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Landing Direct takes your rental properties and markets them to members all across our nationwide network. Manage your listings all on one platform.

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How much can I make with Landing?

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The Landing difference

Earn more, spend less

Spend less time managing and marketing your rental homes. Earn more on every listing.

Reduce Stress

Get long-term residents

Landing members stay for 4 months on average. Resetting your space every few days is a thing of the past.

Landing members

Attract trusted, stable residents

Our members pass background and credit checks before they ever walk through your door.

Landing Direct gives you

Long-term reservations
30% higher occupancy than industry average
$0 in listing fees
Pre-qualified residents
Dynamic pricing
Set your minimum monthly rate, then Landing will dynamically price the unit based on that rate, leveraging seasonality and other market factors to get you the best price for your listing.
Resident-paid utilities

Here's how to get started


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Create an account and list your rental home, multiple units at your property, or even a single apartment that you own.


Get approved

Sign up and start creating listings. If your home meets our standards, your listing will go live as soon as we approve it.


Start earning

Once leases are confirmed and members move in, the rent and utilities are automatically paid on the 1st of each month.


Manage your listings

Monitor incoming payments and reservations from our platform.

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Our standard

Members trust that every Landing they live in will be comfortable, clean, and secure. Before we approve a listing, we check that it meets our standards for furniture, finishings, appliances, and safety.

Fully furnished properties

Fully furnished space

Each home or apartment should have contemporary furniture and decor in new or like-new condition.

Premium linens

Fresh linens

Bedding, bath towels, and other household linens should be soft, welcoming, and in new condition.

Stainless steel appliances

Reliable appliances

Kitchen and laundry spaces should be equipped with newer-model appliances in excellent working condition.

Hear from our partners

“I have done short-term rentals for the last five years. I am starting to get tired of all the work associated with them: constant turnovers, sticky guest experiences, and inconsistent revenue. I love that with Landing, I can get a long-term reservation, and I’m set for the next 6 months.”


4 units • Chicago

“We chose Landing because of the inconsistency within the short-term rental space. Landing’s ability to solidify occupancy and maximize monthly returns while reducing our day-to-day workload has been a game changer for us.”


8 units • West Palm Beach

“Landing is sending us great traffic. I did not expect 4 to 5 bookings in such a short time frame.”


31 units • Los Angeles

“Landing has a great brand that attracts high-quality tenants. Guests on other rental platforms run the gambit on how someone will treat your home, but Landing’s brand position, extended stay offering, and screening process make me feel more comfortable renting my home.”


1 unit • Birmingham

“The main difference between Landing and other platforms is their hands-on approach. Being able to reach someone at all times of the day has made the process smooth and easy.”


3 units • Dallas

Manage large-scale communities?

If you work with a property management company overseeing Class A and B communities, you may be a perfect fit for our Property Partner Program. Cultivate a lasting partnership with Landing and receive elevated service from our team.

Landing property partners