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Live Like a Local: Top Spots to Stay in Dallas

By Landing | Oct 13, 2020
Skyline view of Dallas, Texas.

If you’re considering relocating to the Southwest, you couldn’t pick a better spot than Dallas. This Lone Star city is where the biggest and best attractions are. You can get everything here, and you’ll get it supersized, too. Home to the Dallas Cowboys, the best Southern barbecue you’ll ever eat, and a hustling-bustling economy that just won’t quit, the sprawling metropolis that is Dallas-Fort Worth is one area of the United States you won’t regret calling home.

Dallas-Fort Worth is huge, mind you, so it might take you a while to explore all the hidden gems it has to offer. As the fourth largest metropolitan area in the U.S., after New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, it pulls no punches when it comes to excitement and fun. That may feel either exciting or overwhelming, depending on if you like your cities big or not. If you’re heading to the area, you might want to plan on staying for more than a week or so. You simply won’t be able to explore all that the city has to offer in a shorter time.

If you’re wondering where to begin when it comes to staying in Dallas-Fort Worth, it’s worth knowing that there are innovative apartment communities that offer spaces where people can live like a local for however long they’d like. You can even choose a fully furnished apartment so you’ll have all the furniture you need right when you move in. Plus, when you’re done with Dallas you can move on to any of the other apartment communities around the United States. With that in mind, read on for some of the best areas to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Old East Dallas

For diversity and a fascinating hodge-podge of architecture, Old East Dallas is the place to go. This neighborhood is on the rise—it’s seen a constant influx of new families and refurbishing of old historical houses over the past years. It has parks and playgrounds, but also homey eateries and charming cafes. The locals love how family-oriented Old East Dallas is, with welcoming neighbors who always wish you a good morning as you stroll down the tree-lined streets.

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Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff is more a region than a neighborhood. In fact, it used to be its own city, before it was swallowed by the city of Dallas proper in 1901. As a result, this area is home to many diverse populations and businesses—from indie bookshops and cafes to sports bars and Tex-Mex restaurants. Home to the famous musician Stevie Ray Vaughn, Oak Cliff is the place to go for an authentic Texan experience. Don’t miss the annual Blues, Bandits, and BBQ Festival hosted by local organizers.

Casa View

The neighborhood of Casa View is renowned for its friendliness. That telltale Southern hospitality you’ve always heard of? This is where you’ll find it. Here’s where you’ll find plenty of local churches, but also a great nightlife and some pretty excellent schools. Locals say they love Casa View for its proximity to White Rock Lake and the Arboretum, but also for the local food (best cheeseburgers and fries in town, some say!) and the neighborly spirit that brings people together for community development or just to eat cake together. If you’re looking for a place to become a part of a community, Casa View is the place to go.

University Park and Highland Park

These two neighborhoods come together, commonly known as the “Park Cities.” Although, technically speaking, these are suburbs and not part of Dallas proper, the Park Cities function as a part of the city in every way. It’s a family-oriented area, with great public schools and plenty of parks for kids to spend time in. That’s probably why the many single-family homes in this area (69.3%, to be exact) are house owners, not renters, most of whom have a few children each. If you have kids and you’re looking for a place to spend time with your family, the Park Cities area might be a great place to stay.

Downtown Dallas

The downtown area of Dallas-Fort Worth is certainly the most exciting place to live like a local. With recent rejuvenation efforts and a growing economy, the Downtown Dallas area is buzzing with electricity and vivaciousness. 

Are you looking for a place you can go to experience the arts and culture side of Dallas? Head to a farmer’s market and buy local produce? Enjoy bars, and restaurants, and parties? Head Downtown. There you’ll find art galleries, museums, live music galore, and places of worship as well. Downtown Dallas also includes the West End Historic District, an area with memorials to commemorate various historical events. This includes the John F. Kennedy Memorial as well as the Dallas Holocaust Museum and the Sixth Floor Museum, which shows the space from which Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated the President in 1960. 

Downtown Dallas truly has it all, from the graver experiences to the fun times you’ll be telling friends about for years to come. If you want to have your Texan cake and eat it, too, you should consider living like a local in the downtown district.

There are plenty of great things about the United States, but one of them is the fact that it’s a country with so many different and exciting cultures and regions to explore. If you haven’t lived in the Southwest, Dallas-Fort Worth is a great place to spend a few months trying out the specific culture and climate of the area. With innovative apartment communities making things easy for you, there’s really no reason not to spend some time sampling the Tex-Mex eats, enjoying the live music, wandering the many parks and outdoor areas, learning about historical landmarks, and getting to know the welcoming communities that make the Dallas area truly special. It’s so much more than the oil tycoon stereotypes that the famous 1980s soap opera would have you think it is. Live like a local, and enjoy all that Dallas has to offer. Browse our available apartments in Dallas today! 


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