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Your Guide to the Best Apartment Amenities to Look Out For

By Landing | Jun 9, 2022
Amenities in a furnished apartment

One of the best things about apartment living is the amenities you get to enjoy as a resident. Aside from accessibility, location, public transportation, and monthly rent, amenities also say a lot about the apartment building. From community swimming pools, common areas, and fitness centers to private balconies and in-unit laundry, the right amenities can sometimes spell the difference between the apartment of your dreams and the lease you can’t wait to get out of.

If you’re looking for a new apartment, you’ve probably already started making your personal list of must-have amenities. But you might be wondering what other amenities you should be on the lookout for. This guide has everything you need to know on the subject, including: 

  • What are apartment amenities?
  • Why do apartments offer amenities?
  • Common types of apartment amenities
  • How residents benefit from great apartment amenities

What are apartment amenities?

Apartment amenities are all the perks and bonuses that landlords and rental agencies make available to their residents. They include shared community spaces like clubhouses and playgrounds, as well as private features like dishwashers, fireplaces, and even air conditioning.

Whether private or shared, the best amenities add to the ease and convenience of apartment living. They’re the appliances that help you check the boxes on your daily to-do lists and the recreational features that help you relax and unwind after work. 

Not all apartments offer the same amenities, and there isn’t a bare minimum of amenities that landlords must offer. But that doesn’t mean apartment hunters don’t have certain expectations—or that certain landlords aren’t rising to meet them.

Why do apartments offer amenities? 

A big reason apartments offer amenities is that they know residents expect them. All renters have their list of non-negotiables, and often, it’s the non-essential perks that make up the bulk of those requirements.

But it isn’t just the residents who stand to benefit when apartments offer amenities. Outfitting their rental properties with the right amenities allows property owners to:

  • Add value to their rental units: Savvy property owners know that adding amenities like swimming pools, basketball courts, and high-end apartment finishes can boost the value of their property. It also means they can charge higher rent.
  • Attract high-quality renters: Quality amenities attract quality tenants. Landlords know that top-notch amenities aren’t just what the best tenant deserves, it’s what they’re looking for. 
  • Retain residents: Offering unique amenities is a great way for landlords to attract long-term residents and encourage lease renewals.

Common types of apartment amenities 

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect apartment. Maybe you see a spacious kitchen with state-of-the-art smart appliances. Or maybe you picture yourself sipping your morning coffee on the private patio off your master suite—is that you soaking up rays in your luxury robe?Whatever you see when you envision your dream apartment, there’s a good chance that a good number of common amenities make an appearance. 

But knowing which aspects of your apartment are essential offerings and which are extra perks isn’t always clear. As such, let’s go over some of the most common apartment amenities:

In-unit apartment amenities 

In-unit amenities are all the private amenities you enjoy in your own apartment. They’re for use only by you and the people you live with.

As such, in-unit amenities are often key factors that apartment hunters consider before they sign a lease. And why not? Your apartment is your home, after all—the proverbial kingdom or queendom over which you reign supreme. And like any king or queen, you need perks that are fit for royalty. 

To that end, the types of in-unit amenities you should look for in your next apartment include:

  • In-unit laundry: One of the most desired of all amenities, an in-unit washer and dryer are a sure sign that your apartment’s amenities game is strong. 
  • Private patios and balconies: A slice of the outdoors that you can call your own is a can’t-beat amenity, especially for residents of crowded cities. 
  • Smart apartment amenities: You’re a modern person living in a modern world—and your apartment should reflect that. Be on the lookout for apartments that offer smart home features like smart locks, smart thermostats, smart lighting, and smart appliances. Video monitors and door cameras that sync with your computer or smartphone should also be on the list.
  • High-speed internet: Many apartments make it easy for you to stay connected by including high-speed Wi-Fi as a residential perk. 
  • Upscale features: In some cases, certain upscale apartment features are considered amenities. This can include high-end finishes like quartz countertops and hardwood flooring, as well as luxury features like fireplaces and dishwashers.
  • Pet-friendly units: The freedom to cohabitate with a four-legged friend is also considered an amenity in many apartments. 
  • Fully furnished units: Fully furnished apartments come with everything you need when you move in are a required amenity for renters with a nomadic streak or anyone who likes to travel light. 

Community amenities 

The ready-made options for meeting new people and forging new friendships are some of the unsung perks of apartment living. Apartment buildings and complexes are communal spaces by nature, and it’s often through the shared use of community amenities that those bonds are forged. 

Community amenities are available to everyone who lives in the apartment building or complex, and sometimes to their guests as well. Common community amenities include: 

  • Swimming pools: Community swimming pools have epitomized the best apartment complexes for decades, and they continue to do so. Aside from being the best way to cool off on a hot day, they’re also a fun way to meet other residents. 
  • Rooftop decks: Sky-high hangout areas are among the top community amenities apartments can offer. This is especially true if you’re renting in a big city where vertical space is more attainable than the horizontal kind. 
  • Fitness centers and gyms: For residents who want to stay fit, few amenities are as important as access to a gym or fitness center. The best include a range of workout equipment, from treadmills to Peloton bikes to free weights. But the best of the best take a step further with steam rooms, fitness classes, and personal trainers.
  • Game rooms: From Ping-Pong tables and pinball machines to the latest video gaming consoles, community game rooms provide hours of fun for the young—and the young at heart.
  • Athletics: From casual pick-up games on community basketball courts to resident-organized intramural tennis matches, options for community athletics are a big draw for the sportiest apartment hunters.
  • Business centers: Common areas with quiet workspaces, high-speed Wi-Fi, and access to office equipment like printers and scanners are invaluable amenities for residents who work from home. 
  • Dog-friendly amenities: When it comes to apartment amenities, your canine companions deserve a few perks of their own, don’t you think? If so, you’re not alone. Amenities that make apartment living more pleasant for your dog are on the rise, with many apartments building dog runs, dog parks, and even pet spas and daycares right on the premises. 
  • Common areas: A trade-off of living in an apartment is that you might not have the space to throw all the get-togethers and celebrations you want to host. That’s why having access to common areas like clubhouses, multimedia rooms, and banquet halls can be such a nice bonus. 
  • Outdoor areas: Shared patios with BBQ grills, fire pits, and ample seating give you options for outdoor fun beyond the swimming pool. 
  • Designated and secure parking: Private parking garages or secure, monitored lots with assigned spaces are important to many residents, especially those living in large cities with hard-to-find parking. 

What are the benefits of amenities for residents?

Sure, all these bells and whistles might sound like a lot of fun. But do they actually benefit you as a resident?

The answer is yes. While some may be mere icing on the cake, many of them can elevate your day-to-day life by helping you: 

  • Stay healthy: If either cost or convenience kept you from the gym before, having a free option just steps from your front door eliminates those barriers—and makes it that much easier to motivate yourself to stay fit.
  • Save time: Certain amenities are huge time-savers for residents. For example, onsite doggy daycare might save you an extra stop on your morning commute, and a designated parking space means no more circling the block looking for a spot.

In general, most amenities simply add to the ease and enjoyment of living in an apartment, whether that means a dishwasher that makes quick work of cleaning up after dinner or a rooftop patio where you can catch a bird’s-eye view of the sunset. 

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