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Why Landing

By The Landing Team | Oct 24, 2023

Why Landing

Landing operates nearly 6,000 furnished rentals across the U.S. specializing in extended stay rentals.

Year round, Landing’s occupancy hovers around 90%.

The markup across Landing’s portfolio ranges between 40%-55%.

Why Extended Stays

Here are some of the reasons why someone would want to shift their focus towards mid-term rentals.

Fewer turnovers

Longer stays means fewer turnovers, which means less work for you.


The state of short-term rentals seems to be ever more volatile. Mid-term rentals avoids all the permitting issues that come with STRs.

Lower risk guests

All Landing guests go through rigorous credit, income, and background checks, ensuring you only get the highest quality guests in your home.

Trending demand

Institutional players (like large hotel chains and private equity) are shifting focus towards an extended stay model. Ride the wave of momentum created by these giants.

The Landing Team

The Landing Resource Center outlines key information relating to Landing's products, policies, and procedures. Whether you're just getting started or have been listing with Landing for years, the Resource Center is your one-stop shop for answers to common partner questions.