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Don’t let moving costs get in the way of opportunity. We’re offering up to $2,500 to help you start living with Landing.

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Tell us about your expected moving costs and get up to $2,500 in credit.

Flexible leases
Flexible leases

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Book a flexible stay within 30 days after receiving your offer.

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Upload receipts related to moving. Eligible expenses include storage, truck rental, moving services, and costs to end a lease.

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Your credit will be applied to your monthly bill over the next 12 months.

Your credit goes wherever you go

Explore our network without restrictions. Your credit applies to all flexible stays booked during your first year with Landing.

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See how Landing empowers members to live on their own terms.


Can I use my credit right away?

Even before we confirm your total credit amount, you’ll have a portion of credit you can use right away! It will appear at checkout when you book a flexible stay and apply to your first full month of living with Landing.

What moving costs count towards claiming my full credit?

To claim your credit, you must upload copies of receipts associated with your move. Expenses can include one-time costs for storage, truck rentals, moving services, and costs related to your current lease if you have to leave early. Allow up to 48 hours for us to review the information and confirm your total credit amount once all your receipts are uploaded.

Does my credit expire?

Your credit expires 30 days after you’ve received your offer if you have not yet booked your flexible stay. Once you book a stay, the credit will apply evenly to your monthly bill for 12 months. Please read the Terms and Conditions: Offer is subject to unit availability. Valid for new Landing members only. Offer may only be redeemed with a flexible stay reservation and a 6-month minimum commitment to live within the Landing network. The credit amount (i) will be equally distributed across a 12-month period, (ii) will be applied only to the monthly base rent, and (iii) does not include add-ons such as utilities. Credits are transferable between different flexible stay reservations. Credits cannot be transferred or assigned to another person. Credits will be issued after you provide proof of expenses related to moving to a Landing. Eligible expenses include storage, truck rental, moving services, and expenses related to your current lease if you have to leave early. Offer amount is subject to change based on the total of your uploaded receipts. Landing may use the information provided by you to contact you about other promotional offers.

Can I use my credit on reservations with a set move-out date?

This credit will only apply to flexible stays. Flexible stays are a 6-month minimum commitment to live in the Landing network. If you leave before 6 months, you’ll pay an early termination fee. You can transfer anywhere in the Landing network with your flexible stay, and your credit will continue to apply to your monthly rent.