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Travel Nurses: Work Opportunities in Austin, Texas

By Landing | Oct 13, 2020

Moving to a new city, no matter how long or short term can be both daunting and exciting at the same time. With hundreds of work opportunities for traveling nurses and medical staff in the Austin area, you won’t be alone in this next adventure.

Due to the pandemic, hospitals and other medical facilities in Austin are experiencing shortages of licensed nurses in all areas of medicine. If you’re a traveling nurse considering a move to Texas, here are some things to consider to make your stay a success.

Fully furnished apartments

No one knows what a long year it’s been like nurses do. As an essential worker, you’ve likely spent the last year juggling home life and work and found yourself sleeping less and less. Moving to a new city to help out where it’s most needed is a fantastic thing to do but it won’t come without consequence. The way to reward yourself for your hard work is to go into your next travel assignment with a solid plan that not only includes helping patients but gives a nod to self-care.

If you’re a traveling nurse and are looking for a place to stay while in Austin, Landing has the perfect opportunity for you. With a network of fully furnished accommodations in luxury apartments, you won’t have to worry about a place to rest your head while working in this vibrant city. As a medical professional, you know exactly the toll stress can have on the mind and body. A turn-key arrangement like this might be one way to check off that self-care item on your moving to-do list.

It could get even easier with one of these apartments, too. Tucked in the downtown of this young, bustling city, you’ll be in close location to area amenities including public transportation and the best medical facilities the city has to offer. Even better, you won’t have to worry about the hassle that comes with moving vans and hauling furniture cross country. No matter where you come from, sliding into a fully furnished rental will make your move a whole lot less stressful for you.  

Hotels and short stays

If your assignment is only for short term work, you may want to consider other options. Or, if you aren’t sure about Austin and need the time to look around and explore before committing to a longer-term stay, a hotel might be right for you. The great news here is that the city has plenty of options suited for everyone.

The best hotels in Austin aren’t hard to find. Said to be the hotel capital of Texas, Austin offers hotels and motels at all star levels. From luxury business suites and complimentary meals to affordable strip motels, Airbnbs, and private room and short term apartment rentals, you’ll soon find out that your options for lodging in Austin are nearly limitless.

When considering where to stay in Austin, you’ll want to consider access to public transportation, whether or not you’ll need a rental car, and if you need laundry services. If your main goal is work, you’ll also want to consider Wi-Fi and other services that will keep you connected when not in the hospital or clinics. Think about cost, quality of life, and how you’ll want to interact with co-workers and strangers too before making that final reservation. If you’re social and enjoy meeting new friends or learning about new places from the locals, a hotel might not be the right move for you.

Medical facilities in Austin

Austin is far from short on fantastic medical facilities. Whether you’ll be working in a hospital, clinic, or private practice, there are endless opportunities in the medical and nursing field in Austin for traveling and stationary nurses alike. For many, they arrive as short term travel nurses and ultimately decide to stay.

When you travel to Austin, stop to take a look at the longer-term opportunities in a city known for outdoor festivals, friendly neighbors, and historic museums. One of Texas’s most thriving cities, you might be surprised to find that you want to stay for a while longer than your job assignment calls for.

If you’re a traveling nurse who has not secured the exact job you want in Austin, they are easy enough to find. Nursing recruiters and national job placement services are a great way to connect with opportunities available in Austin’s many medical facilities. Austin’s Surgical Hospital and St. David’s Medical Center are just two of the facilities always ready to hire nurses committed to their work.

Austin social scene

Most likely, you became a traveling nurse for more than a passion for medicine and helping people. Odds are that, in your private life, you are a wanderlust. If this is true, Austin’s a destination that won’t disappoint. From vibrant street festivals and live music to museums and galleries galore, if you take your off time to explore the city’s zip lines and lake, you may find you never want to go back to your home base or even work.

To make your workdays more fun in light of the pandemic and the hard work ahead, you’ll want to come up with a plan for how you can do some exploring between shifts. Take time to do some online research before even packing for your trip. Talk to apartment managers or ask hotel reservation staff about things you can do when you get to Austin. This may make the difference between how and where you live.

Taking on a travel assignment in a new place is always a great adventure. But in Austin, Texas, even during a pandemic, good weather and a creative culture make it an attractive place to not only work but live. So before you sign that final contract and lockdown that apartment, promise yourself you’ll do what you’d advise to patients — make a plan for self-care. Happy traveling! Thank you for your essential services, too.


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