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What Is a Furnished Apartment? Freedom, Flexibility & Great Experiences

You’re ready to move – perhaps it’s due to a job relocation. Maybe you’re looking for a neighborhood that offers a better lifestyle than your current city. Whatever your situation, it’s time to find a new apartment. But with so many different types of rental apartments available, how do you know what the best fit is for you? From luxury apartments to move-in ready options, the choices may seem overwhelming. When exploring the rental market, it’s important to know what your options are. So, for starters, what is a furnished apartment?

Furnished Rentals at a Glance 

While many partially-furnished units are simply just an apartment with furniture, others include more than just that. Knowing your options will help you find the right furnished apartment and help you save valuable time and money. After all, there’s a big difference between temporary housing with a few pieces of used bedroom furniture and fully furnished apartments with bespoke décor and amenities. So – what does furnished apartment mean? 

Here’s What to Expect 

  • Living Room: Generally speaking, furnished apartment rentals include one or more sofas, coffee/end tables, upholstered armchairs, a dining room table and chairs (or in smaller units, a bar-height table and coordinating stools), lamps, and in some cases, area rugs. Upscale rentals like Landing include wall art, decorative items, and everything you need to feel at home.
  • Kitchen: One of the most important rooms in the home, the kitchen, should offer the basics, including major appliances (refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave), as well as smaller items like an electric coffee maker and a toaster oven. In some instances, essential spices such as salt, pepper, and sugar may be provided. Additionally, it should include plates and cutlery, cookware and bakeware (such as pots, pans, and glass casserole dishes), dish towels and sponges, and a variety of cooking utensils (e.g., measuring cups, spatulas, vegetable peelers, can/bottle openers, etc.). In high-end furnished units, a dishwasher is typically included.
  • Bathroom: As to be expected, a toilet and bath or shower will be included within a rental unit. Other amenities to expect include a shower curtain, a bath mat, towels, and sink accessories (such as a plastic cup or toothbrush holder).
  • Bedroom: A furnished apartment should also feature a bed, nightstand, and closet storage. Be certain to ask about the size of the bed(s), as well as if linens will be provided (such as sheets, pillowcases, blankets, comforters, etc.). Typically window treatments, like blinds, curtains are provided in furnished rentals, particularly bedrooms; however, be sure to ask in advance, as maintaining one’s privacy and keeping out the sunlight are important details to consider before your move-in date.
  • Electronics: In most furnished apartments, you’ll find at least one flat-screen TV and a landline-style phone; usually the cable and phone services are included within the rent. Some units may be equipped with other entertainment gear, including DVD/Gaming systems, stereo equipment, and even a fax machine.
  • Organization/Accessories: Other articles you can usually expect to find in your furnished apartment unit include organizational accessories such as closet hangers and coat racks, as well as convenience items, like a clock radio and a wastebasket by your bedside. Many high-end furnished housing situations will often feature framed artwork, decorative plants (silk or real), throw pillows, and other small accessories to make your new home feel more inviting.
  • Laundry: There should be laundry provisions like a washer and dryer. In the instance that these items are not in-unit, be sure to ask if there is a laundry facility on the premises.
  • Utilities/Additional Services: Another important detail to consider: utilities. Many times, furnished apartments will include the cost of utilities and other bills in the rental cost. However, it’s important to speak with the landlord or property management prior to your move-in date to verify what is (and isn’t) provided – for example, you may need to pay for your own internet/cable TV service. Inquire ahead of time about other paid services – for example, does the apartment complex offer a housekeeping service or laundry service (and if so, is it included in your fees or an extra charge)?

Furnished Rentals Vs. Unfurnished Rentals: What’s The Difference? 

Now that you’re about to take the plunge and relocate, it’s time to choose between rentals – furnished rental or unfurnished rental – and does it really even matter? 

While an unfurnished rental may initially hold a certain appeal to renters – for example, it’s a blank slate for those who love to decorate – it can quickly become expensive and inconvenient. 

The Downsides of Unfurnished Rentals 

  • Furnishing your entire apartment – This can get costly when you take into account all the major rooms that you will need to furnish.
  • The moving process – You’ll need to transport all your belongings and new furniture from point A to point B. And unless you only own a few things, you’re going to need to hire movers or rent a U-Haul, which is another added cost.

Between paying a moving company and purchasing furniture for each room, this can amount to thousands of dollars on top of what you’ve already just spent on your rental deposit, first and last month’s rent. And that’s just for starters.

