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How to Find an Apartment in Austin

By Landing | May 9, 2020
Furnished apartment in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is heralded for its wonderful people, talented musicians, delicious eateries, and booming culture. The benefits of living in Austin, TX have people from across the nation flocking to this city.  

At Landing, we provide furnished apartments in Austin, TX that feel like home, so we know how important it is to find an apartment that suits your needs. If you’re planning to move to Texas and trying to figure out how to find an apartment in Austin, utilize this guide for your apartment search.

Pro Tip: Searching from afar might be intimidating. Thus, when it comes to how to find an apartment in Austin, it’s best to do it with your boots on the ground. Should you have a friend or a resource in Austin, they can help mitigate the chances that the “too good to be true” rental is, well, exactly that. 

1. Calculate your budget

When it comes to finding an apartment, you should stick to your ideal budget. This mitigates the chances of falling in love with a listing (or an entire area) without being able to afford it. 

To that end, what should you expect in terms of rent prices in Austin? 

According to Rent Jungle, as of March 2020, 

  • The average rent for Austin apartments is $1545/month. This factors in the entire city and all apartment sizes
  • The average rent of a one-bedroom Austin apartment is $1345/month
  • The average rent of a two-bedroom Austin apartment is $1703

The good news: Despite the influx (and the projections), Austin’s rent average has actually seen a .07% decrease over the last 6 months. Given the state of 2020, if you’re currently looking to move, this might work to your benefit. 

Establishing your budget

Has anyone ever told you that you shouldn’t spend more than 1/3 of your annual income on rent? This is a rule of thumb for good reason but you can be flexible with this if your budget allows you to do so. You may consider spending around 30-40% of your income, depending on what you require from your living situation.

Over 41 million U.S. households spend well over 30% of their income on rent and that’s okay. There is no one-size-fits-all equation, merely what works best for your circumstance. Some people prioritize having certain luxuries and amenities with their apartment and others purely just need a place to rest their heads at night. Your budget will vary based on what your apartment living needs are.

The other aspects of your budget: food, health care, entertainment, etc., all need to be taken into consideration as well. 

Now that you know Austin’s market, you can create your budget. 

Our next step in how to find apartments in Austin? Picking a neighborhood. 

2. Picking your neighborhood

Picking your neighborhood depends on quite a few factors. To name a few: 

  • Where your work is located (whether or not you want to commute)
  • Your age and lifestyle 
  • Your budget 

The good news? Austin has tons of incredible neighborhoods that cater to all kinds of people and situations. Let’s start with the most lively and “famous” area of Austin: Downtown.

Downtown Austin 

While undoubtedly prime real estate, downtown Austin is likely the fastest-growing area. “The Live Music Capital of the World” is as busy as it is beautiful. From the uncanny yet compelling architecture, the electric atmosphere, to the convenience of being able to walk from place to place—this is one of the best Austin neighborhoods for young professionals. And it’s only just become “the city” recently, meaning it hasn’t sacrificed its integrity. It’s still home to stunning views, local hotspots, and Texan culture. 

South Austin 

In South Austin, you have Barton Hills, Westgate, South Lamar, Southpark Meadows, and Onion Creek—all not too far from downtown. Yet, South Austin presents a more peaceful atmosphere and isn’t nearly as “noisy” as downtown. From private schools to incredible lakefront properties, South Austin is a place for those who love nature, quiet neighborhoods, and state parks. South Austin is even home to Austin’s most-loved park, Zilker Park in Barton Hills. Despite the peaceful parks and quiet atmosphere, there are still parts of South Austin that are extremely busy. There’s a sense of pride with Austinites here, too, as many swear they never “go up the river to North Austin.”

North Austin

Quiet, residential, and family-focused, North Austin sports incredible cafes, restaurants, shopping, and parks. While it’s sometimes called the “concrete jungle,” in reality it’s a quieter area that leans more into a suburb than a city. Additionally, many of the neighborhoods were formed after WWII. The 1950s craftsmanship, alas, hasn’t waned. Young families, college graduates, empty nesters, and various others live together in harmony in this area of Austin. The best part about North Austin is if you go North-West, you’ll find the Domain, which many call the “second Downtown” for its many luxurious retail shops, businesses, restaurants, and downtown living. Near the Domain, you also have Milwood, a well-established neighborhood with several parks and things to do for residents.

East Austin

This once notoriously gritty area of Austin has completely changed in recent years. The influx of younger residents has reshaped what this neighborhood offers. Today, it’s a proud community with exceptional nightlife, featuring many spots that are “Austin’s hidden secrets” like Mueller, an eco-conscious community among the East Austin area. From working-class neighborhoods and tons of families, the east side is seeing a rise in property value and foot traffic. 

Renting From Afar – We’ve barely touched on the various neighborhoods Austin has to offer. Due to its size and multifaceted culture, it can be particularly difficult to find an Austin apartment from afar. Why? Because if you think you’ve pinpointed your dream neighborhood, you don’t want to lock yourself in a year-long lease only to discover that it’s East Austin and not South Austin which has your heart. 

Which brings us to our next point: 

3. Use Landing to find the perfect apartment

Given the number of neighborhoods and options available, you’ll be best served by actually visiting each location and listing. Yet, the appeal of shelling out cash for a temporary hotel is, well, nonexistent. 

But there’s another option. By using Landing, you can go to Austin with a fully furnished apartment (fitted with premium essentials) waiting for you. With 24/7 concierge, no deposit, and flexible leases, you can choose a neighborhood and mitigate the headache of apartment hunts. 

A few things to consider:

  • You can feel out neighborhoods – Instead of guessing based on your research, you can actually experience the neighborhood for yourself! Should you find another area in Austin to your liking, you can switch to a different landing without any unexpected fees.
  • More flexibility – With no commitment and long-term leases, you have the flexibility to ease into Austin. 
  • Catering to the professional – If you’re heading to Austin due to a new job (congratulations!), Landing ensures that each apartment has optimum Wi-Fi, coffee makers, and well-positioned outlets. You can find a place to live without starting your job in an unstable environment. 
  • 24/7 concierge service – The Landing app allows you to submit requests to their 24/7 concierge department. Should you need to fix things or make changes, it’s not going to be a time drain.  

Lastly, if you’re someone that travels often—for work or not—then Landing can provide the flexible home that works on your terms. Rather than signing a 12-month lease, you can move into an apartment rental when you need it and transfer to another Landing furnished apartment if you need to relocate for a job.

Find a new place to call home with Landing

Finding an apartment in Austin can be tricky. The size of the city, plethora of neighborhoods, and the number of listings can quickly become overwhelming. The trick? Create your budget. Do some research about the area. Choose a neighborhood you love and settle down in a fully-furnished apartment that already feels like a home from the moment you walk in the door.

If you’re struggling to find an apartment, Landing can help. Just sift through our various Austin furnished apartments for rent to find the perfect place to call home. For more resources on moving to the Austin area, check out our Austin relocation guide.

Good luck with your apartment search and happy hunting! 


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