Furnished apartments in Phoenix

Furnished apartments Phoenix


Tatum Place Apartments 111 0

Tatum Place #111

1 bed, 1 bath

Available Jul 7

Tatum Place Apartments 155 0

Tatum Place #155

2 beds, 2 baths

Available Jul 16

Tatum Place Apartments 255 0

Tatum Place #255

2 beds, 2 baths

Available Jul 19

Available in the future

Tatum Place Apartments 126 0

Tatum Place #126

2 beds, 2 baths

Available Jul 28

Tatum Place Apartments 133 0

Tatum Place #133

2 beds, 2 baths

Available Aug 3

Tatum Place Apartments 171 0

Tatum Place #171

2 beds, 2 baths

Available Aug 5

Tatum Place Apartments 138 0

Tatum Place #138

2 beds, 2 baths

Available Aug 18

Tatum Place Apartments 205 0

Tatum Place #205

1 bed, 1 bath

Available Aug 23

Tatum Place Apartments 259 0

Tatum Place #259

1 bed, 1 bath

Available Sep 4

Tatum Place Apartments 165 0

Tatum Place #165

1 bed, 1 bath

Available Sep 17

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About Phoenix

The great city of Phoenix, Arizona is so much more than a desert city – in fact, it’s a beautiful metropolis that offers something for everyone. From the young professional fresh out of college and ready to start their career, to the growing family looking to enjoy southern city living, to the retired couple ready to settle down and enjoy their golden years in the sunny state of Arizona, Phoenix is the place to be. As the capital city of Arizona, Phoenix is a busy city known for its warm and sunny weather year round. Not to mention, it’s also known for everything from beautiful golf courses, to exciting nightclubs. Phoenix has something for everyone. 

Business in the area

Phoenix itself is a complicated city that boasts a robust and bustling economy. With income from its own industries, Phoenix has a number of major corporations that call the city home. The likes of which include Banner Health, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and so many more. Not to mention, the city and state employ tens of thousands of workers year-round. From there, Phoenix’s tourism, hospitality, and entertainment industries are always moving around the clock, giving the city some added financial fortunate as the years go on. This means that there’s plenty of opportunity in the city for people from all walks of life.

Neighborhoods in Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix – Downtown Phoenix is where all of the magic happens in the city. Known for its vibrant downtown shopping center at the CityScape Phoenix complex, Downtown Phoenix is perfect for someone looking to live the life of an urbanite. Not to mention, with tons of options for entertainment, food, shopping, and nightlife, Downtown Phoenix has it all.

Northwest Phoenix – Northwest Phoenix is a bit more low-key when compared to the Downtown districts. Although these neighborhoods are certainly within the city limits, they’re a bit more suburban than they are urban. Northwest Phoenix features a number of vibrant communities for people who prefer a quiet lifestyle outside of the city grind.

West Phoenix – Just like Northwest Phoenix, West Phoenix is a quiet suburban community that is just a stone’s throw from the action of Downtown Phoenix. Complete with beautiful neighborhoods and a wonderful school district, West Phoenix is certainly a great choice for a family looking to plant roots.

South Mountain Village – South Mountain Village is one of the most desirable places to live outside of Phoenix. This exciting neighborhood is located close to the South Mountain Park, making it an outdoor paradise for anyone interested in a little adventure. 

Paradise Valley Village – Paradise Valley Village is one of the most affluent neighborhoods outside of Phoenix. As a suburb of the city, Paradise Valley offers a wonderful place to raise and grow a family. Known for its golf courses, its shopping centers, and of course, it’s delicious restaurant industry.

Desert Ridge – Desert Ridge is one of the most modern shopping areas that the city has to offer. Considered a bit more upscale and luxurious than most, those who wish to live near Desert Ridge have one thing on their mind – modern living spaces. This exciting space is close to shopping, retail, food, music, and entertainment. 

In addition to these wonderful areas, there are a few more neighborhoods that certainly deserve a shout out. Be sure to take a look at short term leases that we have available for rent in the following neighborhoods:

  • Camelback East Village
  • Goodyear
  • Windsong
  • Desert View Village
  • Norterra
  • Guadalupe
  • Arcadia
  • Chandler
  • Gainey Ranch
  • Ahwatukee
  • Belaflora
  • Belaflora Condominiums
  • Lincoln
  • Old Town Scottsdale
  • Fountain Hill
  • North Scottsdale
  • Deer Valley

Recreation/Things to do

  • Be sure to catch an Arizona Coyotes game and cheer on your favorite NHL team.
  • Pay a visit to Desert Ridge for a fun and engaging day / night of shopping, food, and entertainment.
  • Take a stroll down a pathway at one of the city’s number of parks like Civic Space Park, Hance Park, or Papago.
  • Visit the Desert Botanical Garden and learn all about the thousands of species of flora that live in the desert.
  • Pay a visit to the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market and see what local artisans have been up to.


Pachamama – When you’re in the desert, it’s important to eat desert food, right? Pachamama is one of the most exciting taco restaurants in the city. Featuring a 100% plant-based menu, this delicious restaurant offers something for everyone. 

Pizzeria Virtu – Who ever said that pizza doesn’t taste good in the desert? Well, they’re wrong! Pizzeria Virtu is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in the city. Known for their delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas, Pizzeria Virtu is a great place to go on a date or for a family dinner.

Cotton And Copper – Cotton And Copper is one of the most luxurious restaurants that the city has to offer. With delicious sandwiches, tasty appetizers, and of course, wonderful cocktails, you can enjoy a night out with that special someone, some friends, or some family at an affordable price. 


  • Phoenix is very much a walkable and bikeable city all year round because the sun is always shining! 
  • The local, express and RAPID commuter bus service offers routes throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.
  • Taxis, rideshare, and mass transit are always an option.
  • Don’t forget about the Valley Metro Rail! 

Landing's Furnished Apartments in Phoenix

Here at Landing, we offer some of the most comfortable, flexible, and modern fully furnished apartments in Phoenix, AZ. With fully-furnished apartments, they’re suited for both long term and short term lease options. 

You’ve seen for yourself just how exciting of a city Phoenix is, and now that you’ve seen everything that this wonderful city has to offer, it’s time to contact us today to learn more about how you can secure your rental. With premium furnishings, concierge service, and dedicated professional staff, Landing has everything you could ever ask for in a city that is ripe with excitement!