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Where to Find the Best Coffee in Seattle

By Bri Hand | Jun 16, 2021
Best Coffee in Seattle

If you’re planning on moving to the Emerald City, you may be wondering where you can find the best coffee shops in Seattle. Whether you love fancy lattes or are more of a no-frills type, check out our guide below to find your new favorite cup of joe: 

Moonshot Coffee

Located in White Center, Moonshot Coffee is small and sweet. While it’s barely bigger than the hallway in many apartments, Moonshot Coffee’s expansive windows and plenty of well-placed plants make up for its size. This simple shop is dedicated to espresso drinks, and is a great place to cozy up on a rainy day. 

If espresso isn’t your drink of choice, don’t worry! The friendly staff at Moonshot Coffee also offer seasonal mixed drinks, such as the horchata cold brew latte and the mapleine mocha. Grab a drink and a pastry, then settle in with your laptop or a good book for a snug afternoon. 

Elm Coffee Roasters

If you’re looking for a more open, airier coffee shop in Seattle, try Elm Coffee Roasters in Pioneer Square. Said to be Seattle’s “blonde bombshell,” this coffee shop features blond wood and big windows that bathe everything in natural light. 

Espressos are the specialty drink at Elm Coffee Roasters, and the coffee is just superb. 

Grab some pastries from the neighboring shop London Plane, then settle in for a nice cozy evening of coffee and pastries. What could be better?

Tips From a Landing Member

“Elm Coffee Roasters is a contender for the best espresso I’ve ever had.”

— Becca, “Tales of a Digital Nomad: How I Spent Six Weeks Living in Seattle

Seattle Coffee Works

If you love history, you’re going to want to head downtown to Seattle Coffee Works. This shop features modern coffee poured in a historic setting. If you’re searching for a fast pick-me-up and are in a hurry, you can stop in at the coffee bar, get what you need, and keep on trucking. 

However, if you’re looking for a place to journal, write your book, or study in peace, wander into the other side of Seattle Coffee Works—known as the Slow Bar—where you can enjoy the easygoing atmosphere and even watch different brewing methods behind the scenes.

Fulcrum Cafe

If you’re in town and looking for cutting-edge coffee, as well as mixed coffee drinks, you can’t do better than stopping in at the Fulcrum Cafe. Located on 6th, in Belltown, this cafe features a more coffee-forward experience than most on this list. 

In this wide-windowed space, you’ll find coffee drinks such as chilled espresso with mulled-apple-rosehip-cascara syrup and orange zest. This coffee drink is shaken and then given a jolt of nitrogen for the “foaminess” that coffee drinkers adore. 

Of course, you may just be looking for a regular cup of joe, and those can be found at the majority of coffee shops in Seattle. If you love a good mug of coffee, a latte, espresso, or anything to do with that coffee caffeine jolt, then the coffee shops in Seattle will make you extremely happy.

Moving to Seattle? 

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