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Your Guide to the Best Restaurants and Bars in Dallas

By Landing | Jul 13, 2020
Delicious drink in Dallas

When you picture Dallas, what comes to mind? Do you have a typical image of Texas in your mind complete with cowboys and honky tonks? Or do you picture somewhere a bit more modern? Truth be told, Dallas has the best of both worlds. It’s still a Texas town at heart, but it also boasts a luxurious nightlife, chic eating and drinking options, and plenty of fun activities.

Like many foodies and beverage connoisseurs, you’re probably on the lookout for the best of the best in any city you venture to. Luckily, Dallas has plenty to offer. From trusted barbeque joints to some upscale craft cocktail bars, here are a few places that any resident or visitor should put on their travel list.

 The Island Spot

 While tropical cocktails might not scream Dallas, consider how warm and fuzzy a rum-based drink will make you feel after a long day. If you want a bit of variety, you can order a rum flight from one of 25 Caribbean rums. Otherwise, you can get your spirits served up in a fruity mixed drink that will have you imagining palm trees, ocean waves, and hot sand. For those that like to eat while they drink, The Island Spot also dishes up some spicy Jamaican favorites. Since it’s probably the closest you might get to visiting an actual island paradise this year, it’s definitely worth the visit.

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 Lakewood Landing

For some of Dallas’s residents, bars should be less stuffy and more casual. After all, what’s wrong with an old-fashioned dive bar, some ice-cold beer, and crispy wings? That’s the spirit of Lakewood Landing, a long-standing staple and one of the city’s favorite dives. The dim lighting and cozy booths are the ideal way to brave out the cold months and there’s even a small outdoor patio if you want to get some air from time to time. On top of that, Lakewood Landing offers some mouthwatering burgers, wings, and other tavern staples. It’s a spot to savor.

 Lounge Here

Cocktail aficionados, look no further. Lounge Here is absolutely the prime spot for your needs. This cocktail haunt strikes a superb balance between classic bar standards and some unique concoctions that will tickle your tastebuds. The lounge installed plexiglass dividers for added safety and has enviable horseshoe booths that make for the perfect Instagram backdrop. Whether you’re simply looking for a well-made Manhattan or you want to try something that’s a little more eclectic, you’ll be glad to pass a few hours at Lounge Here. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the takeout food, beer, and wine options as well.

Smoky Rose

 Barbeque is a Texas staple and Dallas is no exception. While some of the best BBQ joints offer no-frills meat-and-sides options, Smoky Rose takes your traditional barbeque concept and twists the dial up a couple of notches. This restaurant offers both delivery and pickup so you don’t have to hassle to score your grub. Smoky Rose is known for putting some unique twists on classic barbeque dishes, but the eatery also offers plates like pulled pork quesadillas, Reuben sandwiches, and the mouthwatering chicken-fried steak. Come with an empty stomach; You’ll be glad you did.

The Rustic

When patio season hits, the Rustic is perhaps one of the busiest spots in town. Whether you’re sidled up against a resident who just walked over from their apartment or you’re chatting over a brew with someone who drove across Dallas to visit, the Rustic caters to the patio drinker inside all of us. On top of that, the famous beer-can hen and the gooey chicken and cheese sandwich are worth the trip alone. Washing either down with a cold beer? That’s just an added perk.

Black Swan Saloon

Now, this spot has a name that just sounds like Texas, right? The Black Swan Saloon is something of a hideaway and doesn’t always seem like much from the outside. However, that’s a clever facade that hides the supremely creative drinks and liquor infusions inside. If you like variety, you’ve got to spend some time at the Black Swan. The house infusions can turn your average drink into an elevated beverage and some of the bartender-inspired cocktails are sumptuous, to say the least. It’s a touch of Dallas class and elegance without the pretension you might expect.

Uno Mas

When you visit this Tex-Mex hotspot, you too will say “Uno Mas.” Of course, while this eatery offers classic dishes like tacos and enchiladas, there are a few menu items that take creative liberty when it comes to their execution. For instance, there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options to cater to the meat-free crowd and they’re just as tasty as their animal-based counterparts. The roasted cauliflower fajitas, in particular, give you all the sizzle and spice you could want without any of the added guilt.

The Salty Donut

Don’t let the name fool you: The Salty Donut aspires to excite even the biggest of sweet-toothed diners. This artisan donut spot is a confectionary dream and many of the pastries start with a dazzling 24-hour brioche mix. If you think that sounds divine, just wait until you add in flavors like Horchata, maple-bacon, and even jalapeno. While there’s nothing wrong with a classic donut, you might not crave a standard glazed once you’ve tried some of the outrageous flavor combinations from The Salty Donut.

Pro tip: Take a look at the menu before visiting so you don’t panic when you’re trying to choose between all the amazing donuts.

Dallas may seem like an unassuming city but it’s a true food-and-drink paradise. Whether you’re settling into a dive bar to unwind after a long day working from home or you’re looking to see what the food scene has to offer, there are plenty of options to fit any preferences.

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