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Live where you want, when you want, starting at $1,295/mo. Our Standby pass gives you access to all of our available homes. When your current home gets booked, simply choose a new one from our selection within 3 days.

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“Landing is so easy to use and it’s so efficient. You sign up, choose your destination, show up, and you’re on your way.”

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How Standby works

Book your first home

Pick your first Standby home wherever you choose to explore first. Move into your new home in as little as 48 hours.

Get approved

Complete our verification process to get one of our limited Standby passes.


Move into your new home in as little as 48 hours after you've been verified.

Move to another home

Whether we ask you to move or you’re just ready for a change, you can easily transfer homes in the Landing app.

Living on Standby

Getting started
Choosing a home
Standby is available today in all 375+ Landing cities except for those in New York and California. Use the search above to see all of our options wherever you want to go next!
Getting bumped
When the home you are living in is no longer available, we will notify you to select a new home in our app. You’ll have a minimum of three days’ notice to pick your new home. We cover the cleaning fee if we ask you to move.
Choosing to move
Whenever you want to switch homes, you can choose from our available inventory in our app at the same three days' notice. We just ask that you pay $150 to get your current home cleaned for the next member.
We cannot promise parking at all Standby homes. Most Standby members look for local parking options in their areas when it is not included with their Standby home.
We do not have pet-friendly options for Standby today. Landing Standby does allow ESAs and support animals.
We recommend Standby members utilize Amazon lockers or USPS stores for package delivery. Landing is not responsible for mail delivered to a previous Standby home.
Becoming a member
Like our standard members, Standby members must complete our verifications process. Landing requires a 640+ credit score for Standby. Students, recent graduates, and international applicants may apply with a cosigner.
Your first month’s subscription, in addition to your Landing membership, is charged on signup to secure your limited spot in the Standby program. Standby billing is monthly. You will be charged the rate for the market you are in on your billing date each month.
Credits + Refunds
If you decide to cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking, you will receive a full refund. If you ever get bumped from a Standby home with no options available in your market, we will provide Landing credits to account for unused nights.

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