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Where To Stay in Seattle: 12 Best Areas for Digital Nomads

By Landing | Feb 29, 2024
Where to stay in Seattle

With so many cute coffee shops and coworking spaces, it’s hard to choose where to stay in Seattle. Here are our top choices for digital nomads in 2024.

Great coffee isn’t the only thing going for Seattle. 

Affectionately known as the Emerald City due to its lush, evergreen forests and countless public parks, this Pacific Northwest city has something for everybody. With a bustling tech scene and a thriving arts community, Seattle is a magnet for people seeking a work-life balance. 

You’ve probably read about the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Pacific Science Center — and while these are great places to check off your Seattle bucket list, this city’s draw is all about its vibrant, community-oriented neighborhoods. But that means it’s not always easy to decide where to stay in Seattle.

From the walkable neighborhood of Ballard to pristine views of the Puget Sound in West Seattle’s Alki Beach, here are the best places to stay in Seattle. 

Is Seattle a Good Place To Live? What To Know Before Moving

For digital nomads weighing out the pros and cons of living in Seattle, here’s what you need to know before moving or relocating long-term: 

1. Healthy Work Culture

Heathy work culture for digital nomads in Seattle

Seattle is the Pacific Northwest’s tech powerhouse, home to industry giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. All that innovation creates a vibrant startup ecosystem. And if becoming the next Bill Gates isn’t on your to-do list, the tech-centric economy has brought in an abundance of coworking spaces. You’ll find digital nomad-friendly spots from Ballard to West Seattle, and if you aren’t keen on renting a desk, the city’s abundance of coffee shops offer a new corner to work every day. 

2. Competitive Cost of Living

Market grill in Seattle - competitive cost of living

Seattle is an expensive city. But for digital nomads looking for the West Coast vibes without the prices of San Francisco and Los Angeles, it’s actually a more affordable option. And while Seattle’s cost of living trends high on food, transport, and housing, cut your budgets by finding a neighborhood that fulfills all of your needs and lets you enjoy the city’s abundance of (free) outdoor activities. 

3. Variety

Variety of things to do and places to visit in Seattle

There’s never a dull moment in this city — and not because of its decidedly quirky attitude. You’ll find hundreds of places to visit in Seattle, and they all have a different charm. Once you’ve snapped photos of the Space Needle and toured Pikes Place Market, you’ll be hard-pressed to narrow down a weekend plan. 

Choose from art museums, including the Asian Art Museum and Seattle Art Museum, do a brewery crawl through Ballard and Fremont, and explore several parks, like Discovery Park and Chihuly Garden. For the outdoorsy type, there are boundless places to go in Seattle and its surrounding areas to enjoy kayaking, skiing, and cycling, to name a few. 

4. High Quality of Life

High quality of life in Seattle

Seattle’s gray skies and car-centric culture are small trade-offs for its high quality of life. Whether you’re sightseeing in Pike Place Market, snapping photos of Puget Sound and Lake Washington on Ballard Locks, or bar hopping in Pioneer Square, residents enjoy a safe city with a strong sense of community and commitment to green spaces. And although it lacks diversity, Seattle has a reputation for progressive politics and welcomes everyone with open arms. Look no further than the thriving LGBTQ+ community, the third-highest population in the nation.

Best Neighborhoods in Seattle in 2024

There’s no shortage of places to stay in Seattle. But that’s a good problem to have. Whether you’re an outdoorsy adventure seeker or a laid-back arts lover, there’s a neighborhood for everyone. 

Here are the best places to stay in Seattle for digital nomads: 

1. Capitol Hill

where to stay in Seattle - Capitol Hill
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With so many cute coffee shops, bookstores, and restaurants, it’s hard to narrow down the best local Seattle places to visit. But if vibrant nightlife and a flair for the arts are your vibe, Capitol Hill is the cultural hotspot you’re looking for. Volunteer Park houses the Volunteer Park Conservatory, the Seattle Asian Art Museum, and an Amphitheater with a full summer calendar, and at night, the streets come alive with culture and events.

2. Downtown Seattle

where to stay in Seattle - downtown Seattle
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Digital nomads looking for a metropolitan feel will find everything they need in Downtown Seattle. You don’t have to hit the top floor of the Space Needle to enjoy prime views of the Seattle skyline and waterfront — if you want a classy drink with a view of the Olympic Mountains, head to the Edgewater Hotel. And to unwind with a post-work punk show, pick a bar in nearby Belltown, Pioneer Square, and Pike/Pine. 

