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The 15 Best Places To Retire in the U.S. for Every Budget

By Landing | Mar 29, 2024
best retirement places

Looking for somewhere to spend your golden years? Here are the best places to retire in the U.S. for every budget and lifestyle. 

Dreaming up the most idyllic setting for retirement is part of the fun of your golden years. But it’s only half the equation. 

Life’s responsibilities don’t end as soon as you retire. Logistical considerations like social security benefits, home prices, and quality healthcare are important for a lifestyle that supports your sense of joy and well-being. 

Whether you’re a city person or downsizing to a slower pace in a small town, these are the best places to retire in the U.S. — with numbers to prove it. 

Criteria and Data

All data below is from U.S. News and World Report’s real estate publication, which collects median home and rental prices, population data, and information on healthcare and retirement options. U.S. News sources some information from different sources, depending on the region, so keep in mind that not all numbers are apples-to-apples comparisons.

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The 10 Best Places To Retire Overall

From the blue beaches of Florida to the hustle and bustle of New York City, here are 10 of the best places for seniors to live. 

1. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Image source:

65+ population: 17.7%

Median home price: $223,842

Median monthly rent: $1,019

Quality healthcare near Harrisburg: UPMC Harrisburg, Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Harrisburg offers retirees all the modern conveniences and cultural offerings of a state capital without the hustle and bustle of a big city. Its compact size makes getting around restaurants, shops, and other amenities a breeze. 

Retirees who appreciate city life mixed with the great outdoors fit right in. Trails along the Susquehanna Riverfront and nearby state parks offer ample opportunities to stay active in the fresh air. 

2. Daytona Beach, Florida

Image source:

65+ population: 27.6%

Median home price: $375,917

Median monthly rent: $1,181

Quality healthcare in Daytona Beach: Advent Health, Halifax Health Medical Center of Daytona Beach

Florida is a retiree’s paradise, epitomizing leisure, good weather, and a relaxed lifestyle. Daytona Beach offers miles of sandy beaches and year-round sunshine, and there are endless opportunities for outdoor activities — many of which don’t require breaking a sweat. The lack of state income tax also makes Florida an attractive option for retirees wanting to maximize income and savings. 

3. New York City, New York

Image source:×0/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/new-york-city-evening-NYCTG0221-52492d6ccab44f328a1c89f41ac02aea.jpg

65+ population: 15.9%

Median home price: $642,004

Median monthly rent: $1,574

Quality healthcare in New York City: New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Mount Sinai, NYU Langone Hospitals

There’s a reason some say New York City is the “Capital of the World.” The city’s boundless diversity gives retirees an unbeatable combination of culture, energy, and diversity. 

While living costs are among the highest in the U.S., extensive public transportation, excellent healthcare, and endless leisure options make a compelling case for an urban retirement. It’s the perfect place for people looking for activity and engagement through their golden years.

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Image source:

65+ population: 20%

Median home price: $203,150

Median monthly rent: $892

Quality healthcare in Pittsburgh: UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, UPMC Passavant

Sports fans delight in Pittsburgh’s year-round games. Whether it’s football, baseball, or hockey, there’s no shortage of excuses to head to the stadium. Although housing costs are rising, Pittsburgh is still an affordable option for retirees looking for a laid-back, urban lifestyle.

5. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Image source:

65+ population: 14.1%

Median home price: $405,142

Median monthly rent: $1,218

Quality healthcare in Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Hospital

Although the University of Michigan’s student body dominates Ann Arbor’s population, this city’s 120,000 residents enjoy more than just the university. It has a charming main street, abundant cultural events, and a mix of rural and urban amenities. And 94% of Ann Arbor’s seniors live within a 10-minute walk from a park, making it a great city for accessible green space.

6. Manchester, New Hampshire

Image source:

65+ population: 15.8%

Median home price: $458,571

Median monthly rent: $1,305

Quality healthcare in Manchester: Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Catholic Medical Center

The several college campuses give Manchester a young and intellectual attitude. As the largest city in New Hampshire, it boasts several museums, galleries, and theaters to entertain residents of all ages. If you can handle the winter snow, scenic autumn leaves and warm summer and spring afternoons at nearby Hampton Beach make up for it.

