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Your Guide to the Best Bars in Dallas, Texas

By Landing | Jun 13, 2020
Best bars in Dallas

While Dallas is certainly known for its down-home charm and relaxed atmosphere, the city also has excellent nightlife. Whether you enjoy a bar filled with craft cocktail aficionados or you’re more interested in a local haunt, here are some of the best bars that Dallas has to offer.


If you like a side of history with your beer, Thunderbird is a must on any bar-hopping list. While the venue was once an old service station, it hasn’t handled cars for years. Instead, Thunderbird focuses on serving up brews and drinks in a relaxed, friendly environment. Plus, it’s a great stop for those who like some good eats with their pints. The site offers up three distinct Sloppy Joe sandwiches, including one that’s completely vegan.

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Toller Patio

Toller has done a great job keeping the bar accessible to devoted patrons, casual visitors, and tourists alike. Since you can order on the patio or pick up a few items for takeout, you have plenty of options. When you’re done with a long week working remotely from your apartment, you can swing by for a few beverages or try one of the spot’s famous cocktails on tap.

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly restaurant in Dallas, Toller is right up your alley. With over 15,000 square feet of patio space, you and your fuzzy friend can enjoy a drink in peace or socialize as appropriate.

Jaxon Beer Garden

Few things are as comforting or as enjoyable as the classic beer garden. When you visit a beer garden, you know you’re in for some excellent ambiance, a great tap selection, and some rotating seasonals that are sure to pique your tastebuds. Jaxon Beer Garden is no different. The garden, a staple of the downtown scene, is known for its local brews and some unique takes on standard cocktails. The site currently offers some amazing cocktail kits, beer, and wine for both pickup and delivery. It’s a city classic, and you won’t want to miss out.

Mansion Bar

If you prefer your bars to feel as though a famous author might’ve frequented them, the Mansion Bar is for you. It’s tucked away in the Rosewood Mansion Hotel and combines history and charm to excellent effect. The bar itself is decked out with dark woods, leather, and chic art, which combines the southern charm you’d expect from Texas with a taste of luxury. The Mansion Bar offers an incredible happy hour with half-priced cocktails and fun twists on house classics for those who don’t want to empty their entire wallets. It’s both cozy and refined, so nearly any patron can get comfortable and enjoy an hour or two at the bar.

La Viuda Negra

Named for the Black Widow spider, this bar may sound a touch dangerous, but it’s truly anything but. La Viuda Negra is a quiet bar that’s easy to pass by if you’re unsure which door you’re looking for. Here’s a hint: It’s situated next door to El Come Taco and offers a truly astounding selection of high-quality mezcals and other prime Mexican spirits. If you want to experience a taste of Mexico in your cocktail, you’d be crazy to skip out on La Viuda Negra. The venue is offering limited dine-in capacity, so make sure you come early and come thirsty.

Lee Harvey’s

This one goes out to all the dive-bar pros. When you picture a dive bar, you likely conjure up images of a crowded, rowdy pub filled with sweat, noise, and sticky floors. Luckily, Lee Harvey’s comes equipped with a massive patio so you can experience the excitement of the legendary dive without the expected insanity. The spot is also known for its great lineup of live music. Even in the colder months, fire pits will keep you warm while you sip on a local beer.

Whether you’ve just moved to Dallas or are thinking about heading to the area, Dallas has plenty to offer if you’re looking for a fun night out. The bar scene is incredible and hosts some legendary watering holes to quench any thirst.


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