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What’s It Like Living in Fort Worth, Texas?

By Landing | Jun 10, 2024
The sun setting over the skyline in Fort Worth, Texas.

Are you thinking about making a move or a temporary change of address to Texas, but don’t know which city to choose? Fort Worth, TX, is worth putting on your shortlist (get it?). This unique city still has the same cowboy charm of living in a small town. Every day, you get to wake up knowing that at the end of a hard work week, you can wind down with some line dancing and drinking whiskey at the world’s largest honky-tonk, Billy Bob’s Texas

The friendly residents love their rugged cowboy heritage, BBQs, and having a great time. Locals will jokingly tell you this city “ain’t worth a damn,” but they’re just trying to keep the “Cultural Capital of the Southwest” from becoming too touristy. 

Thinking about moving to Fort Worth, TX? Here’s what it’s like living in this southern city:

Fort Worth and Dallas Metropolitan 

Fort Worth isn’t just a suburb of Dallas—it’s the fifth-largest city in the state. The Dallas-Fort Worth area (“DFW”) is the fourth-largest metropolitan are in the United States, and over the past decade, its population has increased by 18.95%. Of the top 10 largest metropolitans in the U.S., the DFW metroplex area is the second-fastest growing metropolis, right behind Houston, another great Texas city. 

However, these two cities do have major differences. Dallas may be home to the Dallas Cowboys, but Fort Worth is where the real cowboys call home. The city has been nicknamed “Cowtown,” and residents take great pride in their communities, lifestyles, and history. 

Other cities in Texas may be trying to reinvent themselves or appeal more to the East and West Coast hipsters, but this is the Texas city you move to if you’re looking for a slower lifestyle. There is a long list of reasons why this city is worthy of your talents. One of the biggest benefits of becoming a resident s that you get to experience the most unique big city in America—and you’re only 45 minutes away from Dallas. 

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Visit the Fort Worth Stockyards

This Texas city got the nickname “Cowtown” for a reason—twice per day, every day of the year, a real cattle drive takes place at the Fort Worth Stockyards. The original Fort Worth Stockyards are registered in the National Historic District, and it’s a focal point for local tourists who come to see the animals, shops, and restaurants

Each Friday and Saturday night, there is also a rodeo that goes on at the Fort Worth Cowtown Coliseum, and every Saturday and Sunday, after the cattle drives, there is a reenactment show that highlights the legends of Texas Gunfights. The whole experience is entertaining, engaging, and educational. When living in Fort Worth, you’ll want to bring all of your out-of-town friends to visit this real live cowboy town. 

Have some cowboy fun

While becoming a resident of this TX city doesn’t automatically mean having to wear a cowboy hat and boots, you may want to add them to your wardrobe eventually. 

Fort Worth doesn’t have the trendy nightclubs that many young professionals are used to seeing in big cities, but it has its own idea of fun. The entire downtown Fort Worth area is walkable, with plenty of bars, restaurants, live music venues, and cowboy saloons in the downtown district. On the weekends, the place to be is Sundance Square, which has weekly events and is well-lit and friendly at night. The square is 35 blocks and packed full of vendors, shops, comedy clubs, and trendy bars. In other words, all of the amenities of a big city can be found downtown.

If you’re looking for housing in downtown Fort Worth,  Landing has luxury rental opportunities within walking distance of Sundance Square. All of the best shopping, eating, and experiences are located walking distance when you’re living in this downtown neighborhood.

Try out Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex

You can’t call yourself a resident of Texas if you don’t embrace BBQ and Tex-Mex, and DFW has a lot of great options to dine. The Instagram influencers and travel guides will point you in the direction of the overpriced tourist traps, but for the best Texas-inspired BBQ, you’ll want to check out Brix Barbecue or Heim BBQ. Passionate pitmasters own these two places, and if you stop by Brix BBQ, you may even get to hang out with the owner’s rescued boxer-terrier mix, named Brix. If you’re craving Te-Mex, go with La Playa Maya Westside, or check out Enchiladas Ole if you’re looking for a hole-in-the-wall experience.

Visit the Panther Island Pavilion

In Fort Worth, the preferred transportation method is on horseback or ATV—just kidding! But, when you’re trying to have a good time, inner tubes work just fine. 

This area may not have the recreational water activities that come with being on the coasts, but residents still know how to have a good time and stay cool in the Texas heat. On the weekends, you’ll find one of the most popular places to go to is Panther Pavilion Island. All you need to bring is your inner tube, paddle board, or kayak, and you’re all set for a Texas-sized good time. Just don’t forget your beer koozie and your cheap sunglasses in case you fall in the water. 

All summer long, the Pavilion offers live music on a waterfront stage. Rockin’ The River, Live on the Trinity is a popular event that has been going on for 10 years. It’s guaranteed to be a great time, is sponsored by Coors Light, and the Trinity River has been voted one of the best rivers to float down in America. Loud music, alcohol, and great food—how more American can it get? Remember that you can’t bring your cooler, but they offer cheap six-pack coolers and hot dogs to dine on! Did we mention you’ll also experience a firework show after the live music? It’s experiences like Rockin’ The River that make this a fun city to have friends and do business. 

Game day 

Residents of Fort Worth, TX, may not have their own NFL football team, but these people are crazy about high school, college, and pro football. The city’s notable college team is the TCU Horned Frogs, and every Saturday, TCU football games are the biggest event in town. TCU home football games are some of the loudest sporting events in collegiate or pro sports, and one could argue that TCU has been the most consistent collegiate football program in the whole state of Texas over the past decade. If you don’t enjoy a good tailgate, don’t bother coming to to this Texas city in the fall—Saturdays and Sundays are for watching TCU and the Dallas Cowboys. 

Art and culture

Did you know that Fort Worth is known as the “museum capital of the Southwest?”

Fort Worth not only respects their cowboy heritage, but the Kimbell Art Museum in the Cultural District highlights art collections from African-American, Native American, Asian, European, and Pre-Columbian pieces of art and artifacts. The city is also home to the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, Fort Worth Water Gardens, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, and the Sid Richardson Museum. The entire city has a deep appreciation for the arts, and this can be seen in the live theatre performances, reenactments, local artist’s galleries, and museums.

If you are moving to Fort Worth with kids, you’ll probably also enjoy a weekend trip to Trinity Park or the Fort Worth Zoo, which is home to 7,000 native and exotic animals.

City spread and affordability

The city is spread out primarily due to the vast amount of land in the area, allowing Fort Worth to become an affordable place to call home. The cost of living may be an important factor when choosing what city to explore next, and you’ll find that you get more bang for your buck in Fort Worth, TX. A luxury apartment with exceptional amenities is easier to finance when you’re exploring “Cowtown.” 

The days of the Wild West are long gone, but you can still respect, learn, and enjoy the heritage of cultures in the Southwest. The DFW area may not be what you’re used to in the big cities, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the fourth-largest metropolitan area in America. 

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