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Top 5 Best Food Trucks in Austin

By Landing | Feb 13, 2021

Austin is a city full of people who know how to live their best life. It’s got the best combination of an amazing music scene, great nightlife, top food haunts, and the signature Southern hospitality that makes Texas a destination for folks all around the United States. There’s a reason that many people who flock to Austin for the SXSW Festival every year usually stay for a while. It’s just an addictive city to spend time in.

If you’ve found yourself spending time renting an apartment in the Austin area and are looking for exciting eats on a budget, look no further than the many colorful food trucks that the city is known for. Food trucks in Austin aren’t just serving greasy hotdogs in stained napkins—we’re talking cuisine here. From Caribbean delicacies to vegan milkshakes, you’ll find some tantalizing eats handed out the windows of Austin’s can’t-miss food truck experiences. Read on for five food trucks you have to try when you’re in the Texas capital.

1. Kreyol Korner Caribbean Cuisine

There’s something about Caribbean flavors that just makes you feel all warm and happy inside. Something about the mix of spices, or the way the pork shoulder is braised, or the crispy plantains and habanero salsa that just makes people come back for more. Kreyol Korner is the place to go for Caribbean flavors in Austin. We recommend the red snapper or the spicy meatballs, but, to be honest, anything here will have you swooning.

2. Taqueria Mi Trailita

Tacos, anyone? There are so many food trucks that serve tacos it can be hard to know which one to trust. In this case, Taqueria mi Trailita is the way to go. Their tacos have all the basics (pastor, lengua, bisteak, and more), plus breakfast tacos to get your morning started off on the right foot. Plus, if you’re enjoying a morning in bed you can order from this food truck taqueria on Grubhub from the comfort of your newly furnished Austin apartment.

3. Milky Way Shakes

You may be thinking that vegan milkshakes aren’t worth your time and money, but on that count, you’d be wrong. These milkshakes may be based on almond and coconut milk but they are just as decadent, if not more than a regular shake would be. Menu items at Milky Way Shakes include the Chocolate Eclipse and the Star-berry Lemon Cloud. The latter comes with a “glitter strawberry.” Don’t miss this deliciousness.

4. Patrizi’s

Handmade pasta from a food truck is something we all need in our lives. Not only is pasta the ultimate comfort food, and a perfect option for a late-night just-out-of-a-concert snack, this food truck has luxurious sauces that will leave you content and coming back for more. Fresh arugula and basil pesto? Yes, please. Roasted local carrots with cajun aioli? Oh, my. Don’t miss out on Patrizi’s while you’re in town.

5. TaLad Thai and Lao Street Food

There’s a reason that this food truck, dedicated to bringing Thai and Lao street food to the bustling streets of Texas’ music capital, won the Eater’s Food Truck of the Year award in 2019. Their dedication to quality and to exposing folks to the unique Asian flavors of Thai and Lao cuisine is a passion that is felt by every diner. Take your time with this menu and enjoy everything, from the Kua Mee (Lao fried noodles and ground chicken) to the Moo Ping (pork skewers marinated in coconut milk).

Everyone knows that food tourism is the best tourism. If you’ve found yourself spending a few weeks or months in Austin, take your time to eat your way through its many scrumptious food truck offerings. Start with these five and you won’t be disappointed.


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