On average, furnishing an apartment can cost anywhere from $3000-$5,000, not including moving expenses.

On the other hand, most fully-furnished apartment rentals offer a wide array of conveniences and amenities – including accessories that go way beyond the basics. No need to buy all of the things to make your apartment feel like a home. It’s all there already, giving you more time to spend on what’s really important: socializing with your loved ones, focusing on your job, self-care, and well – living!

How Furnished Rentals Provide the Solution 

  • Saves you money and time – With all the time and money spent on buying new furniture and figuring out how to transport it, the freedom that comes with an unfurnished apartment doesn’t seem to outweigh the costs.
  • Offers a stress-free experience – No need to stress over arranging movers or finding the perfect decor because everything is waiting for you at a furnished apartment. Moving has never been more simple.

Whether it’s a short-term rental or a long-term stay, furnished rentals may be worth considering when you’re looking for housing options that won’t tie you down. 

Say goodbye to the stresses of buying new furniture. Find a fully furnished apartment today.

Furnished Apartments vs. Hotels: Pros & Cons 

If you’re thinking about living in an extended stay hotel versus a furnished apartment, think again. There are numerous benefits to temporary housing that far outweigh hotel life. While it may seem a lot easier to simply book your favorite hotel chain at a moment’s notice, a fully-furnished apartment rental might be a much smarter choice in the long run – in terms of cost and convenience. Below, a few of the benefits to living in a furnished apartment:

  • Living at your own pace: Although maid service is customary at a hotel, it’s usually up to the cleaning lady when that’s going to happen. On the other hand, there are some apartment rental complexes that offer housekeeping services, such as laundry and apartment cleaning – but on a schedule that works for you. 
  • Covers the basics: While some hotels may offer ‘convenience’ stores in their lobby, there’s nothing convenient about paying $7 for a small bag of chips. On the contrary, furnished apartments provide a full array of amenities – kitchens stocked with pantry basics, a place to cook, a full-sized refrigerator, and of course, a cozy couch to sit & dine while watching TV.
  • Feels like home: Even the nicest hotels have a certain cookie-cutter vibe to them – from the corporate-style furnishings to the generic wall art, many hotels lack personalized details or inspired décor. However, you may want to consider all the feels all-inclusive living has to offer: you can now rent furnished apartments featuring high-end interiors, opulent furniture, and details that will make you feel right at home, from the minute you step inside. 

All of the amenities of a hotel, but in the comfort of your new home. Find your next luxurious Landing with furnished apartments.

Our Furnished Apartments: A New Way Of Living 

Furnished apartments seem to be a no brainer  – but what sets Landing apart from other furnished apartments? We go the extra mile. We’re more than just an apartment with furniture…we’re a home.

When you’re living in Landing all you need to bring is yourself! 

Every Landing Includes: 

  • Bespoke furnishings
  • Bed & cozy linens
  • Plush towels
  • Deluxe toiletries
  • High-speed internet
  • Top of the line kitchen appliances
  • Cutlery & dinnerware
  • Designer décor
  • Smart TV
  • Extra outlets

Easy Living With Luxury Amenities: 

  • All-Inclusive Living: Featuring all of the finest amenities – and none of the hassle – each of our fully-furnished apartment units is equipped with elegant furnishings, custom décor, ready-stocked basics, and 24/7 support, making it convenient and easy to transition into your new home. With luxury apartments in 9 major cities across the US, you’re sure to find the perfect apartment for your individual needs.
  • Exclusive Member Benefits: As a valued Landing member, you’ll experience our premium benefits, including access of Landing homes across the US for easy relocation, living in a luxury apartment without long-term leases, deposits or furniture shopping, the freedom to transfer to another Landing with only 3 days’ notice, no applications/fees required to transfer, and cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice.
  • Convenience & Mobility: We understand that life takes you places – whether it’s a promotion, a marriage, a change in career, or simply the desire to start fresh in a new city. And sometimes that requires the convenience of a furnished apartment. But all furnished apartments are not the same. That’s why Landing offers fully-furnished and equipped living quarters that go beyond the basics – featuring upscale amenities and the convenience of all-inclusive concierge services, our goal is to deliver a seamless experience to you, each and every time.
  • Streamlined Technology: Moving doesn’t have to be hard anymore. We’ve streamlined how people rent in the 21st century. Our app allows you to do nearly everything – from managing your move-in/move out dates and paying your rent to scheduling an apartment repair, our mission is simple: to provide our customers with freedom, flexibility, and great experiences – at a moment’s notice.

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