Landing Is Now Live in Chicago!

By Landing | Feb 7, 2020
Skyline view of Chicago from Lake Michigan

Landing is proud to announce that we’ve arrived in the Windy City!

Nobody wants to go through the hassle of moving in the midst of a blisteringly cold Chicago winter. Landing takes all the hassle out of finding an apartment so you can start exploring your new city the moment you arrive! Don’t waste any time assembling new furniture or waiting around for utilities installers – you can pick up your keys and be on the L to Addison, or 63rd if you’re a Sox loyal, and have an Italian beef while you cheer on the home team. Chicagoans love their city for its midwestern friendliness, the music scene, the incredible improv at Second City or any one of the hundred other reasons it’s so special. Landing wants to help make your home the easiest part of your life – so you can take advantage of all the things your city has to offer.

Our first Landing furnished apartments in Chicago are in the heart of the city – along Michigan Ave right across from Millennium Park – as well as west of the loop, just outside of Greektown and the West Loop. And that’s just to start! You can stay up to date by searching fully furnished apartments in Chicago.


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