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Popular Long-Term Housing Options in Dallas

By Landing | Feb 15, 2021
Kitchen in long-term housing in Dallas, Texas

Whether you’re new to the city or you want to switch up your environment, there are plenty of excellent long-term housing options all across Dallas. Between looking for a furnished apartment in Dallas or scouring the online apartment listings, getting ready for a move often feels overwhelming. When this happens, it’s important to have some handy references to offer insight.

From apartments nestled close to the hottest Dallas restaurants to downtown haunts that will give you a shorter commute to work, here’s what you need to know about finding the best long-term housing options throughout the city.

The Carling on Frankford is full of class

If your style leans closer to the modern, you’re going to love the long-term housing options provided by The Carling. This Carrollton-based complex is full of chic touches and luxurious finishes. Everything within this complex looks sleek and refined. Since long-term housing is often used for business travelers and corporate stays, this offers the perfect backdrop to your work needs. Plus, as far as furnished units are concerned, these ones are premium. They come equipped with Samsung Smart TVs that make it easy for you to access all of your favorite channels, streams, and apps.

Since business travelers often have to deal with uncomfortable spaces and restrictive complexes, the Carling offers a hassle-free living experience that really can’t be beaten in the Dallas market. On top of all of these benefits, the building has pet-friendly units so you don’t have to worry about boarding your furry friend or arranging care. Combined with the community amenities and added perks and it’s easy to see why so many corporate housing providers stay in touch with the staff at the Carling.

Veridian Place offers classic comforts

Another hassle-free spot, Veridian Place combines comfort with modern sensibilities to truly help create the feeling of a home away from home. The home chef will likely appreciate the kitchen space the Veridian has to offer. It’s spacious enough to let you maneuver without the feeling that you’re cramped or running out of room. Plus, it isn’t so big that you have to run a half-marathon just to reach the other side of the kitchen. With stainless steel appliances and energy-efficient equipment, you’ll love cooking up a sumptuous Friday-night feast. It’s truly a great way to relax after a long week at work.

Veridian Place is also in close proximity to some of Dallas’s favorite restaurants and bars. That way, you can experience some of the best that the city’s nightlife has to offer without paying extreme amounts for cabs and transportation. It’s a great spot if you truly want to explore the city during your residency. Again, this is also a pet-friendly building so you don’t need to worry about your fuzzy friend being left behind.

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The Residence at North Dallas gives you a great taste of the city

If you’d prefer something that’s newly furnished when you’re getting to know Dallas, you’ll want to take a look at some of the available units at the Residence at North Dallas. These modern, clean apartments offer a great introduction to common Dallas amenities and really give you the comfortable, homey feel of Texas. It’s also in close proximity to some eating and drinking hotspots so you never have to worry about your next meal when you stay here.

For those that enjoy some high-quality community amenities, this is one long-term housing option you won’t want to ignore. From the classic community room complete with group activities to an outdoor pool that’s the perfect way to escape the heat, this is one building that is perfect for the active visitor or traveler.

Ridgeview Place is ideal for luxury living

Ridgeview Place is often described as modern, sophisticated, and convenient. The complex definitely holds true to those words. With spacious and contemporary floor plans, it’s easy to find yourself imagining life at Ridgeview Place. With an outdoor resort-inspired pool, you may find yourself spending more time at home than you do out and about in the city. It’s like your own private oasis that gives you a bit of an escape. This is especially welcome after a long week of work. 

Ridgeview Place is located a mere 15 miles west of downtown Dallas so you have easy access to all the city’s fun and excitement. Plus, it’s right by the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport so you can travel as needed. From the quick commutes to the nearby employers, it’s a great fit for the career professional. 

If you’re looking for furnished apartments in Dallas or you need to discover some of the city’s long-term housing options, Landing has you covered. There are plenty of options within our expansive network. You can’t go wrong with a long-term stay in Dallas and the city is ripe for exploration.


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