stays with flexible terms — so you can renew an agreement as you go or secure a spot for several months. Likewise, many companies offer memberships with flexible clauses that let you switch accommodations, break a lease, or extend the duration of your stay. 

3. Comfort

Even if you’re only there for two weeks, good corporate housing should feel as comfortable as a long-term residence. Spacious layouts, modern amenities, and comfortable furnishings help you settle in and feel right at home.

4. Privacy

Unlike a hotel or the average apartment sublet, corporate housing provides private living and workspaces. Most housing is also in quiet residential areas or apartment complexes, enhancing privacy, and many have additional security features, like secure entry systems, gated parking, or concierges. 

5. Fully Furnished Apartments

“Fully furnished” should mean more than just a bed and desk. The best corporate housing companies equip each room for maximum convenience and comfort. You won’t have to run to Target for a new spatula or call a concierge for an ironing board — it’s all there for you, letting you focus on enjoying your stay. 

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What To Look For in Corporate Housing

You deserve a cozy space that makes you feel comfortable and ready to tackle the day — whether you’re there for five days or five months. When comparing different corporate housing options, here are some characteristics to keep in mind: 

1. Market Knowledge

More isn’t always better. Just because a company has the most listings in a city doesn’t guarantee quality or market know-how. Look for companies that understand the local area and can provide tailored recommendations based on your lifestyle, budget, and preferred location. 

Gauge a company’s market knowledge by asking targeted questions before booking, like how they tailor recommendations or stay up-to-date on housing trends. While you can look up all the best things to do in the area yourself, property managers dialed into local dining, transportation, and lifestyle is a vital resource for a more local, authentic experience. 

2. Pricing

Even small, unexpected expenditures — like coin-operated laundry or daily parking fees — quickly accumulate. The company should be clear about exactly where your money goes. Pay careful attention to all the inclusions in your lease agreement (if you have one) or request an itemized list of included amenities. You’ll gain clarity and peace of mind, whether you have a strict fixed budget or not.

3. Amenities and Services

An on-site fitness center, swimming pool, and 24/7 concierge service enhance your overall experience — but these might not be the amenities impacting your daily life. Make a list of all the conveniences you expect from your temporary rental, from regular cleaning service to in-unit washer and dryer, and decide what your priorities are. Pet-friendly accommodations or accessibility features might trump a rooftop pool — that’s up to you to decide. 

4. Flexibility

One of the greatest appeals of leasing from a short-term rental company is a contract that adjusts to your changing lifestyle. Whether you’re a digital nomad traveling around the country or need a temporary home while looking for permanent housing, check the fine print to ensure you can cut or renew your contract as needed. Avoid clauses that ask for several months’ notice or costly fees so you don’t have to pay when you move. 

5. Reputation

Client testimonials, online forums, and Google reviews are great resources for gauging the quality of listings and experiences of previous tenants. A company might look great on paper but not in practice — so do your due diligence to avoid scams and low-quality housing.

Choose a housing network with a strong reputation for quality support, like Landing. Its local area managers have your back, with intimate knowledge of properties and the local area. And as a tenant, you can manage maintenance, reserve properties, and modify trips from the comfort of the Landing member app for full control over your experience.

6. Quality

Pay careful attention to consistency and quality across a company’s listings. Good housing services vet every single one to make sure they’re equally solid options. Clear attention to detail and consistent standards (or lack thereof) reflect the company’s brand and commitment to curating an enjoyable experience for a renter. 

If you’re staying with Landing, you can expect that each unit is at least double the size of a hotel room — making a temporary space feel more like home. You’ll even have a fully-equipped kitchen and cozy furnishings. 

The Top 5 Corporate Housing Companies to Check Out

To help you find the right property, here are five top short-term housing options:

1. Landing

Landing’s in the number one spot for a reason. On move-in day, all you have to do is show up with your bags. The cupboard will even have snacks ready to go. 

But snacks aren’t the only thing that sets Landing apart from the other corporate housing companies. The dedicated account managers help you choose the right property for your preferences and lifestyle and are always available to manage your bookings. And by directly curating and managing its inventory, Landing delivers better value — without the hidden layers of intermediary costs. You’ll find luxury rentals and local support in more than 375 cities. 

2. Blueground 

Blueground has properties in more than 32 locations, with a focus on international listings for globetrotting digital nomads. It’s known for high-quality, fully furnished house rentals in major U.S. cities. 

However, the centralized customer service team can make it difficult to quickly resolve issues, receive personalized attention, or contact property owners. And several hidden fees — like utilities, switching units, or moving out costs — might lead to surprise financial burdens. 

3. National Corporate Housing

National Corporate Housing has listings across the U.S. and a few international cities. While listings show good-looking furnished apartments, the fine print reads that photos don’t indicate the actual property, so you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. Some reviewers say they experienced booking errors, but others reported positive experiences. 

4. Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels is one of the most reputable extended-stay hotel services in the United States, partnering with hotels in more than 30 states. These rooms have full kitchens, guest laundry, and free Wi-Fi, though they’re still hotel rooms, so they aren’t as homey as other rentals. It’s a good option for shorter-term stays. 

5. Vacasa

Similar to Airbnb, Vacasa is a vacation rental service with short-term and long-term accommodations across the globe. However, despite long-term rental discounts, prices are similar to a long-term stay in a vacation rental rather than an apartment. 

Prepare for a Comfortable Landing

When you move for work, you never quite know what you’ll get from a new city. But with Landing, you don’t have to wonder. 
Become a Landing member today to enjoy vetted corporate housing options with expert customer service. With Landing, there’s always a comfortable apartment and bed to sleep in — no matter where you are.