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When possibility becomes reality

Landing members enjoy the freedom from traditional boundaries that allow them to experience life on their own terms, and you want to help them make the most of it.

How we’ll work together

Build community

Be the voice of Landing by sharing your experience, and cultivate engagement through creative programming that brings members together in meaningful ways.

Inspire discovery

Use Landing as your launchpad for adventure and opportunity by embracing the flexibility and freedom it offers to reach new heights, and empower others to do the same.

Influence innovation

Shape the future of Landing from the inside by joining focus groups and pilot programs where your feedback will help build the brand and enhance member experience.

As a professional speaker and entrepreneur, my business opportunities have elevated since moving into my Landing apartment. [It’s] helped me unlock my creative flow.

Brandon Farbstein
Motivational Speaker, Activist, Author
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Ambassador Spotlights

Ty (and Michael)

Artist & Author

Vinisha (and Connor)

Digital nomad & Doodle mom

Cherise (and Chris)

Travel vlogger & Creator

Become an ambassador

We’re on the hunt for members like you who value Landing’s flexibility and freedom, and who want to inspire others to explore the limitless possibilities that it offers. If this sounds like you, fill out this short form to apply and tell us a bit about your Landing life.

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  • Discounted rent
  • Additional vacation stays
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  • Free house cleanings
  • Participate in pilot programs