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A Travel Nurse’s Guide to Denver Temporary Housing

By Landing | Oct 21, 2020
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There are few fields in higher demand right now than nursing, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still hitting communities hard throughout the country and the world at large. Each and every day, more and more beds in ICU units across hospital networks continue to fill up due to COVID-19, and the challenges of caring for an aging population aren’t making things easier. Quite simply, there aren’t enough nurses to go around, and more are certainly needed. 

To accommodate demand, nurses are being sent far and wide to fill in staff shortages.  With that said, it’s becoming more common for traveling nurses to take temporary positions at facilities with dire staff needs. These positions can be in small towns and large cities alike. However, the city of Denver isn’t exempt from the demand for nurses  as soon as possible.

There are many types of nurses who can become business travelers, with some of the most common being registered nurses (RN) and certified nursing assistants (CNA). Of course, before filling out an application to travel to Denver, CO, nurses need to know what they’re getting into. One of the biggest considerations for any applicant considering a relocation is what their housing situation will be like. Since these are temporary positions for facilities that need extra helpers, primary residences for these jobs tend to be short term rentals.

What is temporary housing?

Also known as corporate housing, these are properties meant for short term stays. Business travelers use these rental properties for the extent of their stay in the area. Generally, such short term housing will be covered by your company, so you can find your new home in Denver without worrying about income limits. This is called agency-placed housing, and it’s generally the best approach for corporate travelers, especially first-timers.

This isn’t the only way to secure short term rentals in Denver, however. Some companies will allow you to choose stipend pay, meaning you’ll be paid a percentage of your housing costs each week as part of your paycheck. Getting rentals this way gives you more control over where you live, as well as how you live. For example, you could look at two-bedroom apartments instead of just singles. You can also make sure all the utilities and amenities you want are included. If you can find particularly affordable housing with short-term rental hosts, you can even make money off your stipend. You have a great deal of freedom when choosing temporary housing in Denver.

No matter which direction you decide to go in, you generally won’t have to wade through listings, trying to decide if you should go with a furnished or unfurnished apartment. Furnishings are typically included through corporate housing providers, though you may want to speak with landlords to confirm. If you do decide to go with stipend pay, you’ll want to be careful about choosing your short term lease. You can try your luck with Airbnb, you can enlist real estate agents to help you, or you can choose to work with organizations like Housing Helpers, VRBO, or National Corporate Housing, which is a proud member of the Corporate Housing Providers Association. Some of these options specialize more in condos, lofts, and vacation rentals, but any of them can help save you from being homeless in Denver.

You’ll certainly suffer no lack of things to do outside of work in Denver, Colorado. The city has a prime location between Boulder and Colorado Springs, so there’s sure to be something that interests you nearby. If you know you’ll need a corporate apartment soon, here are some of the best neighborhoods to investigate in the Mile High City.

Downtown Denver

If you can manage to snap an apartment in downtown Denver, you’ll have easy access to some of the best shopping, restaurants, and bars in the city, all of which provide a high level of customer service. The 16th Street Mall is the main attraction, and one of the most well-known in the Denver area, but it’s certainly not all the area has to offer. Denver residents can also enjoy many cultural amenities, such as the Denver Performing Arts Complex and a number of museums of art and nature.

As with any major metro area, downtown one or two-bedroom apartments are never cheap, especially in an already expensive housing market. Some believe Denver is currently in a housing crisis, so you may want to contact the Denver City Council to see if you can qualify for rental assistance to find affordable housing in this neighborhood.

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This district is known for its hospitals and medical centers, which are the top employers in the neighborhood, so it’s likely you may want to stay here as a traveling nurse. The Englewood school district is also considered a top employer, so you can rest  assured there are quality schools if you’re bringing kids along. The area is also known for its variety of private schools if you don’t want to rely on the public school system.


If you’re looking for something a little more peaceful, consider Lakewood, a beautiful suburban neighborhood. It’s just a short ride from the heart of Denver thanks to  Union Station, and it has some of the most gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains around. Denver is a city that prides itself on outdoor activities, and Lakewood delivers with over 80 maintained parks.

Many parks have areas for dogs to run off-leash, and since Denver is such a dog-friendly town, tenants with pets don’t have to worry. If you have an enthusiasm for golf and other outdoor sports, this can be the perfect place for you. The towns of Arvada, Aurora, and Lakewood are all considered part of the same metro area, and you’ll find it easy to travel between them.


Speaking of this area, it’s an excellent choice for lovers of the outdoors. With its own reservoir beach, the neighborhood is quite unique compared to many neighborhoods in the Denver area, and it caters well to athletes with its multi-use sports park. Speaking of sports, this area is home to most of Denver’s professional sports teams and their coaches.

If you’re not averse to traveling a bit further out, you might also look into options like Broomfield, Fort Collins, or Greenwood Village. Denver has plenty of options that can fit any housing situation, so rest assured the city can take care of your temporary housing needs. Browse our available apartments in Denver today! 


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