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The Austin Shopping Guide

By Landing | Dec 12, 2020
Shopping in a mall in Austin, Texas

Austin is a diverse city, so it only makes sense that the Austin shopping scene is one for shopaholics from all walks of life. There are plenty of Austin shopping opportunities out there no matter what your goals are: heading to the nearest shopping mall, shopping small with local business, or even going the thrifting, used, and vintage route. So the next time you’re itching to get out of your apartment and hit the streets, here’s a complete Austin shopping guide to give you some inspiration.

26 Doors Shopping Center

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs, 26 Doors Shopping Center is the place to go. Located smack dab in the center of Austin, this mall has been an Austin shopping center since the mid-1970s. But what makes it special is the gorgeous courtyard located in the middle of the courtyard. Styled in a Mexican-Adobe fashion, the courtyard is chock-full of artifacts from Central Mexico, including ox-cart wheels, decorative stones, and the twenty-six 200-year-old doors from which the mall gets its name.


Are you searching for an Austin-specific gift for that out-of-town loved one? Head on over to Atown, on the Burnet Road shopping strip. Not just a boutique, this expansive store offers anything anyone could ever want from the Austin area. There’s both men’s and women’s fashions, beauty products, home decor, pet goods, a children’s area, and as the icing on top of the cake — merchandise from more than 100 local artists and vendors. What else could you want?

Black Pearl Books

Shop local when it comes to buying books, as you know your purchase will go directly to the owner! One of the best places to purchase books is Black Pearl Books, which is an independent bookseller. Their mission is to promote diversity, inclusion, equality, and cultural awareness through books, and who can argue with that? They even offer pop-up shops around Austin to make their books more accessible to a greater number of people.

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

Of course, food had to be included on this list! Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is an Austin favorite and is so well-loved that it was listed as one of the top cheese shops in the nation by Travel + Leisure. There’s a cheese for everyone here, and they cut your cheese right in front of you, ensuring its freshness. Not sure what to get? Not to worry, Antonelli’s offers free samples!

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is one of the largest fair trade organizations in the entire world. The owners at Ten Thousand Villages have spent the last 60 years both developing and curating relationships with local communities around the world, guaranteeing artisans fair wages for fair work. You truly can find anything here at Ten Thousand Villages, from unique handmade gifts and jewelry to textiles, sculptures, and a multitude of different bobbles.

Plus, the artisans are encouraged to use sustainable and eco-friendly practices when making their goods, so you can be sure that your purchases not only go to a good cause but do not harm the environment. Cultures from Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa are all on display here, so be sure to pop on in and take some time browsing around.

Vintage Around Town Guide

While, yes, Vintage Around Town isn’t a storefront, it is still incredibly helpful for Austin shoppers and needs to be included here! It is a guide that lists all of the best vintage and antique stores in the Austin Area. There’s no need to figure out which stores you should go to multiple different vintage stores when you have Vintage Around Town as it is an extensive list that covers 40 shops citywide. In order to make the list, the store needs to prove that 85% of their goods are vintage and/or antique, so you know the authenticity of your goods when you buy them.

Arboretum at Great Hills

Just because it is winter outside doesn’t mean you have to only shop indoors and online! With the Arboretum at Great Hills, you are able to shop outside in a lush, park-like environment. Come here to stay the day, as you’ll be able to take in the beautiful natural scenery around you; there are runnels, picnic areas, a fountain, and a picnic area for you to enjoy lunch while taking in the view of Austin’s landmark marble cow sculptures. There are more than 40 shops here at the Arboretum, from locally-owned businesses to nationwide retailers, so there is something for everyone as you stroll around the green oasis within the city.

There’s plenty to do on the shopping front in Austin, as this city is just too diverse to be bored! So no matter if you are a thrifter, brand-loyal, or simply looking to have a unique experience while shopping, check out these shopping destinations.


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