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Best Coworking Spaces in San Francisco

By Landing | Apr 7, 2020

Remote working has become increasingly popular over the past few years, but for some people, working at home just isn’t the greatest option for their productivity (or sanity!) levels. And that’s okay! For those who don’t want to slowly sip a latte in a coffee shop to maximize their free Wi-Fi or work from their cozy clothes at home, coworking spaces offer a perfect blend of it all—a work environment, a feeling of community, and the comforts of home. Not to mention, they offer an escape for remote workers who want a change of scenery from their same four walls every once in a while. 

If you’re moving to San Francisco and are looking for a coworking space to spend your working hours, rest assured that there are plenty of shared workplaces and coworking spaces in San Francisco to choose from. These spaces offer remote workers access to a variety of areas, such as private office spaces, dedicated desks, and conference rooms, along with common areas where you can meet new people and make connections as you co-work your way through the day. 

Below, we’ll take a look at the best coworking spaces San Francisco has to offer so you can decide which one is the best fit for you, including: 

  • Minnesota Street Project
  • Regus 
  • The Workshop Cafe
  • WeWork
  • BeSpoke
  • AvantSpace
  • MindSpace
  • WerqWise

Let’s get started!


CANOPY is a popular San Francisco spot for remote workers and freelancers, with modern and luxury-filled spaces designed by founder Yves Béhar, a famous industrial designer. This San Francisco coworking space is an excellent choice for people in the tech, art, or design field.

CANOPY offers a variety of membership options to choose from, whether you want access to a desk, your own private office space, or a virtual office. CANOPY members at the Jackson Square or Pacific Heights locations can also access conference rooms in the Financial District, so you’ll have a place to go no matter what part of the city you find yourself in. This light-filled space also provides members with private phone booths, member event space, and a board room, along with wonderfully comfy seating options like Herman Miller chairs.

This coworking space is also known for its dedication to sustainability, offering everything from community activities around reforestation and monthly climate-positive events. Coffee enthusiasts will appreciate Canopy’s partnership with Blue Bottle Coffee!

Minnesota Street Project 

Remote artists in San Francisco, look no further! Minnesota Street Project, located in the Dogpatch area, is the perfect coworking place to create your art and work alongside like-minded individuals. This state-of-the-art spot is made up of three separate warehouses that contain print shops, wood shops, and more. Minnesota Street Project encourages relationships between artists, galleries, collectors, and curators, making it the perfect place to network and create your work side-by-side with other artists while you’re in the city.

As an added bonus, Minnesota Street Project also has an onsite Indian restaurant, Besharam, which is known for its incredible flavors and cuisine. Pay a visit to their website to see what they currently have going on with art services and exhibitions. All you’ll need to bring to this shared office space in San Francisco is your inspiration and your ideas—which won’t be hard to find in the creative hub of the Bay Area! 


Regus is a ready-to-go coworking option, with 10 locations throughout the city, including one on Market Street and in various other FiDi locations. Their flexible membership options let you rent for as little as a day, or commit to a longer-term coworking arrangement with colleagues or another group of people. This flexibility is perfect for people who aren’t sure how long they’re going to stay in San Francisco. Regus also makes it easy to relocate and move your contract to any of their other addresses at no additional cost (a good perk for nomadic remote workers interested in coworking!).

Regus locations feature flexible layouts, breakout areas, and various office spaces, including meeting rooms, conference rooms, designated desks, and virtual offices. Members also enjoy this space’s top-tier amenities, such as high-speed Wi-Fi, business-grade facilities, ergonomic furniture, and a staffed reception. 

The Workshop Cafe

Known as the ideal blend of work and leisure, The Workshop Cafe is an excellent shared office space for remote workers of all kinds in San Francisco. This comfortable cafe and shared workspace brings in writers, artists, and entrepreneurs to connect and work alongside one another—always with inspiring music playing in the background. 

The Workshop Cafe offers coworking individuals flexible, pay-per-hour options in which you simply check in through their mobile app and pay as you go—no commitments needed. Feel free to book an individual seat or a meeting room of varying sizes long-term or on a day-to-day basis. The Workshop Cafe also features multiple event spaces, from small rooms that fit up to 20 guests to their full venue, which hosts up to 240 guests. Lounges, patios, lively murals, and heat lamps complete the space, and their delicious food (delivered right to your desk space!) keeps the coworking community coming back for more. 


WeWork is perhaps the most famous coworking company known around the world—and when it comes to shared workspaces, the Bay Area wouldn’t be the same without it. Among being located near some of the best places to live in San Francisco, WeWork has an unmatchable working environment.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a dedicated desk, office space, or an open space to brainstorm with your team, WeWork has you covered. You can even book standard office spaces and office suites, or even just a hot desk if you’re only looking for a short-term workspace solution. 

Plus, with hundreds of locations globally, WeWork is an ideal option for remote workers or digital nomads who travel often. All you have to do is bring your laptop when you’re on the move, and you’ll get a consistent workspace experience no matter where you land. 

Certain WeWork coworking spaces also offer pet-friendly lounges if you like to work alongside your furry four-legged pals, along with full kitchens if you need a snack, coffee, or meal break in between tasks.


BeSpoke is located in downtown San Francisco in the Westfield Mall and is the perfect place to find inspiration if you’re a remote worker in the fashion industry or a designer, blogger, or stylist. Amenities include conference rooms, phone booths, a napping nook, a bocce ball green, bike storage, and even a bouldering wall! Plus, BeSpoke is pet-friendly, so you can bring your pet along to work with you. 

Plus, once you need a break, all you need to do is head down the escalator and take a stroll through the mall! Shopping enthusiast or not, BeSpoke’s location on the top floor of the mall also grants you access to a stellar food court that’s just an elevator away!


Located on Greenwich Street in Cow Hollow, AvantSpace is a high-tech, upscale, boutique coworking space surrounded by incredible restaurants, shops, and bars. AvantSpace offers an on-demand workspace that lets people swing by when they want, so long as there is enough space.

Members at AvantSpace love its amenities, such as high-speed Wi-Fi, light-filled workspaces, and private phone booths, along with its full-sized kitchen. You can also work whenever you want, with AvantSpace giving members 24/7 access to the coworking space. 

This San Francisco coworking space starts with flexible solo plans at just five days a month, while also offering dedicated desks and private office spaces for full teams looking for new headquarters.


This coworking space is located at 575 Market St. in the Market Center Building and features three floors of workspaces to choose from. Members love its prime location in downtown San Francisco and its exceptional level of service for members. You can get a day pass to this coworking space, or a private office, team suite, or dedicated desk. 

MindSpace members get 24/7 access to the workspace, along with bike parking, cleaning services, mail and package handling, and weekly yoga. You can also take advantage of access to the Mindspace app in addition to a soda and coffee bar to keep you fueled throughout the day. 


With locations in downtown and in nearby San Mateo, WerqWise is the perfect place for remote workers who want to get their work done in a distraction-free zone. Choose from one of the many lounge areas to make the most of your time there. 

WerqWise also offers top-tier safety measures to combat COVID-19, including an enhanced HVAC filtration system, an industrial-grade temperature gate, daily deep cleaning, and multiple sanitation stations. 

WerqWise members can choose from floating around to available desks, having a dedicated desk and drawer, or their own private office. This coworking space also offers high-speed Wi-Fi, KISI remote access, private phone booths, and door-to-door delivery. 

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