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Furnished apartments Los Angeles


Sunset Vine Tower Apartments 1404 0

Sunset Vine Tower #1404

1 bed, 1 bath

Available May 27

Sunset Vine Tower Apartments 1601 0

Sunset Vine Tower #1601

1 bed, 2 baths

Available May 27

Sunset Vine Tower Apartments 1102 0

Sunset Vine Tower #1102

1 bed, 2 baths

Available Jun 4

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Sunset Vine Tower #1101

1 bed, 2 baths

Available Jun 10

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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles—the City of Angels. Known for its glitz, glamour, and perfect weather; few places are as iconic or have more to offer than this southern California city. From the iconic Hollywood sign to Muscle Beach in Venice, to Universal Studio, to the iconic Beverly Hills, there’s simply no place like LA. 

Business in the area

Los Angeles is a huge hub for business and many large corporations are based here such as Snapchat, Hulu, Sony, and Disney, making it a popular place for primary residence and corporate housing. 

Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Considering a temporary or longer stay in LA? When looking at rentals in Los Angeles, consider the following areas:

  • Hollywood - Perhaps most well-known for its larger-than-life sign, Hollywood is home to the U.S. film industry and features some of the most iconic studios, restaurants, and theatres. 
  • Downtown - Comprised of a variety of diverse areas, such as Chinatown and Little Tokyo, downtown offers plenty to do, with its plethora of museums, delicious restaurants, and lively bars. 
  • Santa Monica – This coastal city is filled with residents and tourists alike. With plenty to see and do, whether it be a stroll through the Promenade or a walk to the beach, there’s no wonder it stays busy.
  • Pacific Palisades – This coastal neighborhood provides the beauty of the mountains and the ocean and can be known for offering some of the best for dining, shopping, and entertainment in the Los Angeles area.
  • Palos Verdes – A bit further away from the Los Angeles metro area, this hidden coastal gem sits right among the bluffs of the coastline, offering beautiful views to all its residents.
  • Brentwood – As one of the more upscale sub-cities of Los Angeles, Brentwood is a quiet, yet urban neighborhood well suited for young professionals and families.
  • Malibu – Home to the Getty Museum, numerous beaches, and beautiful sunsets, Malibu is a relaxing neighborhood to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Venice – Street performers, local artists, and eclectic energy fill this one-of-a-kind coastal community, leaving you with no shortage of sights to see and things to do.
  • Marina Del Rey – Known for being one of the safer cities in Los Angeles, this seaside community is laid-back and offers plenty of water activities for the ocean-loving resident.
  • Hermosa Beach – Located in the South Bay of Los Angeles, this beachfront town has everything you’d need in a community from great dining to local entertainment.
  • Redondo Beach –  On the southern tip of the South Bay lives another coastal community. Much more relaxed than that of Hermosa Beach, this town is more suited for those looking for a mix of urban and suburban life.
  • Manhattan Beach  – This South Bay town is popular for its beach community and outdoor lovers.

Recreation/Things to do

There is an endless stream of sights and places to visit or experience. We recommend you:

  • Escape downtown and hit the beaches of Malibu
  • Ride the Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier
  • Hike behind the Hollywood Sign
  • Tour the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) 
  • Stroll the Getty Museum
  • Catch a sunset at Griffith Observatory
  • Walk the Venice Beach Boardwalk
  • Shop at the luxurious Rodeo Drive
  • Wander the streets of downtown Los Angeles
  • Take a stroll down The Strand


From Michelin Star restaurants to famous food trucks, LA has more incredible food than anywhere else in the country. There are endless options, but we think you’d be missing out if you didn’t try the following:

  • The Misfit Restaurant and Bar – Located right off the Santa Monica promenade, this hip gastropub is known for its incredible comfort food and handcrafted cocktails. 
  • Father's Office – Do you want the best burger LA has to offer? Head down to one of Umami’s three locations for craft beer and gourmet hamburgers that are juicy and delicious.
  • Sugarfish – Founded by master sushi chefs Tom Nozawa and Kazunori, this traditional-style sushi is to die for and focuses on an elegant and simple menu without all of the frills you’d find at many American-ized sushi restaurants. 
  • Kogi BBQ – One of the most famous food trucks in Los Angeles. Kogi BBQ offers an eclectic, mouthwatering, Asian-Mexican fusion.
  • Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles – This local soul food chain is renowned for its signature chicken and waffles. If you go to the location in downtown Los Angeles, keep your eyes peeled for celebrities who’re known to frequent the joint.  
  • Chateau Marmont – If you’re looking to spend some money and experience the feel of quintessential Hollywood Glamour, this iconic spot right off the Sunset Strip is unmatched. 


The city of Los Angeles is quite spread out and it's not likely that places you frequent will be within walking distance to your apartment in Los Angeles. Fortunately, there are several ways that residents can get across the city, including: 

  • Ride Shares – Your best bet in a city so large, Lyft and Uber run 24/7. 
  • Metro Rail – The metro doesn’t run throughout the entire city of Los Angeles, but does service sections of it. A new line running into Santa Moncia was built in 2018. 
  • Metro Bus – The local, rapid, express and bus rapid transit are available throughout the greater LA area.

Landing's Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles

LA is a special city, home to so many wonderful places. There are endless things to do, eat, drink or try. When you relocate to the City of Angels, Landing is here to help.

At Landing, we’ve revolutionized the furnished apartment rental game. We realized that our renters demand more flexibility from their apartment rentals but desire a cheaper price than a hotel stay or vacation rental. So, we created fully-furnished apartments in LA and other incredible locations that you can stay in for however long you want. Whether you need short or long-term housing, when you rent a landing, you'll feel at home. Our flexible leasing and fully-stocked furnished rentals in Los Angeles make renting and moving in easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for a two-bedroom or studio rental, a furnished apartment with full amenities such as a fitness center, or a pet-friendly rental property, Landing has you covered with its variety of furnished rentals throughout Los Angeles. Easy to rent, move-in ready, and hassle-free, our furnished rentals have established a new way of living for residents.

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