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Best Places to Live in Austin for Young Professionals

By Landing | May 10, 2020
Young professionals in Austin, Texas

Between the iconic food and bustling nightlife, picturesque lakes and mountains, and a motto like the “Live Music Capital of the World,” there’s no question why young people love Austin, Texas. But when it comes to moving down to the Lone Star State, the real draw to Austin is that it’s the perfect place to establish a career. 

If you’re thinking, “I wish I could move to Austin without the process of actually moving,” Landing is for you. With a network of fully furnished apartments in Austin, TX, an app with 24/7 concierge service, and flexible leasing options, all you have to do is choose where in the city you want to live.

Wondering which neighborhood is right for you? Check out our list of the best neighborhoods for young professionals in Austin:

10 best neighborhoods in Austin, TX, for young professionals

Whether you’re after the funky local shops, breathtaking outdoors, or trying to find the best place for kids, one of Austin’s many versatile neighborhoods will suit your needs. Below you’ll find descriptions of all the best neighborhoods for young professionals in Austin, and the average rent cost of each.

1. Hyde Park

This community of artists, students, and young professionals gives you some peace and quiet without fully separating you from city life. It’s lush and lined with trees, full of local restaurants and coffee shops, and has the same architecture as it did 100 years ago. Despite the small-town vibe, it’s just a short drive away from both Downtown Austin and the University of Texas at Austin.

Hyde Park is the ideal place for someone who loves nature, art, a little seclusion, and being a part of a community, but doesn’t want to be away from the action—or to commute in Austin’s notorious traffic. 

Average rent: $1,543

2. North Loop

Long considered the city’s up-and-coming neighborhood, North Loop is both quirky and historic at the same time. What it doesn’t have in urbanism (like chain restaurants and big-box retailers), it makes up for in eclecticism. From vintage shops to funky boutiques to record stores, North Loop was made for music and shopping lovers. While it’s small and full of single-family homes, North Loop capitalizes on its walkability by having places to eat, drink, and listen to live music every single night. 

When it comes to Austin neighborhoods for young professionals, If you’re into small businesses, this is your hub. Between Austin’s volunteer-run anarchist bookstore, MonkeyWrench Books, Epoch Coffeehouse, a 24-hour coffee shop filled with board games, every idea is a good idea in North Loop. The North Loop strip is one of the “Independent Business Investment Zones” set up by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to make sure one-of-a-kind businesses are here to stay. 

Average rent: $1,543

3. East Austin

Classic architecture meets bohemian aesthetics in East Austin, blending an old community of locals with a new community of young professionals. With beautiful parks and greenbelt access and tons of local restaurants, this community feels small while still being within walking distance to downtown. As a historically working-class neighborhood, this is one of the best neighborhoods for young professionals in Austin.

Average rent: $1,960

4. The Domain

Austin’s “second Downtown” is a relatively new addition to northwest Austin. The Domain is an office, retail, and residential center located near Research Boulevard, making it an ideal location for anyone looking to work in the tech industry. It’s one of the most sought after locations for young professionals in technology, and Landing has tons of fully furnished apartments here waiting for you. You’ll be living in luxury within walking distance to work, and just a short drive away from Downtown or Zilker Park.

Average rent: $2,826 

5. Milwood

Also in North Austin, there’s Milwood, a community that’s well-established and community-driven, making it the perfect place for young adults to feel at home. There’s no shortage of things to do, as you’ll find plenty of parks to be outside and get active. Not to mention, you’re only 10 minutes away from the Domain so whenever you want a little bit of nightlife, you can take a visit to this nearby neighborhood.

Average rent: $1,355

6. South Congress

Also known as SoCo, this vibrant community south of Lady Bird Lake is one of the most lively neighborhoods in Austin. On the first Thursday of every month, shops and restaurants in South Congress stay open late for a huge party right on the street. But the rest of the month is just as exciting—you can try a Peg Leg  (a Corona in a margarita) from Torchy’s Tacos, listen to live music at The Continental Club, or weave your way throughout the street murals.

Average rent: $1,472

7. South Lamar

If you want similar energy to SoCo in a slightly different location, you’ll like South Lamar, or SoLa. With streets full of thrift stores, food trucks, markets, and art galleries, you’ll really get to know the locals in this melting pot of cultures. There are Austin staples like the original Kerbey Lane Cafe, which serves breakfast all day and has tons of vegan options, and newer spots like Japanese street food with a Texan flare from East Side King.

South Lamar has less nightlife but comes with the same positivity as the rest of South Austin. Known for its mom-and-pop shops and coffee spots, SoLa is a slowed-down version of all of Austin’s bests.

Average rent: $1,638

8. Downtown Austin

While a lot of people assume that Downtown would be the best place to live in Austin, a lot of other neighborhoods are giving its nightlife and quirkiness a run for its money (minus the South by Southwest Conference and Festivals). When it comes to the best neighborhoods for young professionals in Austin, here are the main reasons why you’d want to live Downtown:

  • Transportation: If you don’t have a car, living Downtown puts everything you’d ever need within walking distance. There’s also easy access to public transportation and bike and scooter share programs.
  • New amenities: Many places in Austin have condos or single-family homes for rent, but Downtown is a completely different story, with high-rise buildings and brand new apartments.
  • Work: There are a lot of opportunities for work Downtown, so if your workplace is in the heart of Austin, it may not be worth a congested commute to live elsewhere.

Average rent: $2,826

9. Barton Hills

If you do need to be close to Downtown but want to live a more suburban life in a less developed setting, Barton Hills is the answer. Surrounded by major highways and just a few miles away from Downtown, you’ll still have access to the bustling nightlife while living in a quiet neighborhood. Also nearby is Barton Creek, known for its beautiful park, hiking, and bike trails.

Average rent: $1,617

10. Zilker

Abundant greenery and thriving nightlife meet in the central Austin neighborhood, Zilker. Close to Barton Springs, you’ll have access to the Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park, which is situated on Lady Bird Lake. In the hot Austin sun, this neighborhood is prime real estate.

Even though Zilker is just a few minutes from Downtown, you won’t need to leave just to find things to do. There are unique restaurants, bars, and an ever-changing lineup of events in the area, including Austin City Limits Music Festival in Zilker Park which is one of the biggest benefits of living in Austin, TX.

Average rent: $1,638

11. Mueller

Built in 2007 off of what used to be Austin’s Robert Mueller Airport, this neighborhood has less of the quirks that came to define Austin, but is one of the most family-friendly. With grocery stores, parks, and schools all within walking distance, if you have kids, the Mueller neighborhood is an easy choice. 

This eco-conscious community is home to The Thinkery, a hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) experience, known as the Austin Children’s Museum until 2013. Mueller’s farmer’s market has been voted best farmers’ market in all of Austin, bringing in people from all over the city. However, if you live there, it’ll just be steps away.

Average rent: $1,429

Pick a place to land

With so many good options, choosing which neighborhood is right for you is a tough call. But thankfully, that’s the only aspect you have to worry about. If you’re wondering how to find an apartment in Austin, Landing makes it easy for you. Once you choose where you want to be, Landing will set you up in a comfortable fully furnished apartment—and supply your essentials so you can immediately call Austin home. Browse our fully furnished apartments in Austin here! 

Need more help with your move to the city? Check out our Austin relocation guide!


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