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Top Restaurants in Tampa to Try

By Bri Hand | Jun 28, 2021
Restaurants in Tampa

When you think of Tampa, you probably picture warm, sandy beaches and beautiful ocean views. While those are certainly part of the charm, Tampa is also a bit of a food junkie’s paradise. Whether you’re visiting or getting ready to move to Tampa as a resident, it’s always a good idea to know where to find the best food.

Tampa has something to fit anyone’s palate, from high-end experiences that give diners a taste of luxury to globally influenced cuisine. If you want to know some of the best restaurants in Tampa, add the following spots to your list:

Visit Datz for an elevated gastropub experience

The gastropub experience is probably familiar to just about everyone in the country. It’s typically a relaxed atmosphere that offers a comforting, familiar menu full of classics and a few modern revisions. In fact, that’s something Datz captures well. The restaurant takes some classic comfort food staples and finds unique ways to modernize them to fit a more discerning diner. Situated in Tampa’s popular SoHo district, it’s easy to see why Datz is also a favorite brunch spot among the locals. 

On Swann offers a seasonally sourced menu

If you prefer seasonally inspired dishes, you’re definitely going to enjoy what On Swann has to offer. The New American restaurant finds relevant, in-season ingredients to create its inspired menu. Paired with the open-concept kitchen and it’s easy to see why this spot attracts so many visitors. 

Previous menu favorites include the restaurant’s take on the kale salad and a popular crispy chicken dish. It’s always exciting to see what On Swann develops for its seasonal fare and which new flavors it will feature next.

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Oystercatchers boasts picturesque views

Oystercatchers boasts picturesque views

Diners that enjoy atmosphere and ambiance are sure to find something to love about Oystercatchers. This upscale eatery offers waterfront seating and a sumptuous steak and seafood menu. A night spent with the restaurant’s expertly prepared seafood plates and some good company should be on any foodie’s wishlist. Oystercatchers provides a unique experience that makes it one of the best restaurants in Tampa. 

Cena rethinks Italian classics

Few things are as comforting as a piping hot plate of pasta. That’s part of why Italian restaurants are popular across the nation. While some choose to take a more rustic approach to the cuisine, other restaurants see massive success by putting modern spins on classic dishes. Cena takes a white tablecloth approach to its updated Italian menu. Many locals consider the restaurant to be one of the city’s best. That’s high praise, especially with so many excellent eateries located throughout the metro. From pasta to seafood, Cena is sure to have a dish that will make your mouth water.

La Teresita brings a taste of Cuba

With a menu packed with Cuban and Spanish staples, it’s no surprise that La Teresita is one of the most popular spots in town. This family-run eatery has reasonable prices for filling plates. Whether you’re ordering the classic chicken with yellow rice or you want some fresh seafood, you’ll have plenty to choose from. The menu is full of tempting options. Just make sure to save a bit of room for dessert. La Teresita makes a mean flan!

It’s always good to know which restaurants are worth a second look, whether you need an escape from your new apartment or are just visiting as a tourist. Tampa has plenty of food options that are all but guaranteed to keep you satisfied. 

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Bri Hand is Landing's Content Marketing Manager. She currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts, with her partner and dog, Arlo, but relishes any opportunity she can to travel so she can try new foods, see gorgeous sights, and daydream about living somewhere new after visiting there for less than 24 hours.