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Best BBQ in Dallas

By Landing | Jan 13, 2021

Much like everything in Dallas, Texas, BBQs are said to be bigger and so much better here. There are very few people that don’t fall in love with smoked meats when they visit Texas, and many even decide to pull up roots and make the Lone Star State their permanent home.

Many people say it’s the hospitality of the residents in Dallas, Texas, some say it’s the charm, while others say that it’s the shopping, wide-open spaces, and nightlife. One thing that most people who visit, then decide to rent a furnished apartment in Dallas agree on is that Texas BBQ is one of a kind, and always makes you come back for more. If you’ve been in Dallas for any amount of time and haven’t gotten to try their world-famous BBQ yet, then you should. If you’re not sure which BBQ places are the best to eat at, then read on below for the best places to get the best BBQ in Dallas.

18th and Vine BBQ

If you’re searching for ribs that are juicy and fall off the bone in your fingers, then you need to head over to 18th and Vine BBQ for a finger-licking good time. However, this is not the typical BBQ place where you go in to get some sweet tea and eat, though you can if you want to. The BBQ place has a wine list, and you need to make a reservation for the weekend jazz brunch, so get yours in today. Some of the dishes you can sample at the jazz brunch include chipped beef on toast, rib hash, and even a pulled pork burrito if that’s the type of food you enjoy. 18th and Vine BBQ is also one of the only BBQ places in Dallas that has a full sit down service available to their customers.

Mac’s Bar-B-Que

While some people love the pomp and circumstance of sit down BBQ restaurants, there are others that would prefer to just pick up a solid chipped beef sandwich that tastes amazing and be on their way. Mac’s Bar-B-Que is one of those types of eateries. You can stop in and grab a quick bite to eat here or call your order in, pick it up, and head back home to watch the game on TV while enjoying your favorite BBQ sandwich. The simplicity of the food is what makes it a favorite among the locals. Try it, and it’ll quickly become a favorite of your family’s as well.

The Slow Bone

While not many can profess to miss the days of school and cafeteria food, they would miss the food at The Slow Bone were it to disappear. Located in the Dallas Design District, The Slow Bone takes you back to days-gone-by with BBQ served on plastic trays and their assembly-line service. The eatery is only open until 3 pm, which makes it the perfect spot to stop and grab a quick lunch of fried chicken or the succulent hickory-smoked brisket. If you’re looking for something a little lighter for lunch, The Slow Bone offers amazing sides such as Brussel sprouts and cauliflower au gratin to name a couple. Who wouldn’t love the BBQ at this restaurant and constantly be going back for more?

Lockhart Smokehouse

Just the name Lockhart Smokehouse is enough to transport you into thoughts of the past, conjuring images of families gathered around a smoke pit while the aroma of BBQ wafts through the air to the neighbors, who soon show up for dinner as well. The red chairs, tin walls, and ambiance of the eatery does a lot to transport you into the past also. They charge by the half-pound, but you can get as much as you want. Dishes you’re going to want to sample include brisket that has extra bark, sausage, brisket deviled eggs, and even a plate of tasty blue cheese coleslaw to finish out the night.

Pecan Lodge

If you’re looking for downhome cooking and hospitality, where paper towels grace the center of every table so you can wipe the tender juices of slow-cooked ribs from your fingers, then Pecan Lodge is the place to go for BBQ. They cook with a low, slow mesquite method that feels the place with mouth-watering aromas and food that will have your stomach growling and begging for more.

The Pecan Lodge also serves dessert such as banana pudding and you can finish up your meal with one of the beers that are kept on tap. This is the perfect place to have the perfect meal of BBQ, dessert, and drinks as well.

These are just a few of the best BBQ places to eat in Dallas, TX. Remember, once you visit Dallas, you’ll never want to leave.



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