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Places That Feel Like Home While Receiving Healthcare in Dallas

By Landing | Sep 13, 2020
Person receiving healthcare in Dallas, Texas

Dallas-Fort Worth is a sprawling, huge city—the fourth largest in the United States—and home to some 1.3 million Americans. This Southwestern gem has a little bit of everything for everyone. You’ll find delicious Tex-Mex cuisine, some of the best blues musicians around, an art scene where museums and galleries abound, and an economy that is bursting with opportunities for professionals of all stripes. That is to say; there are plenty of reasons why you might find yourself living in the Dallas area either for a short while or for a longer stint.

 Professionals who have found themselves in Dallas have an easier time than they used to. Many of the neighborhoods in Dallas-Fort Worth are family and community oriented; many singletons or young couples who are only in town for a few months have had a hard time finding a place to call home for a few months. Now, with innovative apartment communities offering a range of furnished apartments in convenient areas, that piece of the puzzle is solved. But that’s not all, is it? You’ll still want to feel at home if you have any medical needs you need taken care of. After all, there’s nothing worse than being sick in a foreign city. If you know you’ll stay in the Dallas area for a few months; you’ll be happy to know that the city has some award-winning healthcare facilities. To learn more about these before you alight in this massive Texan town, read on.

 UT Southwestern Medical Center

This healthcare facility is a teaching hospital, but don’t let that deter you from seeking care. You’re not going to be poked and prodded at by students who don’t know a knee from a spleen—you’ll be in the care of some of the best-ranking physicians in the country.

There’s a reason that this facility is ranked number one in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When it comes to cancer treatments, especially lung and colon cancers, UT Southwestern Medical Center is number 32 in the country. When it comes to cardiology and heart surgeries, it’s at number 13 nationwide. That’s a pretty impressive statistic, especially when you consider that there are 7,247 active hospitals in the U.S. today. On top of that, UT Southwestern ranks highly on patient experience, with four stars out of five. That means that you’ll be getting treated by talented doctors and nurses who also have a calming and pleasant bedside manner. It’s an excellent healthcare facility.

Baylor University Medical Center

This healthcare center is ranked fourth in Texas (which is home to 29 million people) and second in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and there’s a good reason that patients and doctors alike have such an appreciation for this facility. Baylor University Medical Center ranks highly on cancer treatments and cardiology as well. Still, the physicians and nurses who work here also excel in gastroenterology and GI surgery.

 They’re also high performing in the fields of gynecology and neurology, which means that this medical center is casting a wide but excellent net when it comes to potential patients. Baylor University Medical Center ranks slightly lower in overall patient experience, scoring three stars out of five, but still received laudations from patients in specific wards, such as those being treated for lung cancer. This bodes well across many departments for a comfortable experience from medical professionals.

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 Parkland Health and Hospital System-Dallas

The Parkland Health and Hospital System is also a great option for your medical care needs. While the hospital lacks a cardiac ICU and addiction treatment services, something Baylor University and UT Southwestern have, respectively, it still ranks third in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for superb medical treatment and patient experience. Parkland has been recognized for its wonderful care and treatment in many specialties, such as cardiology, geriatrics, and cancer treatments, and has emergency services onsite. Like Baylor University, Parkland got three stars out of four for patient experience, but specific areas were better ranked. For example, patients who suffered a heart condition that resulted in heart failure found themselves being cared for by cardiologists who can last an excellent score on survival and discharging healthy patients to their homes. That’s good news all around.

Whether you’re heading to the heart of the Southwest for business or pleasure, you can’t beat Dallas. The local folks will make you feel right at home by inviting you to join their community groups, blues and barbecue festivals. The local artisans showing at galleries in the art district will inspire your creativity. The parks and arboretums will have you breathing easy. And, if you should happen to need medical care from the best (and nicest) professionals, you’ll know where to go. It’s easy as pie to make Dallas your home away from home with these tips.


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