Make furnished flexibility your new amenity

Landing works with property management companies to transform vacant apartment homes into custom-designed, furnished Landings, and fills them with fully qualified members. We bring our partners leases, not leads—at no cost!


Why work with Landing?

Flexibility as an amenity

A partnership with us allows you to list on our network and offer a new benefit to potential residents, with furnished flexible stays starting at a one month minimum.

Leases not leads

Landing fills apartment homes based on demand, which means we’re not supplying unvetted leads, but actual 12-month secure leases.

Qualified members

Our rapidly growing base of flexibility-seeking members come to you fully qualified, having passed background, credit, and criminal history checks.

Fully turnkey solution

We take care of the end-to-end process, from filling your apartments, to setting up utilities, to making sure our members have a smooth moving experience.

Our process