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What Is a Workcation? The Travel Trend Taking the World by Storm

By Danielle Leigh | Aug 1, 2022
A man uses his laptop by a swimming pool during a workcation.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, there has been a huge increase in people working remotely. While some have waved goodbye to office life in favor of being a full-time digital nomad, others have preferred to work from home, allowing them to spend more time with their families and achieve a better work-life balance.

This new trend of working remotely has led to the rise of the “workcation” (also spelled “workation”), a concept that combines work and travel. The two terms might seem contradictory at first, but people are beginning to find that taking a workcation allows them to destress, recharge, and explore a new place without falling behind on their workload.

If you’re curious about combining your work with a vacation, look no further. This article will cover everything you need to know about taking a workcation, including:

  • What is a workcation?
  • The beneifts of a workcation
  • How to take a workcation
  • The best cities in the U.S. for a workcation

Let’s get started!

What is a workcation?

Young business woman working at the computer in cafe on the rock. Young girl downshifter working at a laptop at sunset or sunrise on the top of the mountain to the sea, working day.

Before we get into all the wonderful benefits of taking a workcation, let’s outline exactly what a workcation is. Simply put, a workcation is a “working vacation.” This trend combines the travel and leisure that you get on a traditional vacation with remote work.

A workcation might last for a couple of days, weeks, or even months—basically, it can be whatever you want it to be! You’re still expected to get all of your work done as normal, but rather than working from home or the office, you can bring your laptop to the pool, a coworking space, or even the beach (just be mindful of the sand!).

While workcations aren’t necessarily a new concept, the rise of remote work has led more and more people to realize that a hotel room or vacation rental apartment is just as good as their living room for getting a day’s work done.

Of course, workcations aren’t possible for everybody. Many jobs simply can’t be done from hundreds of miles away. But if your job is location-independent and you’re still able to be productive in a different environment, this type of arrangement might just be for you.

The benefits of taking a workcation

Young caucasian male freelancer talking on mobile phone while working on laptop computer remote. Hipster gut traveler working distantly while enjoying amazon nature landscape during summer vacations

There are tons of benefits of going on a workcation! Here are some of the biggest:

1. You can travel and explore a new destination

One of the most obvious benefits of taking a workcation is that you get to travel somewhere new! Sure, you may be working during the day, but you’ll have your evenings and weekends to explore your surroundings, try a new activity, discover a new culture, and enjoy the novelty of being somewhere different. Plus, if you travel somewhere that’s in a different time zone, you can adjust your schedule accordingly to maximize your free time in the mornings or evenings.

2. You don’t use your vacation allowance

Unless your company has an unlimited vacation policy, one of the biggest downsides of being employed in the U.S. is the lack of vacation days. By taking a workcation, you get to reap the benefits of travel without using up your annual leave. This means you still have all of those actual vacation days to use up later in the year!

3. Your workflow isn’t interrupted

We’ve all been there—a travel opportunity presents itself and we’re about to book the time off work, but then we realize that we can’t because we have an important client meeting or deadline coming up.

There’s also that dreaded moment when you return to the office and find out how many emails or Slacks you have to respond to.

By taking a workcation, you’re giving yourself permission to say “yes” to adventure and new experiences without falling behind at work. It’s a win-win!

4. You can help combat burnout

Burnout is a very real thing, and when you’re trying to juggle unpaid overtime with family obligations, household chores, and general daily life, it’s almost inevitable that you will experience burnout at some point.

Changing up your environment without a million obligations allows you to recharge your batteries and return to the office feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever challenges come your way.

5. You can boost your creativity and productivity

It might sound hard to believe, but productivity can actually increase during a workcation. Taking yourself out of your regular environment and away from the distractions of everyday life can give you a real boost when it comes to getting things done.

Not only that, but if you work in a creative field, you may really find yourself inspired by changing your surroundings!

6. You can improve your work-life balance

When you take a workcation, you’re sending a message to yourself that it’s okay to enjoy yourself, whether you’re going on an adventure or just focusing on leisure time. Of course, work is important, but all too often we spend the entire day in our office or coworking space before crashing on the sofa and falling asleep in front of the TV.

