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The 11 Best Coffee Cities in the U.S. (Updated for 2024)

By Landing | Apr 9, 2024
11 coffee cities in the us

Coffee is a great way to explore a new city. Here are 11 of the best coffee cities in the U.S. to keep you caffeinated while pounding the pavement.

Whether you’re moving to a new place or just want to explore different cities, amenities make a difference. A nearby grocery store, a green park, and access to reliable public transport all make life a little more comfortable. 

But there’s one important item to add to your list, especially if you love a good brew: a vibrant coffee scene. 

The best coffee shops serve more than excellent drinks. They foster community and offer a welcoming retreat from urban life. Exploring a city’s coffee culture is a unique way to connect with new surroundings — encouraging you to discover hidden gems, rub elbows with locals, and maybe even find your next roommate

Here are 11 of the best coffee cities in the U.S. where you’ll never be far from a great café. 

11 Cities With the Best Coffee in the U.S.

From the birthplaces of Starbucks and Folgers to espresso bars with Midwestern hospitality, these 11 cities have the best coffee shops in the U.S. 

1. Portland, OR

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Finding a good cup of coffee in Portland is never a problem — although narrowing down all your choices might be. Hundreds of artisan shops, roasters, and large-scale coffee shops call this Pacific Northwest city home. 

Portland helped usher in third-wave coffee culture. Many popular types of coffee in the U.S. can trace their origins back to the city’s cutting-edge shops, and they’re serious about a good espresso that fully expresses the bean. On top of that, the average espresso shot costs $0.71, which is cheaper than bigger cities like New York and San Francisco. 

Best Coffee Shop and Roastery in Portland

Portland is the birthplace of Stumptown, one of the country’s top coffee chains. But for a taste of boutique blends, Sterling Coffee Roasters, In J Coffee, and Kafiex Roasters are among the best coffee roasters in the U.S. 

2. Kansas City, MO

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Kansas City has a rich jazz heritage, so its citizens turned to coffee to jam and dance late into the night. Today, the city is well-known throughout the Midwest for its burgeoning independent coffee scene, with many shops featuring in-house roasters and baristas with a touch of Midwestern hospitality. 

Kansas City is home to several third-wave coffee roasteries with discerning tastes when it comes to beans, where the average espresso goes for about $0.69

Best Coffee Shop and Roastery in Kansas City

Despite the name, Second Best Coffee is one of the best places to get coffee in Kansas City. The espresso-centric bar was the first in the city to use a Slayer Espresso Machine — a completely customizable machine that’s every barista’s dream. Oddly Correct, The Roasterie, and Blip Roasters are also great options.

3. Pittsburgh, PA

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While most know the Rust Belt metropolis for being America’s “Steel City,” it’s quickly building a reputation for its coffee. It has one of the largest varieties of independent coffee shops in the entire country. That diversity shines through in Yinzers’ coffee drinks of choice — the classic espresso and modern cold brew, which sell for averages of $0.59 and $5.01 respectively. 

Best Coffee Shop and Roastery in Pittsburgh

In a crowded coffee scene, Espresso a Mano is a popular local favorite known for its espresso drinks and gorgeous latte art. You also can’t go wrong with Tazza D’Oro, Constellation Coffee, and De Fer Coffee & Tea.

4. Tampa, FL

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Tampa Bay, Florida is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the U.S., growing at twice the rate of the rest of the country. All those new residents brought a boom in coffee culture — including small-batch roasters, old-school cortados, and coffee shop hybrids (like doughnut shops and breweries). 

The good news is that coffee in Tampa is still relatively inexpensive. An espresso costs about $0.67, one of the lowest prices on this list. 

Best Coffee Shop and Roastery in Tampa

With year-round sunny weather, sip an iced coffee in the garden at Spaddy’s. For retro Florida diner vibes, grab specialty coffee and breakfast at King State. 

5. Boston, MA

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Coffee-loving Americans owe big thanks to Bostonians. Their ancestors threw tons of coffee into the Boston Harbor, helping coffee eclipse the popularity of tea

True to their Irish roots, Boston-style coffee is heavy on the cream. Equally strong macchiatos, which go for an average of $1.17, are also popular. But you can still get the classics like lattes and iced coffees anywhere you go.

