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Why Austin Is the Perfect City for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

By Teresa Bennett | Jun 7, 2022
Two digital nomads pose in Austin, Texas.

With an increase in the number of people working from home and an overall desire to travel, be on the move, and see new places, the number of remote workers and digital nomads has exploded. There is more flexibility and opportunity for adventure than ever before. 

But, what is the best place for remote workers and digital nomads? What location serves all their needs while remaining a fun and engaging place to live? Austin, Texas, is at the top of that list—and not just because it’s the new Los Angeles. From its affordable cost of living to its endless entertainment options, here are six reasons why Austin is the perfect city for remote workers and digital nomads: 

1. You can join a community of fellow digital nomads

One of the very important aspects of a digital nomad lifestyle is community. Wherever you go, you want to be able to find like-minded individuals who understand the challenges and idiosyncrasies of your similar lifestyle. 

The bigger the city, the larger the remote worker community. Austin is one of the major hubs for remote work, attracting digital nomads from all over the world. Seeing as the lifestyle is so popular among younger generations, it’s no surprise they are naturally drawn to Austin. 

Austin is among the top best cities for remote work, alongside other Texas cities, like Frisco, Arlington, and Dallas. Consequently, there is a growing and thriving community to join here, whether you want someone to co-work with, hang out with, or live with. 

2. Austin is now a cooler, more affordable LA

Over the past few years, Austin has been featured frequently in the news because of the tendency for Los Angeles locals to move there when they decide to leave California. The cost of living in Los Angeles is growing prohibitively higher for many residents, and natural disasters like wildfires are more frequent and more dangerous than ever before. 

Consequently, many people are leaving in search of a more affordable cost of living, larger homes, and a safer lifestyle. Austin is at the top of their list because it provides all the advantages Los Angeles does not—such as a lower cost of living and greater housing at half the price—while still being a young, lively, and attractive place to live. 

3. Austin provides locals with endless entertainment

As expected with a young, vibrant city, the nightlife in Austin is active and diverse. Whether you prefer clubs, restaurants, bars, concerts, or festivals—or all of the above!—you will find something fun to do after dark (and beyond). 

Summertime is the prime time for street festivals, art exhibits, outdoor concerts, and huge parties, which are a great way to get involved in your community and meet new people. If you’re going to be staying somewhere for a while, you want to be able to have a good time, go on adventures, and enrich your life while you’re there. 

Whether you’re going to live shows, trying new food trucks, hitting up happy hour, sampling the latest brewery, or attending the theatre, Austin has you covered for all of your entertainment needs all year long. Plus, have we mentioned how great the tacos are?

Digital nomad Jess Goudreault spent three months living in Austin and had a blast. Check out her recommendations in our blog post!

4. Austin offers great housing options

As previously mentioned, housing is one of the biggest reasons why people are moving away from traditionally popular cities such as Los Angeles and New York City in favor of cities like Austin. 

Homes up for rent abound in the area, so if you’re sticking around for a few months while you’re on the move, you’re guaranteed to find an apartment close to the action. Housing is particularly important for remote workers since it doubles as your living and working space. Having the option to comfortably work from home is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Many apartments in Austin are equipped with a space that can easily serve as a home office and community spaces in an apartment complex that let you get out of the house without actually leaving home. 

5. Austin is supportive of remote work

As such a remote-friendly city, Austin also offers plenty of opportunities for freelancing, contract work, and remote work in general. Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more local businesses and global companies are offering flexible employment options. 

Moreover, coworking spaces and laptop-friendly spaces abound in town. From coffee shops to dedicated coworking spaces, you can always find a seat, an outlet to plug in your phone, and a Wi-Fi connection to accommodate your work. 

This is one of the most attractive features for remote workers and digital nomads, as you’re able to not just continue your regular work uninterrupted, but also pick up new potential work while you’re in town. Coworking spaces are also excellent networking spots for meeting people from all types of industries. Who knows? Your next big work opportunity might be just around the corner! 

6. The are more outdoor activities than ever in Austin

We can’t talk about living in Austin without bringing up the weather. For someone whose lifestyle involves so much time spent at home (including working hours), it’s extremely important to be able to spend some time outdoors, away from home, enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine.

That’s why Texas is such a popular location for remote workers—you’re not limited by weather in any activities, because the weather is always nice! Austin also has an abundance of activities available for people eager to stretch their legs and enjoy the year-round gorgeous weather in Texas. 

Hiking culture is huge in Austin, and there are plenty of trails to try out if you’re into light exercise and nature walks. Biking and swimming are also extremely popular. Natural pools and swimming holes such as Barton Springs Pool and even beautiful waterfalls are sought-after destinations for many Austin locals looking to cool off and feel refreshed on a hot Texas day. 

The bottom line

All in all, Austin is not just the latest trendy city for all the ex-Los Angeles residents—it has so much more to offer. The affordability angle must not be overlooked, and Austin is a wonderful compromise of living in a popular city and being able to afford it. 

Austin offers all the necessary amenities for remote work—such as great internet speeds, coworking spaces, and friendly coffee shops—as well as a thriving and constantly growing community of remote workers and digital nomads. Plus, there’s always something going on in town, whether it’s a concert, a new club opening, or just a nice nature hike. One thing is for sure: You’ll never be in danger of getting bored in Austin. 

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