During a workcation, you might find yourself realizing that actually, the day doesn’t end when the clock reaches 5 p.m. In fact, it’s just getting started!

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How to take a workcation

Young freelancer woman with dog working at the computer on the hanging chair on the terrace. Concept of the workplace at home, working remotely.

If heading out on a workcation seems like the right move for you, great! The next step is figuring out how to take advantage of this new trend and where you will live while you’re there. Here are our tips:

Ask your boss first

Asking your boss to take a workcation is often the hardest—and most intimidating!—part of this process. While many employers are getting more used to WFH arrangements, they may not be so open to the idea of you jetting off to an all-inclusive hotel, even if the Wi-Fi speed is unparalleled.

Before you ask your boss for a workcation, make sure you have prepared a list of reasons why this arrangement will benefit both you and your organization. Reassure them that you’ll be able to continue getting your work done and meeting all of your deadlines, even if you’re in a different time zone or some awe-inspiring destination. Show them your schedule and let them know that they will still be able to contact you while you’re away.

Hopefully, they won’t need too much persuading and your trip will be approved before you know it!

Choose the right accommodation

Accommodation with strong Wi-Fi, good cell service, and a place to get your work done is essential. For a short-term workcation, hotels and vacation apartments can be great, but be sure to read the reviews to find out whether they will be suitable for your stay.

If you are planning a longer trip, Landing is a fantastic choice. With apartments in over 375 U.S. cities, flexible leases (no deposits!), and dedicated workspaces in all homes, Landing was practically designed for workcationers.

10 great cities in the U.S. for a workcation

Sunset at San Diego Waterfront Public Park, Marina and the San Diego Skyline. California, United States.

Looking for some travel inspiration? Check out our picks for the best cities for a workcation:

1. Los Angeles

With an average of 280 days or more of sunshine per year, over 100 coworking spaces in the city, and fantastic internet speeds, Los Angeles is one of the best workcation locations in the U.S. Spend your days working and spend your evenings watching the sunset from the beach.

2. Chicago

Chicago is a multicultural city with a mouth-watering foodie scene and dozens of things to see and do. Many industries thrive in this business hub, and Chicago boasts great internet speeds and an incredibly walkable city center.

3. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a bunch of highly rated coworking spaces and affordable apartment rentals and is the gateway to five of America’s most popular national parks, making it a perfect spot from which to work during the week and escape to nature on the weekends.

4. Las Vegas

With competitive prices for accommodation and food—not to mention a ton of activities and lots of sunshine hours—Sin City lends itself perfectly to workcations. Just don’t party too hard or you may not make your morning meeting!

5. San Francisco

The average Wi-Fi speed in San Francisco is among the highest of all U.S. cities, and with a plethora of coworking spaces and tech-savvy, driven inhabitants, San Francisco is guaranteed to boost your productivity.

6. Austin

Austin continues to be one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S.—and for good reason! Entrepreneurs, tech folks, and remote workers are sure to find each other at the many networking events held by the various coworking spaces in the city, and if you want a modern and fast-paced environment, Austin is a great destination for you.

7. San Diego

With mild temperatures, a laid-back lifestyle, and a vibrant tech startup scene, San Diego has definitely earned its place as a top workcation destination in the U.S. Its coastal location and strong surfing community also make San Diego a perfect place to be if you’ve ever wanted to learn to surf—or just like to unwind from a long day with an after-work beach visit.

8. Phoenix

Perfect for some winter warmth, Phoenix is an affordable city with plenty of coworking spaces and outdoor attractions for the keen adventurer. If you want to get some work done but also enjoy some time in nature, Phoenix has it all.

9. Cincinnati

As well as having a great party scene, Cincinnati is also super affordable, making it the perfect place for a workcation that won’t break the bank. The cafe scene is particularly good in Cincinnati, with coffee shops offering high-speed internet, affordable coffee, and a warm welcome. Just bring your laptop and you’ll be ready to go!

10. Miami

If you want to work hard but play harder, you’ll certainly find some like-minded souls in Miami. Trendy beach clubs and chic rooftop bars abound here, and if the idea of going to the beach on your lunch break is appealing, Miami should be right up there on your list of potential destinations.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to start planning your U.S. workcation!

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