Landing Direct FAQs

How do I get started?

It’s so easy! Go to, create a partner profile, and begin adding your listing(s).

How do I manage my listing(s)?

You can do everything in your partner portal: onboard and manage listings, get notified of upcoming reservations, and see the performance of your unit(s) all in one place.

Do my listing(s) need to be furnished?

Yes. All Landing units are offered to members as fully furnished and ready to move in. If your home is already furnished – great – we will review to our standards and approve or provide feedback. If not, you will have the option to furnish yourself or purchase a home furnishing package directly from Landing.

How do I get paid?

Landing uses Stripe Connect, an easy and safe third party payments platform. At sign up you will be prompted to create a Stripe account. Members’ payments are automatically charged on the 1st of each month – allowing Landing to pay our partners on time, every month.

How does Landing price my unit?

Partners are asked to set a minimum monthly rate when onboarding a listing. Landing dynamically prices the unit based on that rate, leveraging seasonality and other market factors to determine the best price for your listing.

How does length of stay factor into my listing’s price?

Landing operates a “longer you stay, the less you pay” pricing model to incentivize longer stays and maximize your listing’s occupancy. The monthly rate for the same listing is more expensive for a 30-night stay than a 120-night stay. Our best rate is provided to members who commit to stay in the Landing network longer than six (6) months.

How does Landing make money?

Landing earns an 8% service fee on revenue generated from a reservation, with the remaining 92% going directly to the partner (you!).

Can I manage my listings on other sites too?

No need, Landing does this for you! We manage the distribution for your units on Landing, and all other platforms, to maximize pricing and occupancy.

What if a member cancels their reservation before moving in?

Members have 24 hours after reservation creation to cancel without penalty. Members also can cancel without penalty more than 30 days prior to check in. If a member opts to cancel past 24 hours after reservation creation, and less than 30 days from check-in, a fee of one-months rent is assessed. The property partner receives the termination fee, less Landing’s 8% service fee.

Who handles member interactions?

Landing acts as the main point of contact for both members and partners.