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We Found Love in a Flexible Place: Landing Members Share Their Love Stories!

By Landing | Feb 17, 2022
Landing members Leah and Jack on the beach

Roses are red, violets are blue—these Landing members found love on the road, and so can you! 

In honor of Valentine’s Day this month, we asked our Landing members to share their stories about how they found love while living with us—and wow, did they deliver! Get ready to “Awww!” your little heart out and check out these adorable stories from Landing members Leah, Carolina, and Hannah:

Leah and Jack 

I first found out about Landing in the spring of 2020 while I was working at Wayfair. One of my coworkers was a Landing member and told me about how she and her husband were using it to travel to places like Austin and Miami. So I kept that in the back of my mind while there were plans in motion for my own apartment in Boston.

My roommates wound up bailing on our lease last-minute, so I had to stay with my parents for a few weeks, which got old, fast. Landing then came to mind, and I felt like I could swing a one-bedroom in North Carolina. I went to school at Elon University and had a few friends there, so I went there looking for a few fun months and figured I would just sign a lease in Boston afterward.

The second weekend after I moved to Raleigh, I reconnected with my now-boyfriend, Jack. We were friends in college and dated, but it wasn’t really serious. My Landing apartment was so special and such a great place to start a relationship, with a gorgeous view, high ceilings, and a great kitchen to cook together in. By the end of June, his lease was up and I ended my time in Raleigh, so we’ve just been hopping around together ever since!

Carolina and Angel

I moved into a Landing in Dallas in August 2020. I’m originally from Spain and was working in Dallas as a legal assistant doing immigration law before the pandemic started. I was pursuing a law degree in Chicago remotely, but I decided to stay in Dallas because I had a life there, with a car and friends, and I planned to move back to Chicago for my last year of law school once things went back to normal. 

Since I was coming from Spain, I didn’t want to deal with furnishings, so Landing was the perfect fit for me. My place was very homey, and I was happy doing schoolwork online during the week and spending my weekends with friends. 

At the end of December, I couldn’t go back to Spain to visit family for Christmas because of the pandemic. Then, I got COVID during Christmas and was on my own through the holidays. Once I recovered, I found out my parents got COVID, too. It was the height of the pandemic, and none of us were vaccinated yet, so it was very scary and we didn’t know what was going to happen. I was feeling sad and depressed. A friend told me we should go have a drink at happy hour, but I didn’t even want to go. I wasn’t in the mood and was about to cancel. I didn’t even want to dress up. 

We got to the bar and I was sitting there with two friends from work when two guys there started talking to us. I went to the restroom for a minute and I saw a neighbor that lived in my Landing apartment complex, so we started talking. My now-significant other, Angel, thought my neighbor was my boyfriend, so he didn’t talk to me directly. But then once I was done visiting with my neighbor, my friend introduced me to Angel, so we started talking. He didn’t know I spoke Spanish, and we bonded over that. He was from Mexico City and moved to the U.S. when he was 17. We started talking and really got along. I told him he was literally like an angel and that meeting him made my night. 

I had been in a sad place emotionally before that night, so meeting Angel was a welcomed surprise. We started talking about traveling, and I told him about my life. He shared that he loves going out and traveling and asked me out. We went on a date and started spending time with each other multiple times a week!

We’ve been together ever since, even when I moved back to Chicago for my last year of law school. I moved into my new Landing at the end of August and plan to stay until May 2022, when we’ll move back to Angel’s house in Dallas together.


I was living in Richardson, Texas, which is a suburb of Dallas, and was up in the air about whether I wanted to stay there or move closer to the city. I had two weeks to find a place to live and came across Landing. I felt like I was finally finding something that I had been looking for my entire life and loved how Landing supported flexible living. Thankfully, I found a Landing within two weeks right on the outskirts of Downtown Dallas. I moved in around July of this year and have been there ever since.

Once I got settled in, I started dating casually. Around September, I got on Hinge and just started going on dates here and there. Then, I met my current partner on Hinge right after Thanksgiving. We both went to the same university and had a ton of mutual friends, which was perfect because I always want to have at least a couple of friends in common with someone if I’m going to go meet him in public. 

Our first date was bar-hopping around and doing karaoke, and we just really hit it off. From there, we kept going on dates every week or a couple of times a week. I swear, five new restaurants open in Dallas every day, so we like to do this thing where we pick a place to get drinks and pick another place to go get dinner. We also spend a lot of time watching sporting events together, especially football on the weekends. We also just eat a lot—we’re at that point where we just go sit down and eat ourselves into a food coma. It’s been great! 

We’re not officially dating, but I think we’re working our way there and taking it slow. It’s been a lot of fun!


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