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Best Companies to Work for in Austin, TX

By Landing | Nov 18, 2020
Best Companies in Austin, Texas

Austin has made a name for itself as one of the best cities in the United States to live in, and much of that award is due to the incredible work opportunities the city has to offer. Most big businesses have a home base in Austin, Texas and many are even headquartered there. But even if a household name and an office isn’t your vibe, there are plenty of other top companies to work for in Austin that will be right up your alley. Considering what Austin is known for, it comes down to its incredible taste in music, film, food, and ability to host busloads of tourists each year, showing there is an industry for everyone. 

We’ve created a cohesive list of the best companies to work for in Austin, whether you are a person interested in climbing the corporate ladder, crafting cocktails, being at the helm of new technology, diving into the startup culture, or keeping Austin weird. 

Big tech

If you have your sights set on working for a tech company, Austin’s options are many. All the big tech names you can think of now have bases in Austin, some of which are even expanding their footprint. This isn’t surprising given the renowned reputation of SXSW (the South by Southwest Festival), the indie music festival turned technology-centric experience that brings technology’s finest to town every year.  


The tech giant is first on our list for a reason. Its incredible growth, employee experience, and benefits are unrivaled. Thankfully, Amazon has both offices and fulfillment centers in Austin so the opportunity to work for the company is available to everyone. 


Apple employs a huge number of people in Austin, and plans to employ even more, so it’s a great spot to start your job search. The smart, innovative company would look good on any resume, but that’s not all. Working at Apple provides you with access to its awesome offices, stock options, and product discounts as an employee perk.


There are many benefits to working at Facebook; innovation and autonomy topping the list. According to the company, employees work in small teams, move fast to develop new products, and are constantly iterating. If this entices you, you’ll fit right in working at Facebook’s Austin office and you’ll love the commuter benefits too if you choose to live outside of downtown. 


The list of what Google does goes way beyond providing search results. The company specializes in online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software so if any or all of that fuels your fancy, you’ll be in good company working at Google. Beyond the business, though, Google is known for incredible benefits that enhance the employee experience, such as onsite meals, extended maternity and paternity leave, and cool offices. 


Oracle is one of the largest digital tech employers in Austin. The innovative cloud technology company calls a Lady Bird Lake-adjacent office home that features everything from a food truck parlor (very Austin-esque) to a flag football field, and everything in-between. You may never want to leave. Working for Oracle goes beyond the office-perks, though. The company is also focused on professional development and is a major recruiter of soon-to-be college graduates.

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Austin-based companies

These companies were built in Austin so there’s a bit of hometown pride that accompanies the startup culture that still exists at many fresh faces on this list. It’s really no surprise that there are so many great Austin-based businesses to work for. The city has attracted venture capitalists for years now thanks to the many creative minds of Austinites that are budding with great ideas. Austin even earned the nickname “Silicon Hills” (after Silicon Valley) because of the influx of venture capital funding.

Dell Technologies

While Dell could have been on the Big Tech list, it fits in even better with these Austin-founded businesses. When Dell was founded back in 1984, it spawned the tech industry in Austin. That alone is a pretty cool reason to work at this incredible technology company, but its generous PTO policy and suburb location in Round Rock make it even more enticing. 

Cirrus Logic

Cirrus Logic is an Austin-based tech company that provides IC design/software for audio & voice signal processing applications. Over the years, the company worked hard to cultivate a company culture that employees love, achieved by moving to a hip campus downtown, providing advanced training, and hosting Friday afternoon happy hours.

Whole Foods

We can’t talk about Austin-based businesses without discussing the grocery-store (if you can call it that) gem that hails from the place and is now owned by Amazon. Whole Foods has changed the way people understand and shop for food and it all started in Austin. Working for this company now gives you both the perks of a mission-oriented Austin-based business and a tech powerhouse.

Outdoor Voices  

Do you like to do things outside? If you do and are considering transferring cities or states, you should probably know this location’s landscape is one of the best reasons to move to Austin in the first place. Join the lifestyle brand, Outdoor Voices, and feel good inspiring not only Austinites, but the world, to get outside and move. The company’s iconic branding and effective, good-looking activewear have contributed to its quick rise in popularity. While this makes it a cool company to work for, its pet-friendly office, team workouts, and “lunch and learns” make it an enjoyable company to work for too.


If marketing and content are your jam, look no further than Bazaarvoice, an internet and software company that helps brands and retailers discover and engage with consumers, and win them with user-generated content they trust. Cool perks include relocation assistance, wellness benefits, and beer on tap. 

Yeti Coolers

In the vein of cool companies to work for, Yeti tops the list. If you have a love for the great outdoors or just like your coffee to stay hot and your beer to stay cold, you’ll love the Yeti experience. The company cultivates a collaborative culture built on hard work, but employees can still be social and have fun.

The University of Texas at Austin

If Education is more your niche, you will be able to find work in Austin, no problem. The University of Texas at Austin is a massive institution employing thousands of residents. Even if professing isn’t your thing, the campus offers plenty of job opportunities in HR, counseling, medicine, and more. 


It’s more than a dating app. With the option of a flexible work schedule, routine happy hours, and commuter benefits, Bumble is a great place to work. The woman-founded Austin-based business is changing the dating game and the art of networking and finding friends—all of which are key to finding happiness in a new city. 


Another woman-founded business, Everlywell, is five years young and offers at-home lab testing. The digital health company is personalizing health and helping people take control over their own. If the mission speaks to you, so will the company’s recreational activities, team lunches, and volunteer outings, to name a few of its popular perks. 


Ironically, the online job search platform can not only help you find a job in Austin but could even offer you one. Indeed is headquartered in Austin and employs a great deal of residents. Casual dress and flexible schedules are just a few of the many perks the company boasts. 

Small businesses in Austin

The thing about Austin is that it is defined by the weird institutions that have garnered cult followings. The restaurants, shops, and one-of-a-kind hotels and bars that line South Congress and non-touristy neighborhoods make the city special. If you want the town to remain as quirky and unique as it always has been, you may want to consider working at one of the many small businesses that call it home. Here are a few places you may consider walking up to with your resume: 

  • Hospitality: Hotels, tours, transportation
  • Food & Drink: Bars, restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, bakeries
  • Retail: Vintage shops, clothing boutiques, record stores
  • Music: Venues, festivals, singer/songwriters

Work-life balance in Austin

Austin has really nailed the whole work-life balance thing. While there are great job opportunities and competitive salaries, residents also love enjoying everything else the city offers. Once you’ve landed your dream job at one of the awesome places to work in Austin, find your dream apartment among many of the best places to live in Austin. With Landing, you can move in comfortably and get to know the area quickly thanks to fully furnished apartments with flexible leases. Shop for a landing near your office, or choose one in one of the many other incredible neighborhoods in and around Austin to expand your work-life bubble. 


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