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By The Landing Team | Oct 24, 2023

Two main Landing offerings are exclusive to Autopilot partners. They are Standby and Corporate Housing bookings.

What is Landing Standby?

Standby is a way to guarantee your home is producing revenue while waiting for your next long-term booking.

With extended stay rentals, vacancy gaps are inevitable. Standby is the lever that makes sure money is still being produced in these gaps.

Whenever a full-priced booking is made, Standby guests are simply bumped onto the next Landing. Easy as that. Keep full upside for the home, while still pulling in revenue.

Why is Autopilot so selective?

Landing guests expect a certain standard of quality. We only accept homes on Autopilot that we are confident we can fill.

We only accept 4% of applications into Autopilot. It’s easier to get into Harvard. Once accepted into Autopilot, rest assured that the revenue will come.

The Landing Team

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