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Where to Find the Best Denver Street Art

By Landing | Jul 12, 2020
Street art in Denver, CO.

Street art has a history that dates back about 60 years in the U.S., and it’s been said to represent urban living at its finest. Although street art first began in New York City, downtown Denver has become a popular center for it. In fact, visitors in the Rocky Mountains often seek out the most popular art sites in the Mile High City when they’re in the area.

If you’re a lover of art in all forms, then you’ll want to check out some of Denver’s most happening spots. A good tip for winter travelers is to make sure that your one-bedroom apartment has all of the amenities you need during your stay. Remember, Denver can be a cold city, so a fireplace or a fitness center to keep the blood pumping are always must-haves. Explore the city and view art by day, then cozy up at night. For summer travelers, you might want to check with customer service about a golf course, dog park, and playground.

If you’re not used to exploring alone, keep your visit limited to just a short drive or a day trip from your cabin. Also, virtual tours are available in the city center to take you to places like Denver Botanic Gardens, Lakewood, the State Capitol, and through acres of parks. If you are on your own, however, try to find vacation homes within walking distance of all the best places.

To list every street art scene in Colorado’s largest city would be almost impossible in one article, but this list will get you started with some of the best in the city limits.


RiNo, or River North Art District and the surrounding area, is one of Denver’s coolest and trendiest art neighborhoods. The art here focuses mostly on the city’s industrial roots, giving its historic buildings a trendy facelift. In this fun and cultured neighborhood, you’ll find galleries, festivals, and other creative venues for your viewing pleasure.

This neighborhood is also home to the infamous CRUSH Walls festival, where dozens of mostly local artists line the alleyways to create their own brands of graffiti and street art for outdoor recreation. You can either hang out while the artists are hard at work, or you can stroll by long after the paint is dry to unlimited viewing. Keep in mind that the best way to get through these alleys is on a bike, as they don’t offer easy access to cars.

The Art District on Santa Fe

This area is actually one of the city’s designated Colorado Creative Districts. It has more art galleries than any other place in the entire state of Colorado. The whole neighborhood is covered in artwork—art fills the halls and galleries, and it lines the sidewalks, windows, and doorways.

Confluence Park

Nestled close to Cherry Creek State Park, Confluence Park boasts a trendy concentration of cafes, condos, and boutique shops. This is where you’ll find some great murals, including one of Denver, Colorado’s own Peyton Manning. You’ll also get to see the famous “Greetings from Denver” mural that’s been featured on millions of postcards throughout history.


LoDo, or Lower Downtown, is another artsy neighborhood in Denver that you just have to see. It’s known for its energetic nightlife and is home to some of the most iconic street art in town. One piece to look out for is the “Create More” mural on Market Street.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Denver – but not only that, it’s also one of the oldest neighborhoods in the United States. It’s a historic district, rich with old churches, mansions, eateries, and taverns. It also happens to be home to some pretty eclectic street art.

East Colfax

East Colfax is another neighborhood bustling with an energetic nightlife scene. Not only will you find huge murals and art trails, but stick around long enough, and you’ll probably get to experience some live music situated within a gritty culture.

South Broadway

This up-and-coming district is full of art galleries, independent shops, bars, theaters, and music venues that you’ll love exploring. It’s known for its renegade culture of true graffiti, elaborate art, and other out-of-the-ordinary expressions.

Larimer Square

Larimer Square is the block that started Denver. Here, you can attend the Denver Chalk Art Festival every summer, where professional artists create chalk art on the streets surrounding the square. It’s a free, two-day event where art lovers and creators come together to celebrate. Much of this art is only temporary, so the best way to catch it is when the chalk is fresh. Be sure to get there early to beat the crowds.

Other ways to experience art in Denver

This destination is so full of artistic expression that you almost can’t turn a corner without running into it. You’ll probably even wish to secure a Denver apartment rental and stay awhile, so you can see other places like the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Museum of Nature, Union Station, Coors Field, Pepsi Center, and the Denver Zoo. 

On the other hand, if you decide to venture outside the city limits, you can visit places like Mount Evans, Broomfield, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Breckenridge, Arvada, Rocky Mountain National Park, Vail, Boulder, or Washington Park. They’re all an easy commute from Denver International Airport and there’s so much to see.

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