Best Coffee Shop and Roastery in Boston

George Howell Coffee is a roastery with several coffeehouses, including a popular cafe at the Godfrey Hotel. It’s known for minimalist pour-overs, single-origin espressos, and lattes. Pour-over fans should also check out Flat Black Coffee and Render Coffee. 

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6. Atlanta, GA

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Atlanta has a long-standing history of community-driven spaces where coffee plays a central role. Be on the lookout for concoctions with a distinctly Southern twist, like a molasses spice latte at The Daily or coffee drinks with brown sugar at Cafe Comma. Expect your average latte to cost about $3.89 — on the cheaper side.

Best Coffee Shop and Roastery in Atlanta

The best coffee shops in Atlanta are hands-on with their local communities. Become a part of the local scene by supporting places like Finca to Filter Coffee Bar, which prioritizes local LGBTQ+ and BIPOC coffee brands, or Rev, which names its blends after local landmarks. And if you’re on the search for a dog-friendly Atlanta spot, check out Perk-N-Pooch.

7. Seattle, WA

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The “Dark Brown City” doesn’t quite inspire awe like “The Emerald City,” but Seattle’s love for coffee is as strong as black coffee. One pro of living in Seattle is an abundance of independent coffee shops where you can curl up with a book on a rainy day. And with near-constant overcast weather, it’s no wonder that locals opt for cozy cappuccinos and lattes, which go for averages of $5.13 and $4.34 respectively. 

Best Coffee Shop and Roastery in Seattle

Sorry, Starbucks coffee lovers, but the real original Starbucks on Pike Place Market was demolished in the 1970s. Instead, head to the new location at 1912 Pike Place. For independent vibes, try out the vintage-inspired Caffe Vita Roasting Co. It’s a Capitol Hill institution to add to your Seattle moving guide.

8. Orlando, FL

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If you want a city overflowing with coffeehouses, look no further than Orlando, Florida. The Central Florida city has more coffee shops per capita in the entire nation — and they’re some of the best coffee shops in the U.S. 

Orlando joints offer every kind of vibe and brewing technique. But with hot, humid summers, the city is obsessed with cold brew, which sells for an average of $5.48

Best Coffee Shop and Roastery in Orlando

You can easily try a new coffee shop every single day before you have to repeat it. Local favorites include Lineage Coffee Roasting, Deeply Cafe and Bottle Shop, and of course, Lobos, which has a visible, on-site roasting operation. 

9. Miami, FL

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Don’t let the beachy disposition fool you. Vibrant Latin heritage dominates Miami’s coffee scheme. You can always count on a cafecito — a strong, dark roast espresso with a sweet sugar foam — to keep you going morning, noon, and night. But there’s nothing wrong with a regular espresso, which runs for about $0.68 in this city. 

Best Coffee Shop and Roastery in Miami

Suite Habana Café offers Cuban coffee and small bites, like empanadas and croquetas. Other coffee shops with Cuban food and drink include Tinta y Cafe and Imperial Moto Café. 

10. Denver, CO

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As some of the most active people in the country, Denverites need a caffeine fix after all that exercise. And with so much hiking, biking, running (and every other outdoor sport you can imagine), it makes sense Denver loves a good espresso, which sells for an average of $0.72

Best Coffee Shop and Roastery in Denver

Denver is known for late-night coffee shops. Local spots like Bardo stay open until midnight. And if you need a coffee during “regular” hours, there are plenty of coffee shops in Denver to enjoy, including Hudson Hill, Wash Perk, and Dandy Lion Coffee Co. 

11. San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco has long laid claim to being the coffee capital of the U.S. Both Folgers and Hills Brothers were founded in the city by the bay, and coffee lovers have been innovating ever since. With the picturesque streets and constant fog, it makes sense that coffee culture fits in neatly with the city’s vibe. 

San Francisco takes cold brew seriously. You’ll find everything from a simple lavender cold brew at Yo También Cantina to one shaken with calamansi juice and San Pellegrino at Ballast Coffee. The average cold brew costs $6.36

Best Coffee Shop and Roastery in San Francisco

With a James Beard Award nomination under its belt, Breadbelly has a reputation for creativity. With a menu that includes espresso underneath egg custard, americano with yuzu, and horchata lattes, you’ll never get bored trying out some of the best coffee in the Bay Area. 

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