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Denver Alternatives for Affordable Short-Term Housing

By Landing | May 12, 2020
Mountains outside of Denver, CO

If you’re looking for short-term housing in Colorado, you’ve probably considered spots like Downtown Denver and Capitol Hill before all others. After, all, it’s easy to see how you could form a personal connection to an apartment in Denver or one of the many different neighborhoods that make the city unique. r Much of the city is within walking distance of dining, trails, and amenities. However, in the past year alone, property values for a new home in Denver and Boulder have skyrocketed. Of course, the same applies to condos and one, two, and three-bedroom apartments.

When you start to factor in rental utilities and add-ons like an in-unit washer or dryer, that number continues to climb. So, while you don’t want a cheap apartment, you probably understand that it’s better to look for apartments near Denver, as opposed to in Denver proper.

Luckily, if you still want a floor plan with a balcony, in-unit washer and dryer, fireplace, stainless steel appliances, and easy access to the dog park, you’re in luck. Plenty of apartments outside the popular areas like Denver and Capitol Hill, such as Littleton and Parker, are primed for rental. If you want the Denver lifestyle, but don’t want to have to commute from Colorado Springs or Fort Collins, here’s what you need to know.

The perfect place may be outside of central Denver

You know that you want community amenities like a fitness center and you still want to be able to visit the Denver Zoo when you have time off. If it’s your first time trying to check availability in the area, you’re not alone. Available rental units and apartments near Denver  are still worth investigating. Areas  like the Denver Tech Center and Littleton are still in a convenient location. With a short drive from some of the best nightlife and entertainment that these areas have to offer,  it’s easy to picture yourself just on the outskirts of the busier parts of the city.

When you’re considering relocation costs and the average apartment rent in the U.S., it becomes more tempting when you compare rent in Greenwood Village to the  cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the city center. In some areas, rental homes are just as affordable as a two-bedroom apartment in Downtown Denver. Plus, you often get the benefits of a sleek kitchen, resort-style pool, some nice patio and balcony seating, wood-style flooring, lofty ceilings, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. If you’re interested in a jacuzzi, new interiors, spacious apartments, an on-site hot tub, and a resident clubhouse, that’s harder to find when you’re looking at urban living in the heart of the city.

For instance, do a quick search for “furnished apartments in Littleton CO” and “furnished apartments in Parker CO.” You can get a completely furnished apartment with additional free options in a great location without breaking the bank . When you open up your search area a bit, you’ll find that the perfect apartment might not be in the city center at all.

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The tenants know best

From Parker apartments with easy access to the light rail, to an Aurora rental that gives prospective residents a short drive to the Denver Art Museum and the Cherry Creek State Park, it’s easy to find and check the availability on a more affordable open-concept floor plan instead of a stuffy studio in Capitol Hill. When you’re looking for apartments near Denver, it’s always a good idea to think  outside the box a bit. In cities like Lone Tree, Littleton, Castle Rock, and Broomfield, it’s easier to find special deals in complexes with higher tenant satisfaction.

Outside of the city center, you’re more likely to have access to acres of parks (including dog parks), golf courses, art galleries, playgrounds, and more. On top of that, it’s more realistic that you’ll get a prime view of the Rocky Mountains and you won’t even need a roommate to afford it.

Finding the right temporary housing

Since this is a short-term lease, you may not even have the time to do an in-person tour. While virtual tours are helpful, you’ll likely have to rely on some housing helpers or your corporate housing provider to assist you and find the right apartment features. Make sure that your relocation company or relocation professionals prioritize a spacious dining room, cozy bedrooms, and modern tones. While you may not get granite countertops, a sleek kitchen, or loft-style bedroom units everywhere in downtown Littleton, it’s important to know that you’ll be staying in a great place with a good unit availability.

It’s important to have a list of wants and needs. For example, a luxury apartment or new apartment may be a want, but affordable utilities like air conditioning may be a need. Also, while having quick access to dozens of dining options or your favorite coffee bar may seem important, you may need to stick to the heart of Denver Tech Center to be around nearby office locations.

However, it’s important to remember that some amenities should be considered must-haves. This list would include things like  quality kitchen appliances, especially in a furnished apartment, and temporary housing that has a flexible pet policy. While some short-term rentals may have restrictive leasing options, you’ll want your housing helpers to find one that allows you to bring your furry friend. If you’re working with real estate agents or a real estate company, have them verify this during the application process, so you don’t have a mix up come move-in day.

How do you begin the apartment search?

While you may be working with a corporate housing team, you can also use an apartment finder guide to review a diverse selection of properties. The right apartment locator or free rental locator will have an extensive inventory of any apartment search site. Make sure that you’re avoiding sites that could be infested with malware. Nobody wants that innocuous CAPTCHA to lead to an anti-virus scan down the road.

Before you dig through an online database, use a cost calculator or some other pricing tools. That’ll help you filter out unnecessary real estate listings more effectively. Then, you can also include a max sort to look at options like high ceilings, fire pits, and open floor plans. You can also toggle between one-bedroom apartments, town houses, and condos.

If you know a local guide, it might be a good idea to  talk to them about the types of properties available nearby. If you’re bringing children, you’ll want to look at the elementary schools and middle schools in the neighborhood. Littleton is a particularly terrific choice for education options. If you’re looking at a web property, go through the FAQ as well to get more insight into the property and neighborhood.

What’s there to do in apartments near Denver?

The great thing about living in Denver County and the beautiful  apartments in downtown Littleton, Aurora, or Longmont, is that you still have access to all the excitement the Mile High City has to offer. In fact, almost all of it is right outside your doorstep. You could visit the Cherry Creek Mall for some full-service shopping, take a trip to gold rush mining country, trek up to Boulder, Colorado to take a look at some art exhibits, and hop on the train at the Belleview light rail station to go to the heart of downtown and see Union Station.

While you’re at Union Station, you can score a great deal on some craft beers at breweries that even have some free options for flights. Take an afternoon off to visit Chatfield State Park or George Wallace Park. If you’re ready for some sports, you could go see the NFL’s Denver Broncos. When you’re in the mood for a workout, the city is home to dozens of 24-Hour Fitness Center locations. As far as dining goes, nothing is better than sitting in a cozy brasserie with a sleek kitchen. Plus, an open kitchen gives you a bird’s-eye view of the food being prepared.

Whether you’re looking at executive homes, corporate apartments, or vacation rentals, the best place to do it might be just outside Denver. With the rental features you want, the right community type for any tenant, mountain views, and plenty of available apartments, this bustling U.S. metro is ready to welcome new residents.


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