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7. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Image source:

65+ population: 17.3%

Median home price: $327,063

Median monthly rent: $834

Quality healthcare near Winston-Salem: Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Unlike other North Carolina cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham, Winston-Salem hasn’t seen a huge surge in population. Slow growth allows the city to maintain its regional, small-town feel and low cost of living — without sacrificing a diverse food scene, cultural events, and plenty of Southern hospitality. 

8. Boise, Idaho

Image source:

65+ population: 14.7%

Median home price: $221,475

Median monthly rent: $1,107

Quality healthcare in Boise: St. Luke’s Boise, St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center

Imagine waking up to a view of the Rocky Mountains. You really can in Boise, Idaho. For nature enthusiasts, this city has it all: natural beauty, endless outdoor activities (including skiing, snowboarding, and hiking), and 180 miles of dedicated bike lanes and trails. For retirees who want a taste of the West Coast without the high cost of living in Seattle or San Francisco, Boise is a great option. 

9. Green Bay, Wisconsin

Image source:

65+ population: 16%

Median home price: $278,558

Median monthly rent: $851

Quality healthcare in Green Bay: Bellin Memorial Hospital

Green Bay offers retirees small-town affordability with all the perks of big-city living — and one of the most popular football teams in the U.S., the Green Bay Packers. Sunset cruises and riverfront dining along Fox River, as well as wooded walking and biking trails, make this city an ideal location for an active yet relaxed lifestyle.

10. Huntsville, Alabama

Image source:

65+ population: 15%

Median home price: $349,778

Median monthly rent: $912

Quality healthcare in Huntsville: Huntsville Hospital, Crestwood Medical Center

A popular destination for military retirees due to its historic defense sector, Alabama’s biggest city is a fast-growing urban center. But more than just military personnel can enjoy this Deep South destination. As a regional economic hub, Huntsville has a uniquely diverse population with residents from all over the globe, along with all the shopping and dining you need. 

5 Best Places To Retire in the U.S. on a Budget

Whether you’re living off of social security benefits or want to leave your family a generous legacy, plenty of communities let you stretch your dollars. Here are the five best affordable places to retire in the U.S. 

11. Youngstown, Ohio

Image source:×0/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/TAL-youngstown-ohio-AFFORDRETIRE1123-603aa516ab1e4a1d8cdb665241df63c1.jpg

Median home price: $137,546

Median monthly rent: $706

Youngstown, Ohio, offers retirees an affordable lifestyle in a community-driven, Midwestern city. Its 500,000 residents have access to a booming art scene, with a local symphony, the extensive Butler Institute of American Art, and year-round live entertainment at the Stambaugh Auditorium. For the outdoorsy crowd, the Mill Creek MetroParks has over 5,000 acres of nature spread throughout the city, including golf courses. 

12. Huntington, West Virginia & Ashland, Kentucky-Ohio

Median home price: $165,496

Median monthly rent: $764

Sometimes known as the Tri-State, locals affectionately call this city “Kyova” (Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia). This large metro area is a pick-your-own adventure — it has several communities across five counties and three states, all of which offer abundant outdoor activities, museums, and shopping. 

13. Hickory, North Carolina 

Image source:

Median home price: $219,950

Median monthly rent: $743

Hickory, North Carolina, gets the art and food-loving influence from Asheville and overall growth from Charlotte, each about an hour away. But unlike its neighbors, Hickory is still small-time, with low rent and housing costs. You’ll also find lots of outdoor activities nearby.

14. Brownsville, Texas

Image source:

Median home price: $276,671

Median monthly rent: $785

Although the median home price in Brownsville is higher than others on this list, it’s still one of the best places to retire in Texas — without the big Austin, Houston, and Dallas price tags. It beats bigger cities with prime Gulf Coast beaches and a year-round warm climate. 

15. Springfield, Missouri

Image source:

Median home price: $290,875

Median monthly rent: $809

This Ozark oasis is a bustling city with annual music festivals and nature preserves. And compared to other American metro areas, the costs of groceries, utilities, and health care are much lower than the national average. 

So, Where To Retire? 

Retirement is a new chapter in life. You can write the story however you want. 

If you can’t decide where to relocate, flexible living lets you explore without a pesky mortgage. Landing has fully furnished apartments with flexible leases to help you define your retirement, one new place at a time.


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