There are also several coworking spaces and tech hubs that make the downtown area a networking paradise, and lodging in Seattle is concentrated here, so your visiting friends and family will always find a place to stay. The best Seattle hotels, like the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Edgewater Hotel, and Silver Cloud hotel chain are all in this area.

3. Fremont

where to stay in Seattle - Fremont
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Fremont natives consider themselves the “Center of the Universe.” And since scientists haven’t proved otherwise, Fremont’s quirky neighbors put up a sign letting everyone know. If that doesn’t scream “weird” (in the best way possible), there’s also a giant Fremont Troll and the annual Fremont Solstice Parade. Equally fun and community-driven is the Fremont Sunday Market, which offers a leisurely weekend stroll through several crafts and food stands. 

Fremont is one of the best areas to stay in Seattle for digital nomads who thrive in creative environments. Just look for the sign. 

4. Ballard

Where to stay in Seattle - Ballard
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Locals might look at you funny if you tell them you live in Ballard — but not because it’s a bad choice. Ballard is a big neighborhood comprising several unofficial sub-neighborhoods, including waterfront Sunset Hill near Golden Gardens, tourist-heavy Ballard Lock, or Adams, which hosts the neighborhood’s weekend Farmers Market. 

No matter what sub-area you choose, Ballard is full of cafes, breweries, and boutique shops to keep you entertained. Tons of grocery stores and healthcare providers make it one of the best places to stay in Seattle for digital nomad homebodies wanting a more settled vibe.

5. Queen Anne

Where to stay in Seattle - Queen Anne
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Similar to Ballard, Queen Anne is a huge neighborhood with a mix of commercial and residential pockets. Even though you’ll run into tourists snapping photos at the Space Needle or visiting the Pacific Science Center, this neighborhood still has a relaxed, local vibe. It’s the best area for digital nomads who want an urban vibe without all the busy nightlife, noise, or traffic of Downtown Seattle. 

Enjoy Seattle waterfront views of Elliot Bay, quick commutes to Fremont and South Lake Union, and access to parks like Kerry Park, Chihuly Garden, and Olympic Sculpture Park. And you won’t have to drive far for great food and entertainment nearby.

More Great Areas To Stay in and Near Seattle

Still aren’t sure where to go? Here are more neighborhoods and close cities to help you find the perfect spot to hunker down.

  1. South Lake Union: This area offers quiet, waterfront Seattle views with easy access to livelier nearby neighborhoods, like Downtown Seattle, Belltown, and Capitol Hill. 
  2. University District: An obvious choice for students, there are plenty of coworking spaces, coffee shops, and cheap eats in the University District. Plus, it’s well-connected to more adult-friendly Seattle areas like Fremont, Capitol Hill, and Pioneer Square.
  3. Pioneer Square: This neighborhood is having a moment with the revitalization of bars, music venues, and restaurants. For hardcore urbanites, proximity to the International District’s Chinatown, Belltown’s nightlife scene, and Downtown Seattle’s tech hubs are just a few reasons to choose Pioneer Square. 
  4. Belltown: Belltown is a densely populated, walkable area in the Seattle center with a legendary music scene and coffee shops to prove it. It’s also within walking distance to Pike Place Market, the Seattle Aquarium, and other gems in Downtown Seattle. 
  5. Pike/Pine: The gigantic bookstore Elliott Bay Book Company is reason enough to call this central Seattle neighborhood home. Indie boutiques, coffee roasters, and nearby Capitol Hill are three more. 
  6. Bellevue: Bellevue is the best neighborhood for urban nature lovers. While it’s far from the center of Seattle, it’s worth it for prime views of Washington Lake and easy access to trails through old-growth forests and mountain trails. 
  7. Tacoma: Tacoma technically isn’t Seattle. But this port city along the Puget Sound is ideal for digital nomads who want easy access to the Seattle Center and outdoor activities on the waterfront. 

It’s Time To Call Seattle Home

If you’ve decided to make Seattle your next stop on your digital nomad journey, consider renting with Landing. You’ll quickly find where to stay in Seattle, with fully furnished apartments and flexible renting to let you settle in and enjoy everything this Pacific Northwest city has to offer.