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The 5 Best Coworking Spaces in Seattle for Remote Workers

By Becca | Jun 8, 2022
The interior of one of the best coworking spaces in Seattle.

If you’re a remote worker in Seattle, Washington, chances are you’ve thought about swapping your same four walls for a coworking space to get out of your apartment, meet new people, and encourage more productivity. However, it can be tough to figure out which ones will fit your needs—and your budget. 

Fortunately, we tried out the best coworking spaces in Seattle during our six weeks living with Landing as digital nomads in the Pacific Northwest. Here’s what we found: 

1. Pioneer Collective 

Cost: $30/day for a drop-in 

Neighborhood: Belltown 

Parking: Street parking 

Pioneer Collective is a cozy, comfortable coworking space that feels homey in all the best ways, but not so homey that you don’t want to get work done. The lighting is warm and the design is comfortable, and the soft acoustic music and murmuring of collaboration gives it a feel that’s closer to a neighborhood coffee shop than a corporate office. 

The space isn’t extremely large, but I visited frequently and never had a problem finding a preferred spot to work. Desks, tables, and couches are all available, along with a full kitchen with coffee, tea, sparkling water, and happy hour friendly drinks. 

With solid Wi-Fi, phone booth-style rooms for private calls, and a friendly staff, Pioneer Collective is a solid value for what you’re paying and a great place for a day’s work.

Where to grab lunch: You’re steps away from Pike Place Market, so grab some seafood and eat outside on a nice day. The blackened salmon sandwich from Market Grill or fish tacos from Seatown are perfect for seafood fans, and there’s no better place for seafood than the coast. 

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, grab an afternoon cup of coffee from Anchorhead on the way back to work. 

2. ThinkSpace 

Cost: $50/day 

Neighborhood: Westlake 

Parking: The building has a parking lot you can pay to park in, and parking has to be renewed every two hours. 

ThinkSpace feels like a classic startup office, which makes sense given that it’s primarily a space for small businesses to rent offices. I encountered a grand total of three other people outside of the corporate offices in the building. With super-bright fluorescent lights and lots of bright white design, the environment would border on sterile if not for the fabulous view of Lake Union. 

Overall, the view is what you’re paying for, though—ThinkSpace doesn’t offer a whole lot of bells and whistles for drop-in coworking. The kitchen’s single-serve coffee machine lets you make your own lattes and cappuccinos, but available food is limited to vending for standard snacks and cold drinks (think chips and soda, nothing artisan). 

The Wi-Fi was good, but the chairs were pretty uncomfortable, and day passers don’t have access to desks, only long conference-style tables. 

It’s also noteworthy that one day, I was unable to get into the space altogether. They refunded me the cost of my day pass, noting that the front desk attendant must have stepped away. 

Where to grab lunch: Boathouse Deli for a huge selection of sandwiches, freshly made salads, or a unique selection of hot dogs. It’s only 300 feet away from the space, giving you plenty of time to eat and take a relaxing walk along the water during your midday break. Head to the nearby Caffe Umbria for a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

3. Galvanize 

Cost: $25 for a drop-in 

Neighborhood: Pioneer Square 

Parking: No on-site parking, but plenty of garages nearby with available spots and close to lots of public transit. 

At six stories tall, Galvanize is by far the largest coworking space in Seattle, and yet surprisingly, the only space that didn’t require I take a tour upon arrival. Instead, the front desk staff provides a packet with a map, Wi-Fi login information, and details on the amenities so you can get right to work. It’s an introvert’s dream—minimal interaction and a space so big that you don’t have to see another human being unless you want to. 

Unlike Pioneer Collective, Galvanize feels like an office building, but it definitely offers more amenities than ThinkSpace. There’s a giant whiteboard in the conference room for brainstorming, a mini library of business-related books, and a wider variety of workspace environments (including standing desks!). 

Like ThinkSpace, Galvanize is mostly a home for corporate offices. Only two of the six floors are available for drop-in coworking, and any perks in the kitchen are labeled by the company they belong to, leaving only a few oddball snacks and standard black coffee for day passers. 

Where to grab lunch: Head to joybento for counter-service sushi and bento boxes—it’s quick, fun, friendly, and delicious. Chicken Katsu Bento with House Salad and Pot Stickers were all expertly prepared and filling enough that I didn’t need an afternoon snack.

4. The Cloud Room 

Cost: $40 day pass

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Parking: No on-site parking. Street parking is difficult, but I booked a cheap spot in advance on SpotHero.

The Cloud Room is without a doubt my favorite coworking option in Seattle. 

The space itself is divided into three main areas: 

  • A general gathering space with larger tables, chairs, and couches
  • A section for businesses in residence
  • A quiet area with individual open desks (this was the only space where I’ve been able to sit at my own dedicated desk!) 

With bright, natural lighting and lots of plants, this felt like my ideal space for a productive day’s work. 

The kitchen is a dream, too: They have an abundance of healthy snacks, a Nespresso machine for coffee, your choice of tea, a fridge stocked with LaCroix, and kombucha on tap. There’s also a craft cocktail bar on site that opens up at 4 p.m. Monday through Friday—it’s great for happy hours with friends or networking with other drop-ins!

Where to grab lunch: Any food you could possibly want is easily accessible in this neighborhood. I had excellent tacos from Poquitos and got some afternoon coffee from the Caffe Vita roastery around the corner. I also recommend Manao Thai Street Eats for their delicious pad thai and friendly staff. Outdoor seating is a plus on a nice day! 

5. Expansive Coworking, Pioneer Building

Cost: $30 day pass

Neighborhood: Pioneer Square

Parking: This coworking space is located downtown, so parking is tough to find. But this very walkable area is easily accessible by bus. They also offer bike storage on the wall if you’d prefer to cycle to work. 

Expansive Coworking is a nationwide chain of coworking spaces, but since this location is nestled within a historic building from the 1800s, it has a much more distinct vibe than other multi-location coworking locations. With lots of exposed brick, high ceilings, and natural light, it’s a great place for a good day’s work. 

There’s a good variety of seating available, including couches, round and rectangular tables, and bar seating, but no individual desks for drop-ins. As for Wi-Fi, Expansive had the fastest I’ve encountered at a coworking space, likely because of the popularity of this location. Lots of small local businesses make their home here, so there’s plenty of people walking around, taking calls, and meeting with clients. If you need a completely silent work environment, bring your noise-canceling headphones. 

The biggest perk is definitely the bean-to-cup coffee maker, which you can use to make your own latte or cappuccino. 

Where to get lunch: I recommend Red Bowls for quick and easy Japanese rice bowls and Pegasus Coffee Bar for enough energy to get you through to your 4:00 meeting. 

Looking to move to Seattle?

If you’re a remote worker or digital nomad looking for somewhere new to call home, Seattle is a great area to check out and is full of coworking spaces that make it a friendly spot for remote workers. Landing offers fully furnished apartments in Seattle with flexible lease terms that let you live in town on your terms, whether you want to explore the area for a month or stay for a while. Learn more about what a Landing membership can do for you!


Becca is a ghostwriter, nomad, and marketer traveling the U.S. with her husband and dog, Patty. You can find her posting about her travels and her ghostwriting life on TikTok at @Beegrizwrites.